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Second Best Men, by Fearne Hill

Two snowed-in men. 300 cows. And a mangy dog.
Tucked away down a rutted dirt track lives a grumpy dairy farmer.

He’s firmly in the closet. And he’s desperately lonely.

That farmer is me—Rob Langford. I have more meaningful conversations with my prize bull than people. Except, one snowy night, I stumble across a fancy car wedged into a ditch.

The driver needs my help.

He’s injured. Stranded. The snow lies two feet deep.

And over the next few days, I discover this quiet, thoughtful man doesn’t mind my run-down cottage and my lumpy old sofa. He’s even quite tolerant of my smelly arthritic dog.

Strong. Handsome. Self-possessed.

A man who knows what he wants. In bed and out of it. And bizarrely, that thing is me.

But to be what he needs? I must step out of the shadows. And into his life.

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Gay Contemporary Romance Bundle, by Tamsin Baker

‘Love is love’ and Tamsin Baker celebrates this in her standalone books full of happy ever afters, dirty words and sweet love.

 Bundle includes:

– #GAY

– Truth Be Told

– Too Busy For Love

– His Fireman

– His City-Boy

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The Christmas Veto, by Keira Andrews

Can fake dating lead to true love?

My name’s Connor Lisowski, and here’s what you need to know about me:

I’ve had a massive crush on my best friend’s older brother since high school.

Everyone thinks I’m straight.

I have two dads but I’m afraid to come out.

I’ve never even been kissed.

And somehow, I’ve been roped into pretending to be Reid’s boyfriend for the holidays. Who’s Reid, you ask? Only the aforementioned best friend’s older brother who never looked at me twice.

Until now.

The Christmas Veto by Keira Andrews is a gay Christmas romance featuring fake boyfriends, a bisexual king in a designer suit, first times, and of course a happy ending. Connor first appears in The Christmas Deal, but this novel can be read as a standalone.

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Cyborgs Save Christmas, by Toshi Drake

With time running out, can Tobias and Malik find a way to be together forever or are they destined for a lonely Christmas?

Finding an alien cyborg in the town park wasn’t something Tobias Prince figured on. He was only taking a breather from family drama when he discovered the spaceship hiding. He hadn’t counted on the giant robot following him home either.

But when Malik Io took off his powersuit and revealed the person inside, Tobias was smitten.

Malik Io crash landed on a planet distant from his own. His only hope at survival is reliant on the kindness of strangers. When he meets a young man tired and exhausted, he is struck by Tobias’s reluctant kindness. He knows that anything more than friendship is dangerous, considering that remaining on Earth is dangerous to his health, but Malik can’t help falling for Tobias.

With Christmas on its way, Malik and Tobias succumb to the nature of Christmas, bonding over Christmas baking, celebrating the town’s Light Up night and decorating a tree with friends and fall in love, despite knowing their time is limited.

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No Backing Down, by Becca Seymour

When we’re both needy and tactile AF, it’s no wonder everyone thinks my best friend and I are an item. But that’s so not what’s going on.

Cassius Britton, the mouthy basketball player for the Minnesota Eagles, is my soul mate. He has been since he shared his gummy bears and let me have all the red ones.

Because that’s the kind of person he is—selfless and sweet. But he’s so much more than that. He’s the man who rescued me from my homophobic parents. He’s the man who brought me and my sister into his family home and wrapped us in love and sunshine.

All of that, and so much more, makes us soul mates—which doesn’t mean he’s meant to be mine.

And when I become a dad and have to balance being a cop in our small town while dealing with grief, of course he steps up, because that’s who Cassius is.

But when I need to get married, when I need a man to step up and be by my side, maybe Cassius is too close. Too much of a risk.

Because how can I possibly marry my best friend and not start to fall, especially when the secrets between us are so explosive, they’ll either burn us to the ground or set our hearts free forever?

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Creed, by Reese Knightley

Backing down is not in Creed’s nature.

