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Pretty Black, by J.R. Gray

Iris Black

There are moments in music when the crowd becomes part of the song and we all lose ourselves to the energy. I wanted to drown myself in the music. It became my escape and my savior.

I thought success was what I wanted, but it only intensified my misery. Fame is a monster, and it ate me alive. I tried it all to get out of my head: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I’m living the dream, but it only numbs the pain.

Caspian came into my life like a storm, and I knew he’d leave the same way.

We were two vessels made to fit. Chemistry woven in creation.

There’s no escape, there’s no surrender.

His Pretty Black forever.

But he broke me and I don’t know how to forgive him.

Is it foolish to do it all again?

To find our way back to the place it all began.

I’ve mourned his leaving so many times, I don’t have it in me to do it again.


FEATURED DEAL, 99c, Kindle Unlimited

Take Me Apart, by Skyler Snow & Brea Alepou

I have only one goal in life: Become a detective. It’s there, just out of reach, so close I can taste it. When I find out the Vitale family is about to be investigated again, I do what I do best.

Jump in head first.

There’s just one problem; Enzo Vitale. The man is red hot danger, every word a dare from his lips. And I never was one to turn away from a challenge…

But when things get rough, lies reign and deceit is around every corner. I find myself drawn to the one man I should be running from. The criminal whose hands are bathed in blood.Am I falling for the enemy?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Synthetic Code for Sincerity, by Naya Zayn


Alpha, Vincent Zakari is as roguishly handsome as he is cunning.

Made to feel, yet with callous disregard for most people, he hides his synth identity beneath a charming smile.

To foil a major political threat, he worms into the life of an orphaned billionaire, but soon finds himself at the mercy of his own emotions.

Plagued by horrors from a tragic past, Yugo Jordan has shields for days, and never leaves his New York estate.

When another disaster forces him outside, he meets the insanely attractive Vincent, and is quickly undone by dark eyes and honey-slick words.

To Vincent, Yugo’s a fatal error in the making.

And to Yugo, Vincent is weakness personified, steadily breaking down those walls.

Both are helpless against the pull between them, even while confronted by stubborn inner demons and looming external threats.

As they navigate this heated, uncharted territory, they must also unravel the lies and secrets surrounding them…

or cave beneath all-too-human flaws.

Synthetic Code for Sincerity is an addictive blend of light scifi and heavy MM romance — deeply sensual, evocative, and marked by thrilling moments sure to stay with you long after turning that last page.

It’s the first in a series where each installment has a different couple, but follows an overarching plotline.

Readers can expect a host of morally grey characters, a smug bastard MC who’s brought down to his knees, another MC who’s shoved out of his comfort zone, first times, and a happy-for-now ending.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Crushed But Not Defeated, by Nicole Dykes

That’s the only way Andrew will ever see me. An abused boy who grew up and became a defense attorney for the rich and famous.
I’ll never forget the look on his face when I told him. The hurt and disgust I saw in his eyes as I stomped all over his dreams.
He left me behind, convincing me he’d hate me forever. Now, circumstances have brought me back into his life. I have one more chance to prove I’m not the man he thinks I am.
I’ll do anything to prove I’m worthy of him.

I have been since I was a child, watching my abusive father escape justice, time and time again, and a mother who refused to see his wrongs.
So I grew up to become a therapist, determined to never feel that helpless again.
I swore to make the world a better place, and I had a plan. One I thought I’d execute with my best friend in the world.
Only he had other dreams. He smashed all my hopes in one night, and I’ll never trust him again.
Now I need his help, but I refuse to let him in completely.
He crushed me once, but now, I’m strong and stubborn. I’ll never be defeated.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Guarding Axel, by Annabelle Jacobs

A silver-haired fae with a shattered heart—a green-eyed shifter with enough love to heal him.


Burnt by a past betrayal, I’ve learnt the hard way to keep my heart locked up tight. As tempting as Talis is, all I can offer is friendship, because trusting someone again is a risk I can’t take. Love means sharing the true nature of my magic, and the last time I did that it almost cost me my life.


