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Resisting You, by E.M. Lindsey

“Do you think I can go to jail for cutting holes in all the toes of my boss’s socks? Because that’s where I’m at in life.”

Frey’s a single dad, a nurse, and ready to wage a one-sided prank war against the arrogant surgeon with the sexy accent he keeps getting paired up with. And while there might be more to Dr. Renato Agosti, Frey isn’t sure he wants to feel anything but hatred for the man who said his biggest accomplishment was that he never met a resident he couldn’t make cry.

But everything changes the day Frey’s pranks go too far, and Renato corners him behind closed doors. In a series of bad decisions, hate turns into something else—something forbidden and delicious—and it doesn’t take long before Frey realizes the fine line between hate and love has started to blur.

Frey’s not sure he has room in his life for something complicated with a man who doesn’t know what he wants, though. He has a son to worry about, and a future to figure out. Still, the more Frey and Renato keep sneaking around, the more Frey starts to realize his feelings might be real.

He just needs to figure out if resisting Renato is worth the pain, or if loving him is worth the cost.

Resisting You is the second book in the single dads series, Words We Never Said. It contains an enemies to lovers one-sided prank war, hurt/comfort, grumpy surgeon/sunshine nurse, and a spicy, gently angsty, comedic romance that will leave your e-readers steaming.

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Saving Crofton Hall, by Rebecca Cohen

How he’d kept his cool, Ben will never know, but learning he owes the bank £5million thanks to his mother’s gambling debts means he must act fast if he doesn’t want to lose his beloved family home.

To save Crofton Hall, Ben Redbourn, the 16th Earl of Crofton, is going to need all his charm, lots of hard work, and not a small amount of luck. But he can’t do it alone, Ben needs help—and he needs it now. Enter Ashley Niven, events manager extraordinaire, and best friend of Ben’s little sister. Ashley might once have been a dweeby teenager, but he’s grown up nicely and Ben needs to remember he’s the boss, and that means keeping his hands to himself.

But Crofton Hall has many untold stories, and she’s hiding a secret dating back four hundred years to the 1st Earl of Crofton, Anthony Redbourn, which might just change all their lives.

Benjamin Redbourn is the modern-day descendant of Anthony Redbourn, the 1st Earl of Crofton from the mm historical romance series The Crofton Chronicles.

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Rookie Recovery, by Jemma Croft & Lex Veia

Jamie Sullivan does not date hockey players. As the PT for the Bringham Bobcats, he knows they’re loud, cocky, and more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention painful reminders of the career ripped from his grasp a decade ago—a past he’s desperate to leave behind. All he needs to do is finish his business course and open his own practice to be free of hockey forever. It’s all going according to plan, until a dirty-mouthed young hotshot who won’t take no for an answer waltzes into his office, and Jamie’s forced to reconsider whether he’s ready to give up on the game.

They call him a rising star, so why does Archie Bowman still feel like a rookie? Maybe it’s the number of times he’s been traded in his short career. Maybe it’s the homesickness for the family, biscuits, and rugby he left behind in Britain. Or maybe it’s how, despite everyone else buying his cocky act, he still isn’t sure he belongs in the big leagues.

When an old shoulder injury resurfaces a few weeks before the season starts, Bowie’s dream is at stake, and Jamie is just the doc to help him get it back. That is, if their blossoming relationship doesn’t cloud their judgment …

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Fractured Hope, by Kady Cordova

Can I really escape hell to find all I’ve ever longed for?

Finding yourself is hard. Finding someone you can truly trust is harder.
I’ve never known what it was like to have a true home or family, let alone real love.

After almost a year of planning, I finally escaped my abusive ex and ran as far away as I could with just the clothes on my back and a handful of cash. When I arrive in the quaint town of Hope’s Ridge, I’m ready to start over and reclaim my life.
When I painfully crash into Atticus’s life, something about him puts me at ease. I’ve never been one to trust, but now I’m in a situation where I have no choice. He might be what I’ve been longing for my whole life.

I love my tight-knit town, my big Greek family, and the life I’ve built. I have a successful garage with my brothers and love my job. I have it good, but every now and then I long for a connection. Someone to chase away the loneliness that’s been creeping in. As my brothers like to point out, I’m set in my ways and not one for flings, bar hopping, or one-night stands.
When a beautiful man stumbles into my life, I’m blown away. He’s skittish and afraid, but all I want to do is take care of him.