Creed is a protective badass with a sensitive side and he will stop at nothing to defend those he loves. Kellum is elusive and Creed has his work cut out convincing the younger man that he can and will keep him safe while they navigate the fiery attraction between them.

Kellum has a lot of responsibilities going on right now plus he’s got some major trust issues. With lives on the line, Kellum isn’t sure about anything anymore except that he loves Creed more than he thought possible.

But NOW is NOT the time for romance…Is it?

Between murder and mayhem—and a few high powered politicians doing some shady shit—will these two Pegasus operatives have a chance to make a life together? Come along as Reese Knightley takes you back into a world where the heroes save the day and the bad guys seldom win.

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Sainted, by Jesse H Reign 

Narrated by Michael Dean and Tim Paige

Falling for my kidnapper is a terrible idea.

He’s a bad man and I don’t mean trash like your ex. I mean seriously bad. I mean dangerous. You can tell just by looking at him; black eyes, a menacing scowl, and a nose that’s been badly broken in the past.

He is my arch nemesis. My mortal enemy. My singular obsession.

I was afraid of him when we met. He kidnapped and chained me to a bed. Me, Damon Alexander Beckett of BeckIT fame and fortune. Well, the joke’s on him because I’m going to make it my life’s mission to destroy him. But first, I have to survive being his captive. He’s here all the time. Watching me. His heavy male presence never more than five feet away, dark, glinting eyes tracking down my body.

When he propositions me indecently, I am shocked and outraged. As I should be. Seriously, the audacity of him is unreal.

It’s obvious I should say no. It goes without saying. Any sane person would laugh in his face.

So why am I on my knees?

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Like I Wanted, by Charlie Novak

Narrated by Dan Calley

Roommates. Best friends. Boyfriends?

Theo and Laurie have been best friends for six years but despite doing everything together, they’ve never been anything more than best friends and roommates.

Then someone calls them boyfriends and upends their neat little world.

As the pair struggle to put a lid on their feelings, a random email from Theo’s brother throws him even further off balance and all Laurie can do is offer a niche form of stress relief. But Laurie’s support doesn’t stop at rope garters. Once the two of them fall into bed, it’s clear things will never be the same between them.

Now, Theo and Laurie must finally address the feelings they’ve tried to hide from and figure out if they really are just friends, or if there’s always been something more between them. Can they give each other everything they ever wanted?

Like I Wanted is a steamy best friends to lovers contemporary MM romance featuring a femme boy who loves zombie horror and weird taxidermy, a goth with a secret love of shibari, interfering adult entertainers, a vicar who takes no shit, and a quest for guinea pigs.

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Saints Like Him, by Aimee Nicole Walker

From ex-con to self-made millionaire, there’s no challenge too tough for Cash Sweeney to conquer. So why has he spent twelve years pining for his best friend instead of doing something about it? Because losing Nick would be like existing with half of his heart. Is it better to settle for what he can have or battle for what he wants?

Banged up and burned out, FBI Agent Nick Scott arrives at Redemption Ridge with a trunkful of luggage and a yearning heart. Cash is easy to love but hard to read, and Nick fears his epiphany has come too late. Does he tuck his tail and run or fight for the man who’s become his home?

Tender gestures and heartfelt conversations lead to thrilling revelations neither man can ignore. No more what-ifs or maybes. Cash and Nick are all in. And they’ll need each other more than ever when a devious enemy emerges from the shadows to put their promising future at risk. With the stakes so high, will the guys double down or fold to pressure?

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A Kind of Forever, by Marie Sinclair

Ry and Cart were inseparable in college: two innocent kids in love who thought they could take on the world. But when a photograph of the two of them at an LGBTQ protest outed Ry to his conservative family, his parents forced him to leave college and convinced Cart their relationship was something Ry regretted.

Twelve years later, they’re given a second chance.

