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A Place To Stay, by Aiden Wilde

At first, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to speak to him again, let alone to…reconnect.


Danny was one of the cool guys in high school. I wasn’t, but he was always kind to me.
Then he invited himself to stay at my place in New York.
I’m a single dad, a struggling writer, I didn’t know if I wanted to see him again.
But once Danny was in my home, things felt different.

It’s happening: the big promotion. I have always been a career guy, wanted to succeed.
Coming to New York is supposed to be my next big step.
But seeing Bruno living his life the way he wanted, I saw something new.
But I never imagined what I would have to give up – for love.

A sweet, spicy, slow-burn MM gay romance novel, with themes of friends to lovers, straight to gay, gay for you, bi awakening.

If you love sexy but emotionally satisfying journeys of romantic self-discovery (some angst), with a happy-ever-after ending (HEA), then this novel is for you.

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Moonlight Cherries, by Alexa Piper

“I couldn’t change that I was…attracted to a guy I’d watched getting murdered on the subway.”

Amory lives a quiet life as a waiter. The Moonlight Diner is the home he found after he was kicked out and disowned by his family for no other crime than who he loves.

Amory’s life is shaken to its very foundations after a chance meeting that has Amory witness a murder–except the man who dies in Amory’s arms doesn’t stay dead.

Far from being a ghost, Soyer is very real. He pulls Amory into a world in which magic exists and wreaks havoc on the life of unsuspecting people. But within what remains of the spell that touches both their lives, Amory and Soyer may just find love.

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Greek God, by C F White

Can a Greek God make Jesse believe in love again?

Jesse’s heartache is as vast as the Aegean Sea when his mother’s sudden passing lures him back to the Greek island he swore never to return to. With bitterness festering over his mother’s abandonment, Jesse’s unprepared for the emotional maelstrom awaiting him.

Demetrios still carries the scars of a teenage love affair that once set his small-island life ablaze. Bound to Naxos by duty and drowning his sorrow in fleeting dalliances with tourists, he’s blindsided when Jesse, his stepbrother, returns for his mother’s funeral.

Jesse grapples with the pain of his mother’s choices and Demetrios struggles with the weight of familial expectations. But their undeniable chemistry reignites, challenging them to confront what happened before their romance crashed and burned.

Is it too late for Jesse and Demetrios to embrace what they long denied themselves? Or will fear of heartbreak keep them anchored in their past?

Greek God (Flying into Love #7) is a stepbrothers-to-lovers, hurt/comfort, second chance standalone romance in the steamy MM Flying into Love series, featuring a shy and awkward illustrator who doesn’t believe in love and an enigmatic playboy oozing romance.

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New Tricks, by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga

Miniature artist Kit Swann is starting over when he moves to New York. His late husband left him nearly everything he needs, but living on his own in a big city can be lonely. He’s not sure if he’s ready yet, but that gay bar he’s been watching for a while from the coffee shop across the street is interesting to him, and he’s working up the courage to go inside.

Elijah Russo has been looking for a full-time partner for so long he’s ready to give up. The right man just doesn’t seem to exist until he meets Kit, he dares to wonder if he may have found exactly the man he’s looking for. Still, Kit’s guarded and grieving and may not even know if he wants the lifestyle Elijah could offer him.

The pair have to navigate their differences, from where they come from to what they know about their desires, while the shadow of the tragic death of Kit’s husband looms over them and makes navigating their relationship even more prickly. If they’re going to bring their very different lives together, they’ll have to teach each other some new tricks.

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Moonlight Magic, by Annabelle Jacobs

The fae guard on a countdown.
The witch fearing betrayal from his own kind.
And the shifter yearning for love but too afraid to trust in fate.

My control is shot, almost at breaking point.
I want to kiss, to touch, to bite. But that’s not a future I get to have.
So I close my eyes, and feel.
Soft words and eager hands.
My silver-haired fae with his dirty mouth, and my hot as sin witch with storm-grey eyes.
I want to soak up every second of it, hoard those memories for when it all ends.
Because I don’t do casual.
I’ve wanted a mate for as long as I can remember, spent my days hoping for fate to send me the one person meant for me.
But she didn’t.
She sent me two.
Neither ready for the lifetime commitment I’m offering.
Losing one mate would break my heart.
Losing both will shatter my soul beyond repair.

