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NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Vow Maker, by Lily Morton

Dylan Mitchell wants to get married.

However, after seven years of being engaged, that’s looking slightly doubtful. After going through ten wedding planners, they’re gaining a reputation somewhat akin to Henry the Eighth on the wedding circuit.

Gabe has vetoed symbolic dove releases, forests of flowers, fire-eating performers, and puce as a wedding colour. He’s confounded an army of wedding professionals, and now Dylan, the man who knows and loves him better than anyone, has joined the ranks of the confused. Can anything please his fiancé and get them to the altar?

From bestselling author Lily Morton comes the sequel to Rule Breaker. A romantic comedy novella full of family chaos, meddling friends, sexy bathroom encounters, and love. Always love.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Cowboy Protection, by Jodi Payne & B.A. Tortuga

Maverick “Mackey” Keyes keeps the rodeo cowboys safe on his watch and he knows how to make his bullfighting team walk the line. He might be starting to feel his years, but he’s a pro, and he’s not afraid of anything that might happen on the arena floor.

Sidney Scott knows how to go with the flow, so when his dream job passes him by, he grabs the chance to work the bull riding circuit as a TV producer. He’s going to do the job right, traveling with the show, even if he hears some rumbling from the riders.

Mackey and Sid butt heads more than once, but when it really counts, they manage to get on the same page. When Mackey is injured, Sid steps up to help, and things take a far more personal turn. They might have been able to ignore the growing attraction between them at work, but a long road trip over the Christmas holiday and time away from the other cowboys lets them find something together that neither of them expect, but both of them need.

Cowboy Protection is an opposites attract, rodeo romance featuring a bullfighter and a corporate suit, with a side of holiday magic.

NEW RELEASE, Available Everywhere

Devotion, by Anna Denisch

A heart-warming and entertaining poly romance story about marriage bonds, friendship, and the endless supply of love we all carry in our hearts.

According to the rumors, Ainsley is a prostitute. To escape the meddling ways of their families, Ainsley and his husband Graham move to a new town where they hope to find peace. Ainsley spends his days worrying if Graham’s decision to marry him was the right one, and he is devoted to giving Graham the life he deserves.

Andrew Croften has never been one to settle down, despite how desperately he seeks companionship. His romantic life is a series of half-flung flings that earned him the title of ‘home wrecker’ and his professional life is haunted by his long-term bully. But when he visits his friends’ party and meets the charming and adorable Ainsley, he devises a plan to steal him away from his husband.

Yet Croften finds himself drawing closer to Graham as well, especially as Graham’s brother and Croften’s bully are intent on causing chaos in their lives. Perhaps three heads (or rather hearts) are better than two.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Solids and Stripes, by Julia Talbot

One of the new guys at the young Apex Security company, Lucas loves his work as a bodyguard, and he’s pretty fond of his work family too. When they send him out to protect jaguarundi shifter movie star Cash Weatherby, Lucas figures he’s going to get a spoiled, bored actor who has way too much time and money on his hands. Cash’s reputation bears that out, too, but Lucas soon finds out nothing could be farther from the truth.

Cash is easy to work with, good to his team, and is under threat from someone who sets off a bomb on one of his movie sets. As Lucas tries to keep Cash safe, two things begin to become clear: the threat to Cash is not political or professional, it’s personal, and that Cash might just be the one this tiger shifter has waited for all his life. Can they keep Cash safe long enough to make a life together?

NEW RELEASE, Available Everywhere, Ebook and Audio

A Gift-Wrapped Holiday, by Amy Aislin

Mal’s first priority is giving his six-year-old son the best Christmas ever, a goal made trickier by a recent move to New England after losing his job. As a single dad, he’s not looking for romance—especially not with a blond California boy ten years his junior.

After being ridiculed at the family business, Luca sets out to prove himself by opening an eco-friendly gift-wrapping store in a small town with a hard-on for Christmas that’s about as far from LA as he can get. Out of his comfort zone in snowy Maine, love is the last thing on his mind.

But the magic of the season has other ideas. As Mal and Luca collide on wintery streets, will they let their first Christmas in Lighthouse Bay lead to happily ever after?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Two Point Conversion, by Emerson Beckett & Rheland Richmond

Deciding to spend the holidays in the tiny Colorado ski town of Amber Falls brings some Christmas magic to the lives of the Portland Pirates linebacker Jackson Kincaid and his former team doctor husband, Simon Taylor.

Family time, reconnecting with old friends, and some sexy nights by the fire with the husband is all a man could ask for, right? How could life get any better than what they have now with their son Parker?

But through a fortunate turn of events, the ¬Kincaids just might get their Christmas wish.

Two Point Conversion is an Unnecessary Roughness holiday novella from The Package Deal Series and a crossover with the Amber Falls Series by Rheland Richmond.