Since they last saw each other, Cart has moved on. Sort of. He relocated to San Francisco, became a human-rights lawyer, and fell in love again and got married, only to lose his husband to cancer. Still reeling from the loss, he’s devoted himself to the struggling LGBTQ youth center his late husband founded. Then Ry joins the law firm where Cart works. The moment they see each other, Cart can tell Ry’s changed. Gone is the sensuous and enthusiastic lover Cart remembers, and in his place is a man who looks at Cart with disgust. The last thing Cart needs is having to figure out what’s going on with his former lover, but he can’t ignore the strong emotions resurfacing between them.

When Ry returned to his hometown of San Francisco, he knew being near his parents again was going to be a challenge. For twelve years, they’ve been manipulating him with threats of being disinherited and losing his trust fund. It worked when he was younger, getting him to leave college and agree to conversion therapy in the hopes of getting away and returning to Cart. But the camp caused him so much trauma, he can’t even look at another man without experiencing a panic attack. Now his goal is to beat his parents at their own game by pretending to be the dutiful, straight son they want. Two more years, and he’ll succeed. Then he sees Cart again and realizes what really matters to him. He just needs to find a way for Cart to realize it too.

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Colin, by C.K. Noel

Leaving Walden to escape the sight of his beloved imp in his rival’s arms changes Colin’s life forever.

Visiting his cousin was an excuse to get away from the strain of seeing his beloved with someone else. Colin never dreamed that he’d wind up saving a plump human’s life… or that the human would also be his beloved. He saves the human, Reggie, but knows their lives will never be complete without his imp, Zander.

When he learns Zander’s been attacked and nearly died, he brings Reggie back to Walden.

When Reggie learns Colin’s a vampire, he runs away right into Zander’s room. The two discover they share a connection. Reggie and Colin are beloveds. Zander and Colin are beloveds… But after being hurt by a vampire, can Zander ever trust Colin—or any other vampire—ever again? Perhaps the three are fated beloveds… or maybe fate’s playing a cruel game.

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Hide With Me, by Cara Dee

The Game Series, #13 Daddykink Age Gap D/s MMM
Don’t mind the sweet scent of waffles. That’s just little Gael breaking the resolves of two protective Daddies, one shy yet sinful bite at a time.

It’s no coincidence Gael Grimes is in Professor Aavik’s class. He’s had a crush on the professor since he first spotted the man in the kink community they’re both part of. According the Gael, Professor Aavik is just super dreamy! Distinguished, charismatic—a total silver fox. But when Gael’s ex-boyfriend ignores the restraining order against him and tries to reach out, another man steps out of the shadows, and Gael is suddenly at a loss for words and can’t describe the intense attraction.

Personal investigator Joshua “Santiago” Jones has been keeping an eye on Gael for a while as a favor to a friend. Under different circumstances, he would’ve loved to get closer to Gael. The boy’s cuter than words, definitely on the Little spectrum, funny, smart…but this is work. The only reason Santiago has to get close now is to protect Gael from his stalker ex-boyfriend.

The Game Series is a BDSM series where romance meets the reality of kink. Sometimes we fall for someone we don’t match with, sometimes vanilla business gets in the way of kinky pleasure, and sometimes we have to compromise and push ourselves to overcome trauma and insecurities. No matter what, one thing is certain. This is not a perfect world—and maybe that’s why the happily ever after feels so good.

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A Daddy for Christmas: Ever, by Wendy Rathbone

From an embarrassing Halloween costume to an unexpected very large early Christmas present, can two men trust the secrets they know about each other to take them on a journey of passion they’ll never forget?

Ever has never told anyone about his secret compulsion. When alone, he likes to pretend he’s very little and has someone there at all times to take care of his every need. So what does it mean when a guy who works in the same office complex as he does gives him a surprise teddy bear Christmas present and asks him out?

Birch sees a young man every day at the coffee cart downstairs in the building where he works. He can’t get the man off his mind. When he gets up the courage to start talking to the guy, there is no looking back. This boy’s secret matches his own in every way. Ever is everything he’s dreamed of… and more.

MM romance, daddy/boy, first time, comfort, age play, praise, training a little, onesies, bath times, Christmas holiday romance, HEA.

