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FEATURED ADVANCE RELEASE, Ebook and Audio, Direct from the Authors

Turkeys, by Lucy Lennox and May Archer

Hunter Jackson’s Sage Advice for a Happy Thanksgiving

When your turkey-thieving, town-abandoning, former childhood friend reappears in Licking Thicket after fifteen long years, looking like a snack and smelling like all your favorite treats put together, it might be tempting to, well, dig in


And when your plan to teach the man a lesson goes spectacularly awry, becoming less of a wattle-wearing walk of shame around the Thicket’s Thanksgiving festival and more of a sexy turkey-twerk in a skin-tight bird costume featuring the hottest pair of drumsticks the town’s ever seen, you might think it’s time to get over your feud and, well, take a bite.


But when Charlton Nutter finally shows you the sweet, pure heart he’s hiding under all his fine, big-city feathers, and you realize, thanks to the town’s meddling matchmakers, that the man is hungry for the kind of love and belonging that only the Thicket can provide, you might decide that both of you have been acting like a pair of turkeys, and in that case you should…

Gobble. Him. Up.

Turkeys will be released on major retail sites (Amazon, Kobo, etc.) after November 21/23

FEATURED DEAL – FREE, Kindle Unlimited

The Bear’s Brave Omega, by A.J. Cane

Bear shifter Everett has found his fated mate, but he’ll have to defeat another alpha to keep him.

When Milo’s date sprouts fangs and tries to bite him, he flees into the nearby forest and ends up lost. The gorgeous man who rescues him seems too good to be true… until Milo discovers his secret.

Everett knows the human omega is his fated mate, but the last thing Milo needs is another alpha shifter trying to claim him so soon after his traumatic experience.

Unfortunately, Milo’s date from hell is determined to mate with him—willing or not—and Everett will have to fight tooth and claw to protect their love.

If you love mpreg, possessive shifters, and omegas who just want to belong, then THE BEAR’S BRAVE OMEGA is your next must-read book.

One click to start reading this sweet and steamy M/M shifter romance today!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Insatiable Park Avenue Prince, by Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Donovan “Van” Truitt
“The Model”

Wrong place. Wrong time. Right guy.

Showing up at a very indecent film shoot was an accident. I was a highly paid model. A professional. I didn’t get down and dirty for the cameras, but one look at the sex god needing a scene partner and I found myself reconsidering.

After all, with a name like Sin, a body out of my rugged lumberjack fantasies, and a head full of dirty-blond hair I wanted to grab, he was almost impossible to resist. But I did—until fate put him back in my sights.

The only problem? He was the new rising star of his industry, and that meant he came with conditions.

The proposition: If I wanted a night of “Sin,” I needed to show up for the cameras.
My terms: Make sure my identity remained a mystery.

It was only supposed to be one time, one scene. But I quickly learned that anything less than everything would never be enough with him.

Who would’ve thought my happy accident would lead to so many happy ending…s?

Insatiable Park Avenue Prince is the second standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Unholy Trinity, by Garrett Leigh

A full steam, page-turning Poly Romance. Why Choose one book boyfriend when you can have two? Satisfy your romantic cravings with this heart-pounding hurt/comfort love story.

The vice-president of the Rebel Kings MC.

The girl of his dreams.

And the six-foot-five firefighter-turned-bodyguard they can’t resist.


It’s three in the morning, and we’re in her bed. My body throbs from his mouth on me, my blood still whooshing in my ears.

I want to make him feel like this, so I can drown in it.

So I can drown in him.

Goddamn, I want to suffocate in every fibre of Locke Halliwell with the woman I love at my side.

He has me fragile already.

She has me in pieces at her feet.

And man alive, I wish that was all I had to worry about.

But this life. It’s vicious. It’s deadly. And if I can’t protect every soul I’ve ever loved from the past, the future is already in ashes at my feet.

Unholy Trinity is the sixth instalment in the bestselling Rebel Kings MC series. An MMF romance with strong MM romance content, hurt/comfort, angst, found family, forced proximity, single dad, and friends-to-lovers tropes.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Big Stick Energy, by Hayden Hall

I earned the captaincy fair and square, but Caden Jones doesn’t see it that way. He’s challenging my authority at every turn and bringing discord to the team that’s held together with duct tape and hope.

