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When the Lights Come Up, by Vance Anthony

A steamy, slow-burning coming-of-age romance cloaked in memoir.

The raves, the clubs, the dancing, the drugs… What happened to my reckless, Ecstasy-fueled youth? I used to be fun. Now, I’m on the brink of forty and in the midst of a midlife crisis I have no idea how to navigate.

I’ve been on my own for five years, broken beyond repair by a lifetime of abandonment and betrayal, looking for connection but unwilling to commit. I’m jaded and ambivalent, destined to sit on my condo balcony and live vicariously through the lives of my neighbors. Alone.

Then, out of nowhere, Matti stumbles in; a chance encounter on the street while walking our dogs. He’s attractive, confident, intriguing. We have things in common. He’s a decade older than me and he’s lived my adventure. He has his shit together and a cute accent. And I can’t stop thinking about him.

He says he wants a future with me. He wants to show me life can be fun, that we can still dance like we used to. He wants to love me. And I’m falling for him… hard.

But my past is clouding my judgment. I’m not sure I even believe in love anymore. Trust doesn’t come easily, and Matti’s bound to hurt me eventually, just like all the other disappointments. Isn’t he?

My friends tell me I live in a perpetual state of self-sabotage. Maybe I do. I’m just not sure I’m up to the challenge of a new relationship—the challenge of allowing myself to be loved—even if Matti might forever change my outlook on life.

When the Lights Come Up is a steamy, slow-burning coming-of-age romance cloaked in memoir. It is Vance Anthony’s debut novel.

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The Guy in the Window, by Cara Dee

I was in the middle of my divorce when Adam messaged me. I believe his exact words were, “Hi. I think you’re my dad’s brother. Would you like to get to know me?”

My brother and I had never been close, so I’d only met his adopted son a few times when he was very young. Instinct told me to ignore the message, and I did. For a few days. It took an exhausting fight with my soon-to-be ex-wife and half a bottle of whiskey for me to change my mind.

Adam first became “sort of my nephew.” Next, he became the guy who helped me find an apartment in the building next to his. He was a sweet, cheerful young man doing his best to raise his four-year-old daughter, which led to him becoming the guy who wanted to help me patch up my relationship with my own daughter.

Then one night as I got ready for bed, I looked across the alleyway to the next building, where I saw him getting ready for bed too.

I couldn’t look away to save my life.

It was the night he also became the guy in the window.

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Resisting You, by E.M. Lindsey

“Do you think I can go to jail for cutting holes in all the toes of my boss’s socks? Because that’s where I’m at in life.”

Frey’s a single dad, a nurse, and ready to wage a one-sided prank war against the arrogant surgeon with the sexy accent he keeps getting paired up with. And while there might be more to Dr. Renato Agosti, Frey isn’t sure he wants to feel anything but hatred for the man who said his biggest accomplishment was that he never met a resident he couldn’t make cry.

But everything changes the day Frey’s pranks go too far, and Renato corners him behind closed doors. In a series of bad decisions, hate turns into something else—something forbidden and delicious—and it doesn’t take long before Frey realizes the fine line between hate and love has started to blur.

Frey’s not sure he has room in his life for something complicated with a man who doesn’t know what he wants, though. He has a son to worry about, and a future to figure out. Still, the more Frey and Renato keep sneaking around, the more Frey starts to realize his feelings might be real.

He just needs to figure out if resisting Renato is worth the pain, or if loving him is worth the cost.

Resisting You is the second book in the single dads series, Words We Never Said. It contains an enemies to lovers one-sided prank war, hurt/comfort, grumpy surgeon/sunshine nurse, and a spicy, gently angsty, comedic romance that will leave your e-readers steaming.

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Baby Queen, by Charlie Novak

Note to self: falling for the new queen you’re mentoring will only lead to trouble.

Being broke, single, and homeless after winning the UK’s biggest drag show wasn’t how my life was supposed to go. I’m meant to be the one with everything, but thanks to an unscrupulous tour company I’ve got nothing but my image and a mountain of debt.