Ever is part of A Daddy for Christmas, a multi-author series. All the books are standalones. Each Daddy has a unique gift for his wonderful boy and sometimes Santa gets it so right it’s scary.

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Rut, by Reese Morrison

Elias is a viratrix. Which means he’s supposed to be big, strong, and in control. He’s two of those things… but being in control is the last thing he wants.
Especially when his colleague goes into heat, sending him and his best friend, Jordie–another viratrix who just happens to be his research assistant–into rut.

But it’ll be fine. He just won’t look at Jordie’s muscular arms and alluring green tentacles. And he definitely won’t let Jordie get close enough to find out his secret desires…

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of The Change. Alpha/omega dynamics… with tentacles.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Jacked Up, by Helen Juliet

Little thief. Big problem.


When some billionaire tries to mess with my family, I decide to take personal revenge and break into his London penthouse when he’s abroad to steal some compensation. The issue? He’s not only very much home, but he’s huge. Even worse, he’s gorgeous and too bloody cheerful. Rather than call the police, he suggests that I stay until I’ve fixed what I’ve damaged. It’s only for a few days, but I start to realise this guy isn’t the villain I thought he was. In fact, he might be everything I’ve ever dreamed I could never have.


It’s only a little light kidnapping, so I don’t feel too bad. Besides, this small, grumpy thief I’ve caught is too adorable. I’m drawn to his broken soul. I want to protect him from his troubles and dominate him in the bedroom. We’re perfect for each other but he’s determined to believe that he doesn’t belong in my world. Can I convince him to stay? Or is this fairy tale doomed before it’s even begun?

Jacked Up is a super steamy, standalone MM gay romance novel featuring one hell of a size difference, a romantic date in the clouds, a singing and matchmaking parrot, past wounds long overdue for healing, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

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Forever Together, by Shelby Rhodes

Octavius Evander here. I suppose you have come to see how it all ends. Well, ‘ends’, as in, we’ve reached the end of this part of my story. It wouldn’t be proper of me to move on until we finish it all off, right?

As this is the last book in this series, I feel it is my duty, to end things with a bang! A glittery bang. By bang, I mean, a giant, super cool, Halloween party. And what a party it was… Costumes, decorations, family, frenemies, scares, Turney screaming and clinging on to me—fun times! Not so fun was the interruption to said party. It really was unfair to me. I was on vacation from real murder and mayhem—case related mayhem only—yet somehow, someone had the audacity to be murdered. Inconsiderate people all around!

But you didn’t all come here just for the Halloween party. I know that. There is a certain someone you are waiting to hear about, I’m sure. A certain horrible, maggot of a person. Well…you won’t be disappointed. That issue will be solved, once and for all. The question you may be asking yourselves now is, how will it be solved? All I’m willing to say is, it happened in an unusual and extremely unprepared way. While, you shouldn’t worry too much, as my story, my precious Turney’s story, has a happy ending…it may be good to keep in mind that happiness sometimes shines brightest right after despair.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

From the Ashes, by Denver Shaw

Can true love rise from the ashes of heartbreak?

After suffering the tragic loss of my wife, my lone goal was to raise our son to be a man she would be proud of.
Romance was the furthest thing from my mind, and unfortunately cooking was not on my mind either.
When Christmas dinner goes up in flames, a firefighter who looks like he stepped right off a calendar bursts through my door and all my priorities change in an instant.
New feelings emerge as I find myself attracted to a man for the first time.
But Tristan is a much younger man who thrives on no-strings-attached hook-ups.
How can I risk my heart, and my son’s, by bringing someone into our lives knowing he’s going to leave?

I don’t believe in labels, or denying myself sexual pleasure with a consenting partner, regardless of gender.
Want to hook up with a hot firefighter?
I’m your guy.
But relationships aren’t my thing… until a fateful Christmas Day fire brings Myles into my life.
I thought I could ease the widower into the dating scene and guide him through his bi-awakening.
Yet as soon as I see him dating other guys I realize this is no fling.
I want him all to myself.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Pucking Lethal, by Zack Wish

Alex Rebrov is in the prime of his career and ready to lift yet another championship with the Ice Bears. Alex is suave, ice-cool under pressure, and he never misses the target – in more ways than one.