Caden is set to ruin our chances this year just to show everyone what a terrible leader I am.

Besides, he’s been preoccupied with kissing guys all semester long. Not that I have a problem with that, exactly. But does he have to do it right under my nose?

An out-of-state game has us stranded in a hotel room. While that’s annoying as hell, the final straw is the mix up that leaves us with only one bed.

Years of rivalry and quiet resentment finally come to boiling and one of us isn’t leaving this hotel room alive. Until big words are said. And crazy actions taken. And we’re no longer fighting, even if it sort of looks like a wrestling match.

Turns out, I’ve got no problem with Caden kissing guys when I’m the guy he kisses. But… I’m straight, right?

Big Stick Energy is the third book in Hayden Hall’s Arctic Titans of Northwood U series of gay, college hockey romance novels. Expect fiery encounters on and off the ice, bisexual awakening, heated rivalry, and the emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery, acceptance, and growth into adulthood. Big Stick Energy can be read as a standalone.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Always Eli, by Charlie Novak

What happens when a sassy drag queen falls for his brother’s best friend?

Eli Baker needs a job. Drag isn’t paying the bills and the life of a starving artist isn’t as fun when he’s the one living it. Taking a temporary office job is meant to be a quick fix. It’s not supposed to reintroduce him to the funny, sharp, and sweet Tristan Rose… who just so happens to be Eli’s oldest brother’s best friend.

Eli can’t stand his brother, and the feeling is more than mutual. Getting involved with Tristan could mean family trouble, but Eli’s never been one for following the rules, especially when breaking them means annoying his brother.

Tristan is far too intriguing to ignore, especially when he takes an interest in Eli’s life outside the office. He’s not at all what Eli expects, and maybe that’s exactly what Eli needs. But if push comes to shove, will Tristan choose Eli over his best friend?

Always Eli is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring fabulous drag shows, secret biscuits, an office romance, and numerous siblings who can’t help getting involved.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

They Were Roommates, by Dawn Cutler-Tran

Dive into the captivating Not so Normative world with this exciting prequel, featuring Frankie and Diego.

Being the fun-loving, good time not a long time guy was going great for Frankie until he met the ruggedly handsome yet aloof Diego. At first, he thought meeting Diego could be the start to his enemies-to-lovers romance – except he doesn’t do romance. After Diego opens up to him about being trans, they become fast friends and eventually decide to open a business together. Frankie is sure he can be a mature business partner, but does that mean that’s all they can ever be?

Diego has spent a long time working towards becoming the man he is today, but he still has a long way to go, and a lot of goals he wants to achieve. The last thing he needs is the class flirt distracting him. But when Frankie proves to be a lot more than he seems, kind, intelligent and impossible to shake, Diego wonders if he can settle for starting a business together and just being roommates. What could possibly go wrong?

They Were Roommates is a cute MM romance that celebrates the rich diversity of trans-masculine, gay, demi, and omni characters. Explore the sweet and spicy moments these two roommates share as they open an inclusive cafe and form an affirming queer community together.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Coming out at Crofton Hall, by Rebecca Cohen

After years of hiding who he is, Hollywood A-lister Dorian Marsten has come out. The chaos and unplanned events that follow lead him to Crofton Hall to stay with his friend, Ben Redbourn, Earl of Crofton.

A near tragic incident leaves Dorian needing a boyfriend, and Alex Reynolds, Ben’s new secretary, agrees to play the part. Alex will not put up with any prima donna actions from Dorian, and Dorian may have finally met his match.

Meanwhile, there is a new baby at Crofton Hall. The arrival of the Viscount of Crofton has left his parents, Ben and Ashley, run ragged and life will never be the same again.

PREORDER, Releasing December 2

Blood Runs Black, by Sylvia San Sebastian

Dante de Vici’s easy charm and suave suits hide a sadistic streak. With the ability to control blood, he’s proven himself as the Nightshade gang’s most ruthless assassin. Too bad he’d rather be the boss than an attack dog on a leash. He’ll do anything to be Don—even if that means destroying his own allies.

Leone Cava has joined the police force to avenge his murdered parents. Young, angry, and bloodcursed—cursed with the ability to control blood, like the gang that killed his family—Leone only wants justice… but why does his side seem as corrupt as the criminals they face?