I want what every shifter wants.
A mate, a partner. Someone I can call mine.
Axel Molhieth, beautiful and free-spirited, makes it crystal clear that isn’t him. Will never be him.
I know it’ll end badly for me, but I want him anyway.

One night is all it takes to ruin their friendship, and avoidance is the easy way out. But when Axel’s past catches up with him, putting his life in danger, they’re forced to finally face the consequences of their night together.

Guarding Axel is an MM paranormal romance featuring a protective shifter desperate for love, and a beautiful fae afraid to trust. Full of magic, suspense, and sizzling UST, with a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Lovely in Red, by Odessa Hywell

What starts as a secret obsession quickly turns into a passionate romance when LittleRed, a shy camboy with a crush, and TheWolf, his number one fan with a secret, take their online flirtation into real life.

Atticus, a man who lies, manipulates, and hurts people without remorse isn’t above breaking the law when it suits his needs. But when his online persona and real-life identity collide, will LittleRed be able to forgive him? Or will the consequences of his criminal behavior destroy any hope Atticus has for a Happy Ever After?

Calix knows everything he needs to know about pleasing a man from behind a camera. But when his online flirtation turns into a real-life relationship, will he be able to handle the intensity of TheWolf’s affections? Or will his stalker’s obsession be too much?

AVAILABLE NOW, Kindle Unlimited

The Trust: A Dark Gay Romance, by C. Azzo and M. Grano

A dirty cop full of daddy issues falls for his criminal handler. Could this cruel hitman – 22 years his senior – be the one to fix him? And can they protect each other from the dangerous cartel they work for?

Jacob Rossi is a skilled young officer with the Ladena Police Department, but his moral ambiguity and lack of care for the job drew him into a world of crime years ago. Riddled with self-hatred, he exists in a state of perpetual numbness, until he starts working more closely with the cold, seemingly emotionless Dimitri Moreno, a sadistic enforcer of a criminal organisation called The Trust.

Dimitri is an expert in detachment, which has made him capable of doing unspeakable things, but he soon realises that he cannot detach from his feelings for Jacob. The clever, guarded cop unearths things inside him he never thought possible and never thought he could want. After years of feeling like a monster, Dimitri suddenly feels painfully human.

It becomes clear that their intense, highly irregular love is stronger than the demons that surround them.

The Trust contains an age gap, mature scenes, a lot of angst and fluff, and a HFN ending.

The Gordian Souls series is a story of deep, unconditional love between a hitman and the dirty cop who functions as his informant.

With the odds stacked against them – be it because of the mysterious crime syndicate they work for, or because of their own buried, traumatic pasts – they embark on the terrifying, confusing journey of human connection, proving at every corner that true love conquers all.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Lantern, by Charlie Godwyne

In the black night, I alone uphold the shrine of the seven lantern gods.

In the year 2448, Central Europe, after centuries of decline, has bottomed out into a brutal Dark Age. Warlords now rule the lands, fighting and dying to shelter their regions from near-constant invasions.

Hidden through secrecy, camouflage, and a touch of magic lies a monastery deep in the Alps where Wren of Helvetica has been training as an initiate mage for more than half his life. His quiet routine is overthrown when he receives a message from the woman who rescued him from being sold into slavery as a child. Ingeborg herself is a wandering mage but has found a warlord sponsor and is now his court magician.

In the mountains dividing this warrior king’s land in half lies a solitary shrine where seven lanterns burn to the gods of an older world. The elderly mystic who manned the shrine has died; whether by murder or natural causes, no one knows. For the sake of appeasing these gods and protecting the peace of the region, Wren has been summoned to take this man’s place.

Settling into a new life that is much more dangerous and lonely than he’s used to, Wren takes up protection of the lanterns and tries to reestablish contact with the supernatural forces therein. One day he comes back from foraging to find a large man—Uli—filling the shrine, a man with humor in his eyes when Wren admits to not knowing who he is.