Joshua Ramone might be younger than Alex, but that doesn’t stop them being fierce rivals both on and off the ice. Joshua likes tattoos, motorcycles, and razor-sharp blades – he doesn’t do formal, and he certainly won’t compromise his attitude to fit in with the stuck-up Alex.

After a rivalry spanning the last four seasons, Joshua has signed for the Ice Bears and now Joshua and Alex must work together through the playoffs to bring home the title.

When Alex and Joshua find themselves stuck at a training camp together, the opposites-attract tension between them threatens to spill over… this can’t be a good idea, can it? And when the Ice Bears’ Mafia owners call the pair of them in for a board meeting, Alex and Joshua might just need to reassess everything.

Alex and Joshua were rivals, they might be lovers, but either way – things are about to get pucking lethal for the pair of them.

Pucking Lethal is a standalone MM Age Gap, high heat hockey & mafia romance featuring found family, spanking, gruff hockey Daddies and sassy Littles, and it comes with a pucktastic and ice-melting HEA.

The Deadly Puck Daddies are here – and hockey will never be the same again.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dasher, by Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart

Christmas isn’t the only thing coming this holiday season…

Dasher comes from a long line of reindeer used to pull Santa sleighs. It’s an honor to lead the team each Christmas Eve, bringing joy around the world, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than teaching young shifters. But balancing both positions is exhausting, and he’s informed he must take a mandatory vacation.

When Dasher’s friend finds him an all-inclusive resort for a great price, he signs up. What could be better than sitting on the beach, drinking margaritas, and getting some sun? On the day he’s scheduled to leave, he looks at his reservation more carefully and discovers a mix-up. He’s not going to the sun-filled beach, he’s off to the mountains. Oh well, a vacation is a vacation.

Omega Byron is working at his uncle’s dilapidated mountainside resort for yet another Christmas. After the start-up he was working for went belly up, he has no choice. And besides, his uncle could use the help. Business isn’t what it used to be, and the resort is barely making ends meet.

When a hottie checks in, Byron plans to keep it professional. That is, until a hiking accident changes everything.

Dasher is the first book in the multi-author M/M Mpreg Christmas romance series Mated at the North Pole, featuring Santa’s reindeer who find their mates while on a mandatory vacation. Dasher features an alpha reindeer balancing too much on his plate, a human who has no idea shifters exist, old fashioned mountainside resort fun, Christmas magic, s’mores a plenty, a Christmas tree three sizes too big, an adorable kitten, the best Christmas present ever—true love, fated mates, an adorable baby, and guaranteed happy ever afters. If you like your shifters hawt, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy today!

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The Christmas Extra, by V.L. Locey

’Tis the season for a second chance at love.

Stillman King likes his life in the small rural farming community of Rockmount, Pennsylvania. It’s a different pace of life than Philly, but Philadelphia was where his heart was broken, and he was happy to leave. He might be lonely, but he’s settled and has even managed to win over his snooping neighbors. Overall, his days as a small-town sheriff are peaceful with only the occasional traffic accident, drunk and disorderly conduct, or a random meandering cow to deal with. That was until the day the mayor announced that Rockmount was going to be the filming location for a Christmas romance movie starring the popular soap opera star, Tony Gugliotti. The same Tony who’d left him right after college graduation and headed west to the bright lights of Los Angeles without even a goodbye.

Hearing his former lover’s name shatters all the merry bucolic vibes that usually fill Rockmount, at least for Stillman. He’d not seen or spoken to Tony for over twenty years and had no wish to ever again. But, suddenly, here Tony was, looking just as good as he did way back when with his killer smile and movie star jawline. Hollywood descended on Rockmount and Stillman did his best to balance keeping the peace while maintaining a polite distance from his ex. Pity it’s such a small town packed with incredibly meddlesome people. All it takes is one stake out, a night stuck in the courthouse’s basement, and one kiss wound in a lighted pine tree to reignite the passion both men thought they’d left far behind.