Moving back home with my mum and taking the first gig I’m offered in a local drag panto is supposed to help me get back on my feet, but meeting Colin tangles me up more than ever.

Colin desperately wants to start doing drag and suddenly I’m helping a baby queen find her feet while falling head over heels for the man behind the lashes.

We all know mixing these power dynamics is a recipe for trouble, but my life is already a mess. Will falling for Colin really spell disaster or is he the only thing keeping me upright in my seven-inch heels?

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Easy, Schmeasy!, by Becca Seymour

There’s a lot in life that comes hella easy for me. Turning heads with my stellar looks, strutting like a peacock with my smooth moves and adorable charm. Heck, need ideas for party shots or fresh recipes to make your friends jealous? I’m your guy.

It’s not even a front—my epic modesty—but that doesn’t mean I’m not a lying liar who lies.

What is definitely not easy is holding so much of myself back from my friends.

Or from myself.

It’s a truth that sucks.

But I can’t do that anymore, and it’s absolutely 100 percent my best friend’s fault.

Since our first college basketball practice, Bentley’s been by my side. He’s sweet, understanding, supersmart, and absolutely smoking hot. What’s more, he’s too good for me.

What I should do is keep our friendship platonic, but apparently patience isn’t my strong suit. Go figure.

Cue me starting something with him that I find impossible to stop, walk away from, or admit aloud.

But loving him… heck if that doesn’t become the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I just need to find a way to be worthy of his love and for him to stay patient as I pull my head out of my ass and give him the world he deserves.

★ Best Friends to Lovers ★ Secret Love ★ Virgin MCs ★ Found Family Fun ★ Hot & Heavy Deliciousness ★ Hurt/Comfort ★ College Shenanigans ★

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The Jock, by E.M. Denning

Colby Bennett is straight.

At twenty-five, he’s the middle of three boys raised by a single father. He’s always been a jock, so managing a gym feels like his calling. If only being a big brother were as easy. When Colby stumbles on his younger brother trying on feminine clothing, Taylor is angry and embarrassed. Looking for a way to make amends, Colby seeks the help of a new gym member whose eyeshadow and shimmering lips capture his attention.

Milo Kennedy is recently single.

Having broken up with his boyfriend, he’s trying to reclaim the person he used to be. Ashamed that he let someone take so much away from him, he’s determined to find himself again. The last thing he needs is another gym-bro in his life, but Colby seems sincere in his mission to help his brother and Milo can’t make himself say no.

Being around Milo has Colby questioning if he’s actually straight… or if there are things he still has left to learn about his own identity. But even though he can’t stop thinking about Milo, he knows better than to make a move. His little brother needs someone like Milo and Colby doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their budding friendship.

But as Colby is exploring and embracing his sexuality, and Milo reclaiming the pieces of himself that he lost to a bad relationship, they discover they might need each other despite their reasons for hesitating. Will they learn that the best things in life are worth taking a risk for?

Breakfast at Bennett’s is a four book series consisting of The Virgin, The Jock, The Princess, and The Outcast. For maximum enjoyment, it is best to read the series in order.

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A Place To Stay, by Aiden Wilde

At first, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to speak to him again, let alone to…reconnect.


Danny was one of the cool guys in high school. I wasn’t, but he was always kind to me.
Then he invited himself to stay at my place in New York.
I’m a single dad, a struggling writer, I didn’t know if I wanted to see him again.
But once Danny was in my home, things felt different.


It’s happening: the big promotion. I have always been a career guy, wanted to succeed.
Coming to New York is supposed to be my next big step.
But seeing Bruno living his life the way he wanted, I saw something new.
But I never imagined what I would have to give up – for love.

A sweet, spicy, slow-burn MM gay romance novel, with themes of friends to lovers, straight to gay, gay for you, bi awakening.

If you love sexy but emotionally satisfying journeys of romantic self-discovery (some angst), with a happy-ever-after ending (HEA), then this novel is for you.

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Obsessed with my Temptation, by Rina Damen

People know me as the college Prince, but I’m secretly obsessed with the most intimidating guy in this college.