The two fall together and become not only fast friends but lovers. Within the power magnified by their love, seven lanterns tell Wren about Uli’s secret. As Wren begins to connect to the deep roots of the mountain shrine and the gods of earth and sky that watch over this gentle, sacred place, he finds himself taking his heart in hand and giving it to a brutal warrior.

Though society dictates they cannot belong to each other, Uli is determined that Wren be his.

By the light of the seven lanterns in a dark night with whirling stars, they hide away in each other and create a precious love that lights the world and gives them strength.

Lantern is a 56,000-word MM standalone romance containing magical realism, mystic mages, and dark age warriors. It contains no cheating and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Kissed by a Killer, by Leighton Greene

It’s my job to protect the Morelli men when the law is after them.
But now their most dangerous Capo has killed to protect me.

My law firm has two unbreakable rules.

1. Never get personally involved with a client.

Nick Fontana was only ever supposed to be a booty call, but he’s had me cross-examining my heart since we started hooking up.

2. Never let the Morellis do you a favor.

I can’t stop thinking about his talented hands on my body…but those hands just took the wrong life to save mine.

I helped Nick cover up what he did, because if anyone finds out, it would start a Mob War that could destroy us all.

But someone knows our deadly secret.

I’ve kept my mouth shut. So can I really trust the killer I’ve been kissing?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Prince’s Tide, by M.L. Eaden

Royce’s childhood was anything but calm. As an adult with famous parents, he preferred to live away from the public eye. All he needed was a boat, a crew, and his best friend Pete. That changed when Royce made a mistake that dropped him into the Gulf. Struggling for survival, his rescue isn’t from above, instead it comes from the sea itself in the shape of a legend long thought extinct and relegated to stories.

Fascinated with life above the waterline, Troller happens upon a fishing boat with a lone person on deck. When the sailor falls overboard, he doesn’t stop to think about the consequences of rescuing the human. When he comes face to face with Royce. He’s instantly enamored, but his people haven’t shown themselves in centuries. Troller swims away, afraid he’s risked his people’s safety, unable to forget the man he saved.

A year later, Troller uncovers a secret that has his people below the waves. Its knowledge could cost him his life. He swims to the one place he might be safe and arrives on Royce’s boat, naked and exhausted. Their mutual attraction quickly becomes more as they build a life together. When their secrets threaten to separate them, will love and trust be enough to keep them together and alive?

Prince’s Tide is a spicy merfolk romance with a HEA. The Mythical Desires Universe is a queer-centric world where myth and legends exist alongside advanced science and technology.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Protecting His Pack, by Morgan Elektra

“An enchanting mix of paranormal, magic, and mystery.” – Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter

It’s been less than a year since Lane Perkins left his controlling ex and the big city behind for a new job and a new life in small town Watson Hollow. When he meets enigmatic widower Jared Atherton, Lane can’t deny he feels a pull, but there’s no way he’s getting involved with another man so soon.

Jared has enough on his plate as a single father and Alpha of the smallest pack in North America. He’s not interested in a relationship, especially not with the aggravating human teacher who knows nothing of his world.

Fate has other plans however, and when a threat to Lane’s life leads him within the walls of Jared’s estate, they’ll be forced to face their attraction once and for all. But will it be enough to save them both from the wrath of a bitter rival?

AVAILABLE NOW, Kindle Unlimited

That Something Feeling, by Darla O’Malley

Duncan James’ parents had never been warm and fuzzy but when they found out he was gay at age sixteen, he never expected them to virtually disown him by exiling him to their converted attic and then kick him out of the house after he graduated from high school.

Now, after twenty-years of service as an army cook, Duncan decides it’s time to start a new chapter in his life especially, to his surprise, his parents left him a decent inheritance after they died. After moving into his old house in Riverside Town, he goes about his life as a diner cook until he meets Cammy, the guy of his dreams. There’s a hitch though; Cammy’s only eighteen. It also doesn’t bode well that Duncan’s never been in a serious relationship and doesn’t know how to handle having a crush on someone so much younger and better looking than himself.