Moonlight Magic is an MMM paranormal romance with a little angst, a little hurt/comfort, and all the pining and UST. Expect: magic, suspense, loads of shifter possessive feels, and a swoony HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Gargoyle Vigilante, by M.M. Wilde

The world’s holiest relics are at risk, and the dawn of evil looms. Only the Shadow Slayers can keep the darkness at bay…

As a Shadow Slayer gargoyle appointed by the Archangel Michael, Dante has fought for centuries to defend the human realm. The rogue gargoyles he hunts are relentless in their quest to maim and destroy, but Dante is one of Heaven’s top warriors. However, Dante prefers eliminating the dark scourge by his own rules.

Amir is a student of Near Eastern studies who carries a secret. When Amir discovers his antique dealer uncle’s mutilated corpse, he flees in terror with the sacred artifact he swore to protect. Yet somewhere in the shadows, a sinister threat exists—one that seeks to steal his life as well as the treasure he guards.

Thrust into a world Amir never knew existed, he struggles to understand what part he must play. For Dante, he learns that only the touch of his Fated One can crack the stone of his cold, lonely heart. Together, they will risk everything to save the life of their unborn child.

This time, the battle is personal…

Note: Gargoyle Vigilante is the first book in the action-packed, edge-of-your-seat Shadow Slayers series that features gargoyle shifters who will do anything to protect their fated mates. In this novella, you can expect a growly, possessive gargoyle, a feisty younger mate and a knotty good time. Oh, did I mention that gargoyles have forked tongues and talented tails? Grab your copy now to find out just how talented!

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Dad Next Door, by Willow Dixon

Moving into my first house is step one in starting my new life. Next is setting up my contracting business. I’m so focused on my future that a relationship is the last thing on my mind.

Then I meet Tristan, the single dad next door. He might be my total opposite, but we click in a way I’ve never experienced, and he quickly becomes one of my closest friends.

After attending a wedding as his fake date to make his ex, and his ex’s new boyfriend, jealous, I can’t deny that things between us have changed. I always thought I was straight, but being with Tristan doesn’t just feel good, it feels right.

Having a fling with my neighbor might be a recipe for disaster, but it could also be exactly what we both need to finally move on from our pasts.

Quinn and Tristan’s story is a friends-to-lovers, bi-awakening romance between a retired porn model who just moved into his first home, and a single dad trying to navigate life after divorce. Expect a fake relationship, an age gap, found family, mental health rep, and all the feels as these neighbors find out that sometimes opposites really do attract. It is the fifth novel in the exciting new Crimson Club series but can be read as a standalone.

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Running Ember, by Meraki P. Lyhne

They’d expected the run of the North to be just that—a run to pull the biggest bond of Alphas in thousands of years. What none of them had expected was to find secrets of the past buried in the old and scarcely touched nature of Scandinavia.
In one instance after another, the past tosses its puzzle pieces at them for the Völve to work with, and as they gather the clues, synchronicity aids by lining up strange occurrences.

The ones that are hit the hardest are Pack Alpha Steffen and Nol-Elakdon. With help from the bond, they both have to deal with the necessities of going against their ways to figure out what’s going on. Digging for answers unearths a corner piece, and they finally have an idea of what they’re up against.

Something forgotten. Something they don’t know. Something that simply can’t be true.

And the wind brings news for the Völve to hear:

“Rigr, Rigr, it’s time to rise, for swans to land, and for eagles to fly. Valkyrie, Valkyrie, pick your warrior. It’s time for them to burn!”

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Triadic, by Charlie Godwyne

Can love unite them as the promise of peace gives them strength?

Monks Corbi and Marit have recently parted from their partner, Wren, who answered a call to serve lantern gods in war-torn Danubian lands. While they’re still heartbroken and feeling adrift, they find a man on the verge of death in the forest.
They nurse Peter back to health, and when Peter awakens, the magic of the forest still on him, he too speaks of lantern gods that protect a warrior king.

As Peter embraces the two heartbroken men and promises to never let them go, powerful forces call them to a blood-soaked land with a feeble hope of peace.

Triadic is a 50,000-word MMM romance with mages and warriors in an Arthurian dark age of Central Europe in the 25th century. Although each book of the Danubian series features a different romance, due to a continuing plot the series is best read in order.

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First Puck, by Zack Wish

The Puck Daddy Academy is open for business – and this time the Ice Bears are going for the kill.