They call me a Prince because I’m attractive, charming, and a good guy. The pressure to be perfect is exhausting, but it’s the only thing I know.
Then there’s Travis Ashford, intimidating, senior, and a boxer, my polar opposite, but his heated gazes haunt me at night. He speaks to the desires I’ve never dared to tell anyone before.
One night in an alley behind a bar changes everything. Once we start with the illicit encounters, we can’t stop. We become greedy, hungry, and reckless, and what started as a meaningless thing becomes something more faster than any of us can comprehend.
We have no future.
Everyone has one vision of me that I can’t bring myself to break.
So why does the idea of ending things crush me on the inside?

Obsessed with my Temptation is a steamy MM college romance in which the perfect Prince falls for the intimidating boxer. This story includes some hurt/comfort vibes, some kink, and secret cravings that prove to be just what these two guys need to find their brightest HEA

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Temperance, by Lark Taylor

A fire mage who believes he’s broken. A vampire who believes he can fix him. A contract that’s going to change everything.


I’ve never been good at doing the right thing.

A series of bad choices have left my life in tatters. Everyone is telling me to move on, but how can I? What I did was unforgivable, even if some believe otherwise. My whole world imploded the night I left a human dying on a classroom floor.

I don’t deserve anything good in my life, I know that. But I’m desperate for peace. Just a few moments where I can escape from everything I’ve done.

When Toby offers me a solution that promises just that, I jump at it. I never imagined having a Dom, but with Toby in that role?

Nothing has ever felt so right.

Problem is, this isn’t a relationship, it’s a contract. A temporary one.

Which means I need to guard my heart and stop myself from falling for this enigmatic vampire.

Like I said, I’ve never been good at doing the right thing.


I never learn.

Every time I see a needy sub, I can’t stop myself from offering my help. Every time, I forget that it’s a contract and fall too hard and too fast.

I’m the one who fixes them, never the one they choose to spend eternity with. That’s the way it always goes.

When Blaise bursts into my life, I already know how it’s going to end. I can’t stop myself from wanting to help him, but this man has the capacity to break me in entirely new ways. Maybe if I keep the boundaries strict between us, I can walk away at the end without another scar on my heart.

Like I said, I never learn.

Temperance is the third book in the Damned Connections series. Featuring a needy sub and a Dom who’s trying to avoid heartbreak, this spicy MM PNR romance will pull at your heartstrings. Although this series can be read as a standalone, it’s better enjoyed in order. Each book follows a different couple and has a guaranteed HEA.

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To Catch a Firefly, by Emmy Sanders

Narrated by Blake Lockheart and Liam DiCosimo

He was my beginning. And my never-ending.


There’s a lot I’ve never told my best friend. The fact that I love him. That I miss him every day he’s gone. That, sometimes, I ache for him with a ferocity that leaves me breathless.

Lucky Buchanan tore into my life as a boy, wild and daring, my opposite in every way. He drew me in, stole my heart without trying. He hears me, even though I rarely speak a word. But I always knew this place wouldn’t be enough for my free-spirited friend. I knew he wasn’t mine to keep.

So why, when I finally try to get over him, does he sweep back into town? Why is he upset? Why is there tension between us for the first time in years?

I never saw a future where Lucky could be mine. But now, unless I want to lose my friend, I might not have a choice but to tell the truth. My heart belongs to him. It has from the start.

If only I knew how to hold onto a creature that’s meant to fly.

To Catch a Firefly is a standalone, childhood friends-to-lovers romance told in dual POV. There’s epic levels of pining, a neurodivergent MC with selective mutism, two friends who always come back to one another, glass hearts and romantic declarations, and a HEA beneath the night sky.

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Triadic, by Charlie Godwyne

Can love unite them as the promise of peace gives them strength?

Monks Corbi and Marit have recently parted from their partner, Wren, who answered a call to serve lantern gods in war-torn Danubian lands. While they’re still heartbroken and feeling adrift, they find a man on the verge of death in the forest.
They nurse Peter back to health, and when Peter awakens, the magic of the forest still on him, he too speaks of lantern gods that protect a warrior king.