When Cammy Hayes was twelve, his mother deserted his father, his older brother and himself. But not before drilling impossible rules into his head that she expected him to live his life by.

Cammy is focused on becoming a teacher and having a husband and family of his own, so when he meets Duncan—who helps him out of a tough spot—he’s pretty sure he’s found his dream man. But it turns out that Duncan is too emotionally immature for him which Cammy only realizes after he’s fallen for him.

Can Duncan figure out how to be a grown-up without the safety net the army provided? And can he rise above his parents’ past disdain for him, and become the man Cammy craves? And what will each have to sacrifice to achieve their dreams?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Under the Blazing Stars, by Becca Seymour

Find Love Abroad Under the Blazing Stars of the Aussie Outback

I’m a glutton for punishment.

The reason? My foolish pursuit of straight guys. Correction. One straight man.

Alec Rose.

For twelve long years, my best mate’s brother has starred in practically every fantasy I’ve had.

Massage… oops… my towel slips.

Swimming adventure mishap with a huge wave. Yep. Alec gives me mouth-to-mouth.

Shower with soap that refuses to stay in my hands. I’d best bend over.

Now, it’s become something of a game. I flirt outrageously, just to see the big guy blush. The thing is, he takes it all in his stride. Even attempts sweet, flirty moments back, but he will never be mine.

Until the impossible happens and interest sparks in his eyes and shines bright. Just maybe, under the blazing stars of the outback, we can navigate this connection and Alec will finally give me a chance.

Under the Blazing stars is a 42,000-word, superhot, super-low-angst, bi-awakening MM romance starring a loved-up Aussie cowboy and a fun-loving teacher.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Himbro, by Honey London

Devon got dumped.

My tragic taste in men has left me in the lurch… again. This time it’s the day before I’m supposed to leave for a destination wedding. When my ridiculously hot older stepbrother volunteers to be my travel buddy, I’m ready for five days of brotherly fun in the sun. What I’m not prepared for? My very straight stepbrother introducing himself as my boyfriend to shut up my manipulative, evil ex.

Jesse saves the day.

I’ve spent my entire life protecting my nerdy little stepbrother. If spending a few days holding his hand and calling him baby is going to help him stand up for himself, I’m ready to give an Oscar-worthy performance in my role of fake boyfriend. What I’m not prepared for? A game of spin the bottle that changes everything.

Himbro is a steamy stepbrothers to lovers, jock and nerd, opposites attract, fake relationship, forbidden romance novel with a sweet happy ever after.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

It Spells Trouble, by Andy Gallo

Mage Jannick Pederson thought it was a simple assignment: help the gryphon leader find some missing human children and then go home. A noble cause, even if he didn’t much like the abrasive jerk. So why didn’t someone tell him he’d be working closely with the leader’s son instead? That hot piece of perfection could make even happily-single Jannick give up his no-strings-attached ways.

Gryphon shifter Conall Arwan has simple goals for his life: get his PhD in pediatric shifter social work and stay off the radar of his disapproving father. When his father orders him to work with a hot but arrogant mage to find missing human kids, all Conall sees is how it pushes back his graduation date. Again. And even if the mage unexpectedly turns out to be not so bad—and maybe even a little sweet—there’s still no future for them. Conall’s dad has plans for him and they don’t include getting involved with a sexy, infuriating mage.

But fate has other ideas.

It Spells Trouble is a 75K word fated mates romance with a hearty dose of steam and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. This book is part of the Mages and Mates series and includes a plot to destroy the world, a desperate decision with far-reaching consequences, and one pissed off gryphon father.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

His Fatal Love, by Leighton Greene

Easily bored, completely manipulative, and utterly deadly…and that’s just in bed.

As an assassin for the Castellani Family, I live for the thrill of the job.
I’m devoted to my Family and my Don, because they keep me safe.

To Leo Bernardi, I’m a monster.
A killing machine.
And a puppet that his Family can use for their own ends.