The Christmas Extra is a standalone small town, forced proximity, gay second chance Christmas romance with all the glitter of Hollywood, two mature men who never really got over each other, a village packed with holiday cheer as well as inquisitive neighbors, a well-meaning cast and crew, and a tinselly happy-ever-after.

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Signs and Wonders, by Morgan Brice

When a coven of dark warlocks killed Seth Tanner’s brother, Seth became a man driven by vengeance, sworn to stop the cycle of ritual killings, willing to die for the cause. He never expected to fall head over heels in love with the witches’ next intended victim. Evan Malone didn’t believe the supernatural was real until Seth swept in with his magic and motorcycle to save him from being the next sacrifice.

Now they’ve gone on the road together, hunting the rest of the coven while they figure out how to keep the white-hot, once-in-a-lifetime bond between them. Days are filled tracking their paranormal quarry, honing their monster hunting skills, and gaining control of the small magics that have made a life-or-death difference. Nights are spent together, entangled in adrenaline-fueled passion, learning how to make this love last forever despite the odds. Seth fears that if they don’t eliminate the rest of the coven, they’ll be on the run forever, and more people will die. Evan is afraid that Seth’s obsession with revenge means they might not survive to get a happily ever after.

Seth and Evan head to West Virginia to confront one of the dark warlocks, a master con man running a cybercrime empire. Can Seth and Evan save the warlock’s next target, bring down his crime syndicate, and live to tell the tale?

Signs and Wonders is a thrill-packed supernatural thrill ride with plenty of paranormal suspense, hurt/comfort, hot nights, found family, deadly magic, immortal witches, determined hunters, haunted places, creepy ghosts, impressive explosions, spooky chills, and sexy thrills, and features an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dead Wood, by Pandora Pine

After the harrowing events aboard the ghost train, Detective Ronan O’Mara is excited to reach the Double D Ranch in Deadwood, South Dakota. He plans to immerse himself in the old west by learning to ride horses, panning for gold and attending a rodeo. It’s the perfect mix of rest and relaxation he so desperately needs.

Psychic Tennyson Grimm also plans to take full advantage of this well-deserved downtime, but a visit to the famously haunted Bullock Hotel changes everything. Ten and Everly encounter a spirit desperately searching for her lost baby. When questioned, the woman can’t remember who she is, only that her missing daughter’s name is Madeline.

With the help of a local historian, Ten is able to determine the spirit is Grace Bailey, a southern debutante who’d fallen on hard times, dying in a brothel fire in 1894. When the ghost of Grace’s scoundrel husband appears, he has information that could solve the mystery of the fire and what happened to Madeline over a century ago, but the selfish man isn’t talking.

Who started the fire? Why? More importantly, what happened to baby Madeline?


The Insanity of Reincarnated Mages and Amorous Vampires, by Devon Vesper and AJ Sherwood

Hi, I’m Kit. Immortal vampire and technomage extraordinaire. You know how it goes.

For the record, I am absolutely not stalking my reincarnated husband.

Okay, I am, but it’s for his own good. And mine. Er, assuming I can somehow figure out how to tell him he’s reincarnated and a mage, and we all live in a sentient library.

Any thoughts on that? I’m currently taking suggestions.

One thing’s for sure. He’s not dying on me again. Never again.

Fanfiction-style tags:

The fluffiest fluff to ever fluff, that y’know includes violence, magic, reincarnated lovers, vampires, sassy library, Kassandra the library has OPINIONS, found family, all the magical shenanigans, Kit and Gun are part-time soulmates full-time problem, authors have lost all discretion in this, Kit is a walking green flag, the crack ship armada is sailing at full speed here, master should never have access to a credit card, or a bookstore, no book is off-limits with that man, triggers involve too much sap and cuteness, occasionally blowing shit up, violence is not the question but it is the answer, Sentient Library Tells All, I’m absolutely a library book check me out

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