As Peter embraces the two heartbroken men and promises to never let them go, powerful forces call them to a blood-soaked land with a feeble hope of peace.

Triadic is a 50,000-word MMM romance with mages and warriors in an Arthurian dark age of Central Europe in the 25th century. Although each book of the Danubian series features a different romance, due to a continuing plot the series is best read in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

New Tricks, by Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga

Kit Swann is starting over when he moves himself and his miniatures business to New York. Living on his own in the city can be lonely, so he starts watching the local gay bar from the coffee shop across the street, and he finally decides to take a chance on it, working up the courage to go inside.

Elijah Russo has been looking for a full-time lifestyle partner for a long time. So long he’s ready to give up on finding someone who can be everything he needs. He thinks Kit might be the one, but he knows Kit is inexperienced with some of his specific requirements.

While they learn to love each other, they must also navigate Elijah’s insecurity, Kit’s big secret, and the trauma left by the accident that left Kit a widower. If they’re going to bring their very different lives together, they’ll have to teach each other some new tricks.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Icebreaker, by Blair Brady

I’ve been around the hockey block more times than I care to count. Hockey is my life, my sanctuary, and the only thing that’s kept me going through the years. Traded to the expansion Portland Lumberjacks, I’m now the grizzled, some would say grumpy, old-timer tasked with being the voice of experience for a team of wide-eyed rookies and journeymen. Dragged down by a scandalous past, I’ve long since given up on finding romance, but a certain blond, blue-eyed rookie is about to change everything.

Fresh out of college, I’m ready to storm the professional hockey world. With a sunshine smile and a quick wit, I’m determined to make my mark on the ice and in the hearts of my teammates. When I meet Axel Karlsson, the Lumberjacks’ grumpy defenseman, in person, I’m speechless, and I can’t look away. I’ve always been into older, more experienced men. I don’t want a daddy, but I want a lover who knows what he’s doing…in every part of his life. Armed with confidence and a persistent drive, I set out to melt the ice around Axel’s guarded heart.

Icebreaker is a mm romance with grumpy/sunshine, age gap, and first time themes. It’s the first book in the Portland Lumberjacks hockey romance series.

NEW RELEASE, Available on Amazon

I Touch Hoses, by Bix Barrow

What happens when a smoking hot retired rock star finally decides to take a walk on the bi side?

I have no idea. I panicked and tanked our date before I could find out.

When I accidentally overheard Jake Lord, womanizing rock god with a d**k of legendary proportions, say he wanted to come out as bisexual, I never imagined I’d be the first man he’d ask to dinner. What could a famous musician want with me—a guy who’s so freaked by what happened on my last job that I’m working as a gardener to try to forget?

I should’ve turned him down immediately, but he was so adorable—all nervous and awkward—I couldn’t stop myself from accepting his invitation.

But after decades of the rock and roll life, Wesley doesn’t want to be “Jake Lord” anymore. He’s ready to be a dad, a homebody, a guy who rescues kittens. A man like that needs someone who’s got their s**t together. And that’s definitely not me.

So I bailed before I was in too deep.

Oops. Too late.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Ghost Tour, by Pandora Pine

With the kids out of school for the summer, Detective Jude Byrne takes everyone on vacation to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon and his grandfather, Running Eagle. The trip will be a chance for everyone to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun without a cold case to work or ghosts to hunt. Little does Jude know he’s dead wrong on both counts.

While driving through Navajo Nation on the way to a family reunion, psychic Copeland Forbes has a terrifying vision. Several women scream in agony while another begs for help. It turns out four Navajo women have disappeared without a trace over the last six months, the last being college student, Prairie Moon. With no clues to their whereabouts, the cases have all gone cold.

Wanting to help, Jude offers the services of the Salem Cold Case team to the Navajo tribal police force, which happens to be manned by three of Jude’s childhood bullies. Not sure who he can trust, Jude turns to Cope and Tennyson in hopes they can contact the missing women’s spirits for some clue to the killer’s identity.