Dante and Leone encounter each other on opposite ends of the battlefield: criminal, meet cop. Upon learning Leone’s bloodcursed too, Dante offers him a deal: team up to eradicate the heads of his crime family and get what they each crave—justice for Leone and power for himself. But neither will hesitate to betray the other once he’s no longer necessary. Both of them know it. And if either faction finds out they’re working together, it will spell certain death for them both.

As they manufacture the Nightshade’s demise, their unlikely alliance blooms into something more—something powerful enough to shatter their beliefs. But three sides soon threaten to discover them: the Nightshades, the corrupt police, and a rival gang. When this gambit blows up in their faces, will they brave the fire together? Or will they sacrifice each other first?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

When the Law Needs Help, by Jackie Keswick

Can love, loyalty, and family step in when the law needs help?

Join Jack Horwood and Gareth Flynn as they tackle murder, secrets, and moral dilemmas in a world where the law isn’t always enough – while finding comfort in each other and their home-made family.

The first volume of Dwight & Conrad Casefiles stories includes:

Mouse Hunt: When a friend’s death and old secrets collide, Jack has no choice but to step up and help.

A Very Bagpuss Christmas: Can adopting a cat really cause so much heartache that Jack considers escaping to Tokyo? Can Gareth fix what’s going wrong?

Grand Union Hunt: Gareth lives to help people. But should he obey the law or follow his conscience?

When the Law Needs Help is a collection of three stories set in and featuring the characters from the Power of Zero world.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Loose Strings, by Christie Gordon

A playboy rocker running from commitment fears he might lose the sweet cinnamon roll he’s been dating. When an ex comes around pointing out flaws, can the rocker change his tune?

Noah Harris

I love a rockstar. It’s not easy, but most of the time he makes it worth it.

Afterall, I was the one who agreed to a semi-open relationship when he’s on the road without me.

As the band gets more and more popular, it’s impossible to ignore the images of him with groupies on social media.

When my ex meets up with me to apologize and points out Wells’ indiscretions, how can I continue to deny the commitment I need?

Wells Tollefson

Commitment means one thing, or maybe two—loss of freedom and complication.

I don’t want either.

I saw what it did to my mother when my jerk of a father tried to dominate her life.

Noah wants me to meet his parents. But with our current situation, what will they think of me?

Now his ex wants to see him, and I have to let him go. My friends tell me I might lose him, and it hurts.

So, I try to open up to him. At the same time, I’m caught in a family crisis and I need Noah by my side.

Is it time to face the music and let my heart lead the way?

Loose Strings is part of the multi-author The Road to Rocktoberfest 2023 series and is a sequel to the novel, Not Alone. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not read them all and see who hits the stage next? Hot rockstars and the men who love them, what more could you ask for? Kick back, load up your kindle and enjoy the men of Rocktoberfest!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

DragonSeer, by S. Rodman

Two lovers, our dragons, eggs on the way, and one cottage.

It’s everything I need to be happy. But my partners were meant for greater things, I can feel it in my bones.

Kirby is radiance and light. His presence is too big for a Welsh valley in the middle of nowhere.

Cai is doing so well, but he is clearly a shattered man.

They both need more and I need to give it to them. The world needs them too. It would be selfish of me to keep Cai and Kirby to myself.

If only I knew how to get us out of this situation.

Then, the night Ri lays his eggs, everything changes.

I’m having visions. I know things I shouldn’t. I’m guided to a miracle for Cai.

And when an injured tylwyth falls into my lap, I know just what to do.

The world is changing, but with Kirby and Cai by my side, nothing, absolutely nothing is going to keep me down.

DragonSeer is set in our modern world, one where dragons fly every night, you just can’t see them. It contains a gay ‘Why choose’ love triangle, with high steam, high stakes, high angst & a happy for now ending.

It is book two of the series which is intended to be read in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Pucking Deadly, by Zack Wish

Jack Steel has seen it all playing for the Mafia owned Ice Bears, but this thirty-eight-year-old All-Star veteran might be about to face his deadliest season yet.

New signing Chase Light is twenty-one, cocky, and has never played by the rules – and Jack is instructed by the franchise’s mafia bosses to make Chase fall into line by any means necessary.