Donovan Pitt is not your average Little. Standing proud at over six feet and built like a wrecking machine, 28-year-old Donovan looks far more like a typical Daddy than a sweet Little. But appearances can be deceptive, and this latest Ice Bears recruit is searching for his first puck with a Daddy Dom.

The former Red Dolphins and Lynxes player is hoping that signing for the Ice Bears will bring him success on the ice and love off it. Donovan dominates during games with his power, pace, and raw athleticism. However outside hockey, Donovan wants nothing more than to be cuddled, cared for, and tucked up in bed by a Daddy – but so far he’s only ever experienced rejection because of his intimidating size and physique.

Taine Crash is a former mixed martial art champion and a natural born fighter with a body forged from steel. Taine, 39, is gruff, demanding, and has collected more skeletons in his closet than even he can remember.

When Taine has one brush with the law too many, longtime friend Danilo Doni arranges for the Doni family lawyers to get Taine off the hook – but it will come at a price. After all, the notorious Ice Bears owners do nothing for free…

When Danilo Doni brings Taine to the recently opened Puck Daddy Academy to hone the fighting skills of the new Ice Bears recruits, there is an immediate friction between Taine and Donovan – put simply, they can’t stand one another!

Neither Taine nor Donovan is used to backing down, and it’s not long before they clash in more ways than one. Taine and Donovan’s love-hate chemistry reaches boiling point and they can’t help but let their true feelings overflow – but when an unexpected threat places them both at risk, Donovan and Taine realize that their first puck might just be their last…

First Puck is a standalone MM Age Gap, high heat hockey & mafia romance featuring found family, spanking, gruff Daddies and sassy Littles with a dangerous side – and when the final buzzer sounds, a pucktastic and ice-melting HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Becoming His Perfect Daddy, by Lincoln Mercer

A new trans Daddy. A boy who’s given up on love. When a moment changes everything, will they embrace who they truly are for an imperfectly perfect love?

When Sam reads his favorite author’s latest book, he discovers a truth about himself he can no longer deny: He is a trans man. Longing for connection, he gathers his courage and sends an email that will change his life forever.

Indie author Cameron can’t seem to write anything after his latest release. Maybe because he’s a romance author who’s sworn off love. But after a string of transphobic dates, who could blame him? Men can’t be trusted, after all. Only his dream guy—of whom he’s imagined every detail—would be the perfect man for him. But then a single email has him questioning everything he thought he knew.

As Sam transitions and their virtual relationship heats up, Sam realizes he may be ready for more. When they are thrown together in person—more than once—even Cameron starts to wonder if his perfect plan isn’t as great as he thought. But both are keeping secrets. When all is revealed, will their love be strong enough to hold them together?

Becoming His Perfect Daddy has an indie author ready to give up, a fan who just figured out he’s a Daddy, a transgender awakening, two trans MCs, a lot of fun toys, no age play, and a love that defies all the best-laid plans.

This 18+ standalone book is the first in the interconnected Unlikely Daddies series, MM and MM+ romances about Daddies who may not look like a Daddy at first and the boys who love them. If you love watching men fall in love with other men in explicit detail, you’ll love this book.

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Sebastian, by Taylor Rylan

Magical balls of energy, brioche bread, and mangoes. Sebastian never thought those three things would lead him to his One. Can he charm his way into Drew’s heart?

Sebastian Ainsworth left his life behind in Spain to join the Paranormal Council enforcers when Master Edison reached out in need of warlocks for their extra abilities. The ideal was to help the council right the wrongs that other paranormals had been inflicting upon their own kind. He was certainly able to help the council with that mission. The adorable and shy little cheetah shifter that made his body tingle was the absolute best reward.

Drew Nelson hasn’t had an easy life. Abandoned as a toddler, he grew up in the human foster care system, not knowing who or what he was. Years of abuse and then being sold into a trafficking ring have made him hesitant to trust most, but he’s working on that. When a gorgeous blond warlock with a sexy smile makes his cheetah yowl, can he trust the man, even if he smells like his?

Sebastian and Drew come from completely different backgrounds, but Sebastian isn’t going to let that keep him from his One. Can the warlock from an original line manage to win his skittish feline shifter’s heart? Will Drew be able to trust Sebastian to give him his heart, even if he doesn’t know what love is supposed to look like?

Sebastian is Book Twelve in the Paranormal Council Enforcers series. Each book in this series will focus on a different couple, but these books are not standalones and should be read in order as there is an ongoing backstory that won’t be resolved quickly. This is a fated mate story in an MPreg world, and there will be at least one baby in this story. You should expect all the normal shenanigans, heats, biting, and remember that sometimes even fated mates need a little help.