When Bodhi’s ex starts making threats, danger gets ever closer and threatens everything I hold dear. Can I keep Bodhi safe and prove to him he’s worthy of love? Or will he run and take my heart with him?

Fractured Hope is a small-town, hurt/comfort, age-gap MM Romance with a broken boy looking for a safe place, a lonely man longing to find his person, and a family full of love, mischief, and colorful characters ready to step in and protect each other no matter the costs.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Duke for the Summer, by Emily Spady

A former punk-rock skater kid and a bookish recluse get stuck on an island together…

Nate Schafer has always wanted to feel special—but suddenly inheriting a castle in a tiny town in a foreign country wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. But it’ll be fine. He just has to figure out how to be a duke. And maybe learn Italian. Oh, and try to tiptoe around the castle’s caretaker, who is very hot, very standoffish, and definitely not interested. Easy, right?

Jacopo Brunetti just wants to get off the island where he grew up and start a new life, away from his family and the secrets he’s been keeping. But the new duke is getting in the way of his plans. And getting in the way in general. And why can’t Jacopo stop thinking about him? All he has to do is keep it together for three months, but with Nate around every corner, lasting out the summer is going to be harder than he thought.

Duke for the Summer is a contemporary m/m romance with plenty of laughs, some tears, first times, self-acceptance, a long, steamy Italian summer, and of course, a HEA.

PREORDER, Releaseing June 19

Just Add Ice, by L.C. Chase

Sparks fly when ice meets fire.

After eight years in the minors, Rayne “the Pain” Hamilton has realized two things: One, his chances of getting called up to the Big Show are rapidly dwindling with each passing season; and two, he needs a plan for life after hockey. What he doesn’t bargain for is the gorgeous instructor at the fire training center who ignites his heart with burning desire.

Nick Seavers had a great life until his husband died suddenly, and his sun blinked out. A demanding career firefighting and teaching the next generation of firefighters are the only things keeping him sane. The last thing he wants is one of the new trainees, a larger-than-life hockey player with mischievous eyes, taking up space in his head and making him feel things he never thought he’d feel again.

As the heat rises between Rayne and Nick, trade rumors begin circulating and Rayne has to decide: Move to yet another city and start all over again or step off the ice and into the fire with Nick.

The Games We Play is a multi-author minor league hockey romance series. All titles run concurrently through the same hockey season, and the books can be read in any order, so jump in anywhere!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

4-Ever, by Ava Olsen

Faisel: I’ve always felt the pressure to succeed, but instead of the conventional path, one that my family wanted, I chose music. As the drummer for Wayward Lane, I’ve experienced all the highs and lows of rockstar life including addiction. Now there’s another battle I’m facing – my intense feelings for my best friend and bandmate, Ronin Stadler. We grew up together, inseparable to this day but our lifelong bond is shifting. Do I keep my feelings a secret or risk our friendship for something more?

Ronin: Growing up in a home that was anything but stable, music was my escape and Faisel Reed, my rock. My friendship with him has grounded me, weathering the craziness of rockstar life. But lately, he’s been pulling away and for the first time in a long time, I’m scared. The thought of losing him makes me look at our relationship in a whole new light.
One that looks a lot like… forever.

4-Ever is a best friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, MM rockstar romance filled with magnetic chemistry, lifelong love, and a HEA fit for rockstar soulmates.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Mated into the Mob, by Colbie Dunbar

I thought revenge would taste sweet… but it’s not revenge I keep wrapping my lips around.

Bartending is far from my career goal, but I’m not at La Luna Noir to pad my 401k. Heck, I’m not even here to pay my bills. I took this job for one reason and one reason only: answers. If only it were that easy. This place might be filled with secrets, but all I’ve been discovering is new cocktail recipes… until today.

The office is left open and now’s my chance. All I have to do is go in, find what I need, and get out. Easy peasy. Right?


Now I’m a prisoner in the mob boss’s basement, struggling for my life, and hating how hot I think he is. Oh yeah, and he bit me for no reason… who does that? And why did I like it?