But Jack is battling an injury that could ruin his final season as a player. The last thing Jack needs is to be chasing around after a sassy, partygoing boy – no matter how talented Chase may be – but when the big bosses give the orders, you follow them… or else.

Chase is loving life in the big time. He’s the most promising player in the league, and he knows it too. Chase won’t listen to the coaches, his teammates, or even the Mafia family who run the Ice Bears.

But what Chase doesn’t realise is that unless he falls in line and gets his act together, the consequences will be far worse than merely being traded off the team.

Chase is skating on thin ice, and unless he submits to Jack and his demands, things could get very pucking dangerous indeed…

Pucking Deadly is a standalone MM Age Gap, high heat hockey & mafia romance featuring found family, spanking, gruff hockey Daddies and sassy Littles, and it comes with a pucktastic and ice-melting HEA.

The Deadly Puck Daddies are here – and hockey will never be the same again.

FREE BOOK, Multiple Retailers

The Ostin Heir, by Michelle Dare

Seventy years ago, Theo Ostin witnessed his family murdering a town of humans. He also watched as stakes were driven into his parents’ chests. Since then, he’s lived on an island no one knows still exists, let alone that he survived.

He prefers it that way.

There’s something about Desolate Beach that calls to Paxton Huxley on a visceral level. He doesn’t understand why, but he gives in and stands on the sand every chance he gets.

One day, a man gives him a note and a pendant before vanishing right in front of his eyes. The catch? Paxton now works for a royal vampire.

But is it really a job when he starts to desire the man he’s helping?

Maybe, just maybe, amid the hell they’re both in, they’ll find something more important. Something they will fight to the death to keep. Love.

The Ostin Heir is a 66K word steamy M/M paranormal romance. It features a vampire who thinks he’s too broken to deserve love and a human who’s determined to show his possessive lover that he’s in it for the long haul. There is forced proximity, tragic pasts, a brooding virgin vampire, and a HEA. The series is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching storyline. Each book revolves around a different couple.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Meeting of Minds, by Jezabel Nightingale

Love is in the air whenever Henry Hartman is around. Sure, he may have the occasional fling, but from a young age, he’s been looking for The One. When Henry falls, he falls hard and fast, but then guys break it off because he’s suffocating them. Perhaps it was a blessing that the sexy gentleman ran away after that kiss at his parents’ Valentine’s ball.

Kandiah “Ken” Dissanayake moved across the continent to escape the unrealistic expectations of his fundamentalist parents. He’s disappointed them already by studying medicine and not becoming an accountant like his father, let alone hinting that he’s gay. For Ken, love is as foreign as his name, despite being third generation Australian. Memories of that kiss haunt him day and night, as well as the shame of running from it.

It’s been months, and Ken’s never even bumped into the guy again, and Cassowary Point isn’t that big. The shock on his face seeing Henry standing in his doorway announcing he’s his new housemate is only surpassed by the mix-up that sees them making do with only one bed.

What follows is a housemates with benefits arrangement. Henry won’t fall for Ken, and Ken can explore his sexuality, not needing to be accepted by anyone other than himself.

One bed, two guys looking for love. What could go wrong?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Vixen, by Wendy Rathbone

An all-star flying reindeer shifter. A shy but clever elf. One is overworked, the other excited to take on his new first job.


This is the story of how I got stranded in a snowstorm at my boss’s house. And never left. (Did I mention my boss is a flying reindeer?)


This is the story of how I reluctantly went on a mandatory vacation and lied to Santa, all of which brought me the greatest love of my life.

Falling in love is not on their agenda, but love strikes when least expected. Can Coco and Vixen make things work in their personal lives while helping Santa have a low-stress, smooth delivery run on Christmas Eve?

Mpreg. Grumpy/sunshine. Age gap (22-40). A suspected alpha rut. An omega heat. A cool reindeer legend. Possibility of coal in a stocking. An adorable baby. Decorations, snow and roaring fireplaces. Steaming up those frosted windowpanes. HEA.

Vixen is the fourth book in the multi-author M/M Shifter Mpreg Christmas romance series Mated at the North Pole, featuring Santa’s reindeer who find their mates while on a mandatory vacation. There are ten books in the series. Why not read them all?


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