PREORDER, Releasing June 19

Just Add Ice, by L.C. Chase

Sparks fly when ice meets fire.

After eight years in the minors, Rayne “the Pain” Hamilton has realized two things: One, his chances of getting called up to the Big Show are rapidly dwindling with each passing season; and two, he needs a plan for life after hockey. What he doesn’t bargain for is the gorgeous instructor at the fire training center who ignites his heart with burning desire.

Nick Seavers had a great life until his husband died suddenly, and his sun blinked out. A demanding career firefighting and teaching the next generation of firefighters are the only things keeping him sane. The last thing he wants is one of the new trainees, a larger-than-life hockey player with mischievous eyes, taking up space in his head and making him feel things he never thought he’d feel again.

As the heat rises between Rayne and Nick, trade rumors begin circulating and Rayne has to decide: Move to yet another city and start all over again or step off the ice and into the fire with Nick.

The Games We Play is a multi-author minor league hockey romance series. All titles run concurrently through the same hockey season, and the books can be read in any order, so jump in anywhere!

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Met My Bear To Discover I’m Pregnant, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

I was hit by a train and woke up in another world—one where I was famous!

Carving out a place in a brand-new world hasn’t been easy, not even with my mate Dante by my side. But I did it… we did it. My life’s better now than it’s ever been, especially since discovering I’m having a baby! A small part of me worries that I’m going to wake up and have it be a dream. No one deserves to be this ridiculously happy.

When I run into Gideon, my life flips upside down. I have a wolf mate I love and cherish and who was there for me when no one else was. That should be enough. Only it isn’t. I want them both and fear it means I deserve neither of them.

My two alphas disagree. They tell me I don’t have to choose… that I can have both. What am I supposed to do with that?

Met My Bear to Discover I’m Pregnant is book two in the sweet with knotty heat, light, novel-esque MM+ mpreg romance series: Reborn in Another World. It features a pregnant omega discovering that his fated mate might be one of two, an alpha bear so in love with his new mate that he’s willing to walk away if that’s what’s necessary, an alpha wolf shifter ready to do whatever it takes to keep them all together, and a whole lot of pregnancy fun. This isekai-style story introduces a new mate, one Kai will gladly share. While mpreg is possible in this omegaverse series and ends with a delivery or two, not all books will feature a new baby. If you like your omegas strong, your alphas hawt, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.

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Dare, by C.J. Dragon

Dare Munro possesses empathic abilities, a mutation that emerged in humans during the past climate crisis. Some people interpret these mutations as Mother Nature’s way of seeking revenge or finding solace for what has been lost.

When his ‘gift’ became evident, his parents abandoned him, but now he’s a counselor of high repute with a Mindset Three rating.

Only Dare knows that he is not what he appears to be.

Dare’s true abilities came to light when he assisted a client dealing with the loss of his family. It was only a matter of time before the Service came for him to lock him away and use his talents for their own gain.

Determined to escape Earth, he secures passage on the colony ship, Gambit. On the ship, he’ll find Jason Stravetta, the ship owner’s son, who is famous for his strong aversion to Mindsets.

Despite the other man’s dislike, Dare is drawn to Stravetta, hoping for a friend rather than an enemy.

Will Stravetta force him to reveal his truth?

Will that truth cost Dare his freedom and his life?

Find out today in the first book of this new sci-fi duet from C.J. Dragon!


Touch Him and…

Check out this great selection of touch-him-and-die, “alpha male” MM romances, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance at some bookish prizes!

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Embracing Magic, by Toby Wise

Casper, with a magical compass in hand, hits the road to find his spark. He’s not sure what to expect but he certainly isn’t prepared for his spark, Ray, to not know that she’s living in a world surrounded by the supernatural. Casper’s determined to do everything in his power to help Ray embrace her magic.

Zeke is a banshee who helps usher ghosts into the afterlife. The last thing he’s expecting is to find his true mate during one of these hunts. As happy as Zeke is, he can’t help but worry how his mate will react when Casper learns he’s mated to a monster.

Embracing Magic is book two in A Collection of Familiars. This MM book features a platonic familiar/spark bond, true mates, a lion familiar falling for a banshee, self acceptance, mpreg, and of course a happily ever after!

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