To me, Leo Bernardi is a pawn.
A means to an end.
And if I have a little fun with him along the way, who cares?

Leo thinks he can seduce me. Tame me. Use me.
In this game of cat and mouse, the Bernardi Lion is about to get a big surprise.

But the more entangled we become, the more I start to feel…

Things I didn’t think I was capable of feeling.

Things I’ve never wanted to feel.

In my line of work, love is a fatal flaw. But the more time we spend together, the harder I fall.

Leo Bernardi is my greatest enemy…
Could he also be my only love?


Dive into a forbidden romance between a psychopath assassin and a Mob Enforcer. Get ready for seductions and betrayals, scorching love scenes, and an unforgettable romance as a cold case comes back to haunt two Families sworn to destroy each other.

His Fatal Love is the third book in the West Coast Mobsters series. Follow the men of the Los Angeles underworld in this page-turning romantic suspense series as they find love, danger and mystery in the most unexpected places.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Make Mine a Koala, by Harper B. Cole and Colbie Dunbar

Koalas aren’t supposed to live here.

Human omega Cameron is looking for a place to live away from the rat race that is the big city. When he arrives in the small town of Riverford, he decides to make it his home. But the garden in his new house is nonexistent, and when two men, one elderly and the other with blue hair, direct him to a local nursery, he heads straight there.

Alpha koala shifter Gideon has always felt out of place. His father was mistaken for a wild koala, locked in a cage, and transported across the ocean to a zoo. He shifted and escaped, but in his search for somewhere to live, he mated, and they had Gideon.

Now Gideon is an adult and alone in the world, he’s adrift, always searching, but never finding where he belongs. Until he meets Mr. Lucas and his nephew whose new business is running a nursery. While Gideon is browsing the eucalyptus, he makes an interesting discovery.

Make Mine A Koala is the seventh book in the M/M mpreg shifter, sweet-with-knotty-heat series.It features an alpha with a green thumb, an omega who wants to be part of a community, a pair of matchmakers with the best intentions, a cute baby or two, and an HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Moonlight and the Magician, by Evelynn Carver

Spoiled pretty boy, Valentino, a revered fire mage of singular talent, finds himself pressured into a political marriage with a sadistic noblewoman he barely knows. He’s desperate to find a way out, even if it means leaving his gilded life in the spotlight behind.

Brand, a mysterious roguish vagabond, approaches Val and charms him into a deal: he will help him escape his problems in exchange for his assistance in breaking a vicious magical curse. What that curse entails is only revealed in the light of the full moon. Is Brand really who he says he is?

What begins as a romantic runaway adventure soon turns out to be much more than they bargained for. It seems that Valentino’s magic isn’t worth as much as he thought when it comes to dealing with a willful demon, gunslinging bounty hunters, and his own fickle heart. He might be falling in lust with a monster, but will he sell his very soul just to run away from responsibility?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Boxers and Bubbly, by Alex Winters

This year they’ll toast to romance, once and for all…

Logan Emory has had a man crush on his former teammate, Parker Piedmont, for as long as he can remember. It culminated with a spring break pool party during Parker’s senior year, where sophomore, Logan, watched as the night wore down and it was just the two of them, lying next to each other on deck chairs. Their eyes met, the implications clear, the attraction strong, and then… teammate Boomer Sampson picked Parker up and tossed him in the pool, literally dashing all hopes both boys had of a late-night hook-up, to say nothing of a burgeoning relationship.

Five years later, Logan is the founder and CEO of Soxers, a chain of pop-up kiosks selling boxer shorts and tube socks. Parker has returned to town on New Year’s Eve to sell his parents’ property. When Parker pops into Soxers and finds Logan behind the sales counter, he lures his old teammate and former crush over to deliver some boxers and socks but has much more in mind once Logan gets there.

Will the surprise invitation ignite a New Year full of boxers, bubbly, and more, or fall flat like warm champagne on New Year’s Day?


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