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Loving Aspen, by Jae Greyn

Author Mallory Hampton has a name Monroe would be proud of but doesn’t see the draw. The blood that called him home doesn’t tempt him as much as the unattainable Aspen Bennett. He’ll have him any way he can- even if it’s only in his romance novels.

ClairMont Bowman returns to Monroe when he’s twenty-four and is just trying to find his place in the world. Being gay is hard, and he’s been in the closet until now. Then, he reads Mallory Hampton’s book and uses it as a guide to finding a boyfriend.
He also has to adjust to a new town with old ideas. Monroe confuses him. It’s full of traditions he can’t wrap his head around. He finds the whole place weird until he meets Aspen Bennett, and the connection is instant. One small interaction, and he knows Aspen is his. All he has to do is accept him and Monroe’s Touch. Then he discovers Aspen is who Mallory patterned one of the MCs after, and believes the story.

Aspen Bennett was bred there, born there, blood in the soil there. All he wants is to run his coffeehouse and put his life back together after Mallory destroys it. Aspen must mate by the time he’s twenty-five, and now he’s cutting it close. Will he have to live his life alone and leave Monroe, or will ClairMont accept him, knowing what Mallory has done?

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Crossing Blades, by Hayden Hall

This year is my last chance to take the Titans to victory. I cost us the cup last year, but I’m not making the same mistake again. And I’m determined to get drafted by the end of this season.

The success I anticipate is built on three years of razor-sharp focus and hard-earned respect. Not to mention how much of my personal life I sacrificed for hockey. The Titans trust me to lead them and I won’t betray that. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Until the former love of my life and current arch nemesis, Cameron Martinez, skates back into my life. His very presence throws me off balance. His intense gaze and aggressive, dominant, and possessive streaks feel like a lasso pulling me toward him.

It only takes so many shared showers and locker room encounters before I’m too weak to continue resisting this pull.

But we both know there is no future for us. Our ambitions have always left a trail of ruin and heartbreak in their wake. Why should this time be any different?

Except I can’t think straight when he’s around. And every private moment we share makes me forget why I’m even here in the first place.

Crossing Blades is the first book in Hayden Hall’s Arctic Titans of Northwood U series of gay, college hockey romance novels. Expect fiery encounters on and off the ice, bickering enemies with a single, steamy way to vent, a second chance at greatness and love, and the emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery, acceptance, and growth into adulthood. Crossing Blades can be read as a standalone.

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And Nothing But The Truth, by Charlie Cochrane

Some truths don’t set you free.

The pandemic may be winding down, but for Chief Inspector Robin Bright, life never really goes back to normal. One second, he’s having breakfast with his adorable husband—and their equally adorable Newfoundland, Hamish—and the next, he gets the dreaded call: a body’s been found. What initially appears to be a mugging gone wrong turns out to be murder, and Robin is on the case.

Adam Matthews is happy to act as a sounding board—much as he tries not to get involved—but when Robin’s case intersects with a mystery from within their own family, he’s embroiled whether he likes it or not. Loquacious genealogists, secret pregnancies, and a potentially dubious inheritance all ensure that Adam won’t be doing his hundred-and-one headteacher tasks in peace anytime soon.

Lies pile onto lies, and the more the story changes, the more the killer is revealed. Without proof, however, Robin and his team are powerless, and the murderer isn’t the only one with something to hide. But Robin won’t stop until he’s found the whole truth, and nothing but.

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Forfeits, by AE Lister

Sometimes you have to kneel to find yourself again.

Fletcher Marin is grieving. He’s holding things together for the sake of his daughter and has come a long way since his husband, Daniel, passed away in an accident three years ago. But something’s changed, and Fletcher finds himself remembering parts of his life with Daniel that he’s been suppressing.

A new romantic possibility with Aiden Thompson, a supply teacher whom he meets at his daughter’s school, and the fact that Maverick Molly’s, the ‘restaurant’ where his nephew Patrick works, is a gay kink and burlesque club have made Fletcher aware of everything he’s missed since Daniel’s death.

Aiden helps Fletcher step back into the world of submission and domination and takes him places even Daniel didn’t go. Is it possible that fate would give Fletcher another person to love and cherish, who fulfills him and seems as caring as his late husband? And will he ever be able to remember Daniel without pain?

Grief can be a tricky thing to bear, and there are times when you have to fight the ones you love for the freedom to be a whole person.