Mated into the Mob is the first book in The Wolves of La Luna Noir, a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg Shifter Mafia Romance. Mated into the Mob features a sexy pack Alpha who runs his family business (yes, that kind), the human omega who digs a little too deep into his father’s death, a fake relationship meant to keep him alive but instead puts a target on his back, true love, fated mates, an adorable baby, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you love your alphas hot, your men dangerous, and your omegas fierce, download your copy today.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Captive’s Curse, by Eliot Grayson

Unwanted. Unloved. Unransomed. And unable to control his dawn magic by any other means…

At odds with his family and on the run, Lord Cyril is taken prisoner and held in a gloomy mountain fortress—which he brightens up quite a bit, thank you. His captor wants him to be quiet and not cause any trouble, but who cares? Cyril may need the mysterious highwayman to quell his dawn magic and keep him sane, but he’s overbearing, sardonic, and unpleasant.

Mostly. Except when Cyril can’t live without his touch, or his voice, or his rare smile…

Ser Enzo, a robber and (not quite) a gentleman, desperately wants his obnoxious, adorable, irritating, irresistible captive off his hands…and other parts. Lord Cyril’s wanton, irrepressible, and worst of all—his family won’t take him back. Enzo can’t release him without being paid. It’s against his principles.

But so is keeping his bewitching captive forever. Cyril may be his prisoner, but Enzo’s dangerously close to losing his own freedom by falling under the mage’s spell…

The Captive’s Curse is the second book in the Twilight Mages series, but it takes place concurrently with book one and can be read as a standalone. Contains wildly inappropriate discussions of vegetables (no vegetables were actually harmed in the making of this book), the mad ghost of an evil lord (the Mad Lord is harmed, to no one’s regret), and the overcoming of fears, family quarrels, and scheming villains to reach a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Enzo’s Embrace, by Jaclyn Quinn

Enzo Russo
I never thought after spending a week in Coral Pointe with my cousin, helping at his friends’ wedding, that I’d be back in this small town. Life in Sacramento is already lonely, but when my mom finds out my secret and uses it to hurt me in the worst way, all I want is to be where acceptance and love are as vast and dependable as the horizon. The place where the most beautiful hazel eyes I’ve ever seen are only a town away. Evian, the gorgeous, funny, suit designer from Barrett’s Port, has unexpectedly weaved his way into my life. The question is, can he mend this gaping wound in my heart, or will one pull on the wrong thread unravel my life completely?

Evian Skye
Young and gullible. That’s what I’d convinced myself I was after finding out what my much older ex-boyfriend was really doing behind my back. It took years for me to stop blaming the hearts in my eyes for obstructing my ability to see the snake he really is. Only a cold-hearted person would do that to me, knowing the heartbreak I was already facing. So when Enzo, a gorgeous out-of-towner, stops in my shop for a suit, I push aside any attraction for him, as I’d done with every man over the last few years. There’s no harm in being his friend, though, right? The problem is, there’s a sadness in his brown eyes I just can’t seem to forget. I’m not ready to level up our friendship to something as dangerous as love. So why can’t I stop dreaming about Enzo’s embrace?

AVAILABLE NOW, Kindle Unlimited, Whispersync Ready

Pick Me, by May Archer

The job at Sunday Orchard was supposed to be temporary.

A chance to gain some work experience. To have some fun. To get away from my overprotective brothers. To maybe, possibly encounter some lumberjacks in their natural habitat before moving on to the dream career that awaited me in the city.

I had not expected to be welcomed into a family of gorgeous and weirdly efficient lumberjack-types myself. Or to find a purpose in the tiny Vermont town whose claim to fame seemed to be apple-based products and copious amounts of charm.

And I most definitely hadn’t expected to fall for Knox Sunday, my grumpy, burly, fifteen-years-older, reluctant roommate, with his infuriating lectures, his hot-as-fire body, his superior attitude, his snarky humor, and his stealth cuddles.

Now I find myself making excuses to delay my big dreams… just for a little while.

But Knox has unfulfilled dreams of his own. A career he walked away from. A big city life in Boston he left behind when he returned to his hometown to help his family. He claims he’s not looking for anything permanent, and I’ve never been one to put down roots.