A killer who’s closer than anyone realizes.

Can Jude and Cope rescue Prairie Moon from the monster’s clutches or will her grave be another stop on the ghost tour?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Transparent Is a Color, by Kaje Harper

Perry’s mother told him he’d develop the superpower of flight, like his grandfather. She even named him Peregrine, so folks would call him “The Falcon.” Spoiler— they don’t. Because when he did come into his power, all he got was the ability to change colors. Not even himself, like some kind of Chameleon Man, but the color of objects. He can de-pukify the shade of his bedroom curtains, turn a bully’s sweatshirt pink, or even turn a red traffic light green. (Not a good idea.) He hasn’t told anyone except his disappointed mom about his power. What would they call him? The Interior Decorator?

Back in high school, under stress, he did convince his power that transparent was just another color. Now that ability’s sometimes fun in an illicit way. Then one morning, in the mailroom at work, he turns a cardboard box transparent and sees a bomb inside. And Perry’s ordinary life explodes.

Sergeant Deckard of the Nova City Bomb Squad never thought much about superheroes, or supervillains for that matter. He has plenty of work with ordinary humans and their explosives. Until he and his bomb-sniffing dog, Nix, get called to a possible-explosives situation in a highrise mailroom. The guy who reported the bomb is a nerdy twink in dark-framed glasses who pushes all of Deck’s buttons. When he finds out the young man has a weird superpower and may be the target of a villain, every protective instinct comes into play.

Deckard’s goal is to keep his job, his dog, Nova City, and Perry intact. His libido can just sit down, shut up, and take a number. But as their attraction gets hotter and the villain closes in, their future might be blown apart before it even has a chance to start.

Transparent Is a Color is a part of the multi-author Subpar Superheroes MM romance series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Met My Bear To Discover I’m Pregnant, by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

I was hit by a train and woke up in another world—one where I was famous!

Carving out a place in a brand-new world hasn’t been easy, not even with my mate Dante by my side. But I did it… we did it. My life’s better now than it’s ever been, especially since discovering I’m having a baby! A small part of me worries that I’m going to wake up and have it be a dream. No one deserves to be this ridiculously happy.

When I run into Gideon, my life flips upside down. I have a wolf mate I love and cherish and who was there for me when no one else was. That should be enough. Only it isn’t. I want them both and fear it means I deserve neither of them.

My two alphas disagree. They tell me I don’t have to choose… that I can have both. What am I supposed to do with that?

Met My Bear to Discover I’m Pregnant is book two in the sweet with knotty heat, light, novel-esque MM+ mpreg romance series: Reborn in Another World. It features a pregnant omega discovering that his fated mate might be one of two, an alpha bear so in love with his new mate that he’s willing to walk away if that’s what’s necessary, an alpha wolf shifter ready to do whatever it takes to keep them all together, and a whole lot of pregnancy fun. This isekai-style story introduces a new mate, one Kai will gladly share. While mpreg is possible in this omegaverse series and ends with a delivery or two, not all books will feature a new baby. If you like your omegas strong, your alphas hawt, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today.

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His Impossible Elf Mate, by Jax Stuart

An elf with a secret.

Tearlach is on a mission to find the reason behind the beta sickness and how the plight relates to the elven fertility crisis. The last thing he expected to find is the man who feels like a part of his soul.

Or how determined he’d be to keep Axel. No matter what.

A shifter with an impossible dream.

Axel’s recovery from the beta sickness is slow and only bearable because of the elf that breathes new life into his world. Just when everything finally feels perfect, he is rocked by revelations.

The choice between his secret dream or a love that makes him feel whole seems impossible.

When truths are uncovered along with what is at stake, they have to decide if their love is worth everything they may have to give up to be together.

His Impossible Elf Mate is the fourth book in the Sweetwater Pack series and though it can be read as a standalone, it is best read after His Bonded Omega Mate. This series features mpreg and lactating male omegas. Contains minor incidents of violence.


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