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Noticing Nate, by Shae Michaels

My life is a shambles. My long-term relationship just ended, I left the Air Force, I’ve been crashing on my buddy’s couch for the last three months, and now…I’ve lost the one person I loved more than any other. The only sense of direction I’m able to find is a wedding invitation from the cousin I haven’t seen in over sixteen years. I’ve nothing left to uproot, but will traveling to some place I’ve never heard of, to reconnect with the only relative I’ve got left that I give a damn about, be the answer to what’s next in my life? Will Pine Ridge, Wisconsin be the place where I find myself again?

I’ve spent the entirety of my life being overlooked, forgotten…invisible. You’d think a six-and-a-half-foot man wouldn’t go through life so unnoticed, but that seems to be my fate. All I want is for someone to finally see me, to want to get to know me, to not move on to someone more interesting. But I never would’ve anticipated that I’d be on my way to a friend’s wedding when someone finally does see me; so much so, he almost hits me with his car. But will Elias’ attention stay fixed on me or will he, like everyone else does, wind up forgetting I even exist?

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The Amazing Alpha Tau Pledge Project, by Lisa Henry & Sarah Honey

Briar Pendelton is new to Lassiter, and he’s determined to get into Alpha Tau, even if that means lying about already having passed his LSAT and doing stupid pledge stunts like dressing as a sorority girl. Besides, he’s always looked killer in a skirt.

Casey Hill has been pledge master of Alpha Tau for two years. Keeping a bunch of pledges in line is a bit like herding cats, but Casey’s got it down to a fine art.

When Briar sashays into their fraternity with eyeliner, attitude, and legs for miles, Casey is thrown for a loop—in the best possible way. Except what happens when Briar literally can’t make the grade?

Uh oh.

The Amazing Alpha Tau Pledge Project is a lighthearted contemporary m/m romance containing college shenanigans, a pretty pledge selling candy, and a confused frat boy who discovers he’s a lot more heteroflexible than he thought he was. Or something.

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Fate, Reborn, by Silvana Falcon

Some love survives death.

Mordyn never got over the horror of losing his fated mate. Even a hundred years later, he blames himself. What kind of vampire is he, that he failed to protect the man he promised forever?

The worst kind.

So when fate offers him a second chance, he refuses.

Apollo is his mate reborn.

But Mordyn isn’t going to mess up his life a second time.

No matter how much he yearns to sink his fangs into Apollo and reclaim what he’s lost.

Apollo doesn’t lust after vampires. He hunts them down and locks them up—if he doesn’t just stake them. It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it—and every kill soothes some of that ever-burning anger inside of him.

But Mordyn’s smile fans the flames inside him in all the wrong ways.

He’s hot, yes, but he’s the enemy.

And yet Apollo keeps having these dreams. Dreams in which he’s not quite himself. Dreams that only stoke the fire he tries so hard to keep in check while he’s awake.

When he’s forced to work with Mordyn, he doesn’t know how to manage. Before long, he’s either going to screw the vampire or stick a knife in him.

He almost doesn’t care which.

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Fuzzy Love Series, by Tara Lain

From Prancing with a Papillon:

Pretending to be dangerous—is.

At six-five and packed with muscle, Jericho looks like an alpha top when he’s actually a gentle bottom who teaches first grade and lives with his hypochondriac mother.

Just try to find a boyfriend in that position.

To get away from his disappointing social life, Jericho agrees to become the dog show handler for his friends’ champion Papillon, Batshit.
And that’s where he meets wealthy dog owner, Brees, who makes Jericho want to be a more macho man
Brees is being followed by scary persons unknown, so Jericho steps up to flex his muscles and exert his imaginary courage.
But pretend gets way out of control, and suddenly the only thing between Brees and possible death is a smart dog with big ears and gentle wimp, Jericho Jones.

PRANCING OF A PAPILLON is a pretending to be macho, near death at a dog show, the billionaire and the kindergarten teacher, who knew dog shows could be so dangerous, suspenseful, laugh-out-loud funny, sex in a stairwell, MM romance—with Papillon.

Whispersync Ready, Kindle Unlimited

Forever Asher, by Rhys Everly

Narrated by Dan Levy

I kissed my best friend. And I liked it.

I’m at the lowest point of my life. Retiring from my SEAL team was not in my life plan.
Yet here I am, 30 years old, no wife, children or career. And now I have to start over while dealing with the after-effects of my last mission.

All in all, life can’t get more complicated.

Until it does.
Suddenly I’m turned on by Asher’s gay romance audiobooks and kissing him when he brings me a new furry friend.

Before I know it, I start dreaming of a life with him.

Have I had it wrong all this time?

Is Asher my soulmate? Is he the love of my life? Is he my forever Asher?

Welcome to Mayberry Holm, a small island in the Atlantic full of crime, secrets and happily-ever-afters, and the ex-Navy SEALs that come to deal with them all.

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