My big life is waiting for me somewhere other than Little Pippin Hollow. So why does it feel like I’ve finally found the home of my heart?

And how can I get Knox Sunday to… pick me?

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Whispersync Ready

Point Blank, by Morgan Brice

Sexy psychic Simon Kincaide and skeptical homicide detective Vic D’Amato are getting married–if the ghost of a murderous magician doesn’t get them first!

Simon and Vic’s wedding is just a few weeks away, and they’re hoping for a little peace and quiet to wrap up work before their honeymoon, but nothing ever goes that smoothly.

Strange circumstances around the death of a retired stage magician suggest supernatural involvement, bringing Simon in on the case. The dark secrets of a long-ago resort hotel lead to a trail of unsolved cold cases that have a chilling similarity. Old scandals, malicious magic, and vengeful spirits expose a web of lies, deceit, and death that is headed for a reckoning.

Can Simon and Vic solve the murders, stop the ghosts, keep Simon’s mother from crashing the party, dodge last-minute wedding disasters, and still make it to the altar on time? Or will the shadows of Myrtle Beach’s haunted past ruin everything?

Point Blank is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, sinister sleight-of-hand, mysterious monsters, psychic visions, hot men, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Someone To Trust, by Aiden Wilde

Everyone wants something real. Everyone wants someone to trust.

Jack is my boss. He is handsome, charismatic, sexy, fun.
Then he tells me he has chosen me to work with him on a new project – in London!
And were we okay sharing a room for a couple of weeks?
I don’t know why I felt such danger – and excitement.

I’m a guy’s guy, but I know sharing a room with a near-stranger could be intense.
But in Paul, I find a friend, someone I can share myself with.
Coming out of my separation, I’ve been wanting to connect with someone.
I only meant it as a friend, some feelings you can’t control…

But am I ready to change my life completely…for him?

SOMEONE TO TRUST is a sweet, spicy camping trip buddy romance with themes of best friends to lovers, straight to gay, gay for you, and bi awakening. It is Book Three in a new series called Straight Friends Fall In Love.

If you love romances (some angst) with great characters, powerful sensuality and beautiful locations, with a happy-ever-after ending (HEA), then you’ll love this novel!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Sunrise, by Evie McGlynn

From the time I was in elementary school, it was clear I was never going to pass for straight. It took a long time and a lot of work for me to be my authentic, fabulous self. Not everyone accepts the eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss along with the corsets, especially not the masc guys I’m attracted to. Until I meet Zach Kelley. Tall, dark, handsome, and straight, he tells me my makeup looks nice and that he likes the way I dress. It doesn’t at all help my straight-boy crush that he’s also super nice and hella protective. But I’ve been there, done that and almost got my head bashed in for my trouble. I won’t be going for the straight guy ever again, even if he does give the best hugs.

From the age of sixteen I have lived my life in a narrow lane of work and service. First it was taking care of my younger sister, now it’s taking care of both her and my three-year-old nephew. I don’t have much time for friends or fun working two jobs and serving my country in the Army National Guard. Until I meet Miguel Ramirez. Miguel is a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds and he breaks me out of my self-imposed isolation. From the moment I see him, I’m drawn to him. My thoughts constantly turn to him, and I find myself watching him whenever he’s in the room. I think about him so much, I’m beginning to believe I’m not as straight as I thought I was.

Kindle Unlimited

Baby Queen, by Charlie Novak

Note to self: falling for the new queen you’re mentoring will only lead to trouble.

Being broke, single, and homeless after winning the UK’s biggest drag show wasn’t how my life was supposed to go. I’m meant to be the one with everything, but thanks to an unscrupulous tour company I’ve got nothing but my image and a mountain of debt.

Moving back home with my mum and taking the first gig I’m offered in a local drag panto is supposed to help me get back on my feet, but meeting Colin tangles me up more than ever.

Colin desperately wants to start doing drag and suddenly I’m helping a baby queen find her feet while falling head over heels for the man behind the lashes.

We all know mixing these power dynamics is a recipe for trouble, but my life is already a mess. Will falling for Colin really spell disaster or is he the only thing keeping me upright in my seven-inch heels?

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