Accidental Detour, by D.K. Sutton

Narrated by Kevin Earlywine

What do I do when a drool-worthy stranger steals my car?

Okay, so it’s not my car. But that’s not the important part. I’m currently hiding in the back seat from my carjacker-possible-psycho-killer, trying to ignore his sexy scent, lumberjack shoulders, and obnoxious singing.

And I think he knows I’m here.

Accidental Detour is a 17,000-word gay romance full of questionable decisions, attempts at holiday cheer, an unexpected road trip, and a car named Stella. This humorous Christmas story is a stand-alone with a HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Soul Bound, by Zoe Piper

Marshall Cavendish is an ex-Special Forces operative who is a shadow of his former self. For the past two years, he’s been fighting a mystery illness that the doctors have no answers for despite all possible avenues being explored.

Aaron West is the Alpha of the West Mill Pack, whose health is slowly deteriorating. When the Pack doctor tells him he’s found a human with the same symptoms, and he’s bringing him home to run tests, Aaron tries not to get his hopes up a cure will finally be found.

When Marshall and Aaron meet, there is a connection like no other – a rare, once-in-a-generation soul bond that needs to be sealed for them to regain full health. Together they must navigate an uncharted path as Marshall’s human body struggles to accept the shifter bond and whether his growing feelings for Aaron are real or a result of the soul bond.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wrangled, by K.C. Wells

City boy Toby Merrow needs a change of scenery, and two weeks at a dude ranch seems the perfect solution, even though it’s a far cry from the scenes of San Francisco. Not much chance of finding anything like that out in the wilds of Montana. But who knows? If he’s really lucky, one of the other guests will show up on Scruff—or even better, Recon. That’s if Toby has energy for anything else after spending his days riding out and herding cattle…

Grizzled ranch owner Robert Thorston’s foreman died five years ago, but Robert lost far more than a trusted right-hand man. That door is firmly closed, however, and the trappings that lie behind it are gathering dust. He’s thrown himself into his business, never giving that part of his life a second thought—until a new guest catches his eye.

It’s obvious from the start Robert and Toby have a connection, one they are keen to make the most of in Robert’s bed. No strings, no complications, and itches get scratched—well, most of them.

Then Toby discovers the coiled ropes under Robert’s bed, and the leather cuffs in the nightstand drawer…

NEW RELEASE, Smashwords Exclusive

Mind Controlling the Haughty Mage, by R. Phoenix & Adara Wolf

Noble Drake Ghislain is used to getting his way. After an embarrassing run-in, Remy Chalet, a commoner favored by other nobles, is out to prove to Drake that he’s really not all that special — and that even the mighty can fall prey to other people’s magic. Maybe if Drake had played a little nicer, Remy wouldn’t have… mind controlled (and humiliated) the haughty mage. 12k short erotic story.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Ebook in Kindle Unlimited

The Hound of the Burgervilles, by EJ Russell

Narrated by Greg Boudreaux

This case is really going to the dogs….

After I try a little off-the-books interrogation to locate my selkie almost-boyfriend’s nearly-ex-husband (don’t ask, it’s complicated), I’m in the doghouse again with my bosses, who bust me back to surveillance. Ugh. So when another human inexplicably storms into Quest Investigations—something our security spells ought to prevent since I’m supposed to be the only human admitted to our offices—I’m reduced to staking out local fast food restaurants to check out the guy’s alleged sighting of a giant, glowing-eyed, dumpster-diving spectral hound.

Ridiculous, right? Humiliating, too, not to mention boring. But at least they didn’t fire me.

Imagine my surprise when there actually is a giant, glowing-eyed, dumpster-diving spectral hound—one of the Cwn Annwn, Herne the Hunter’s traitor-tracking dog pack, to be exact. Jeez, who let this dog out? It’s my case, though, so it’s up to me—Matt Steinitz, aka Hugh Mann—to return him to Faerie. But while Herne’s normally hopping kennels are inexplicably unpopulated by pups, they’re playing host to one extremely dead body.

Uh oh. Looks like someone’s bite was a lot worse than their bark.

Guess my love life will have to take a back seat again while we nose out the truth.


The Hound of the Burgervilles is the second in the Quest Investigations M/M mystery series, a spinoff of E.J. Russell’s Mythmatched paranormal rom-com story world. It contains no sex or violence, and although there is a romantic subplot, it is not a romance. The series is best listened to in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Wrecked But Not Ruined, by Nicole Dykes

I had everything. I was going to college and having a blast. Enjoying myself and not taking much seriously. But then, two years ago, everything changed.
A car wreck destroyed my life. It sent me into a total tailspin. I walked away, even when everyone said I wouldn’t be able to.
But I haven’t recovered from it.
The only thing I have left is my best friend, but I’m sure he’ll give up on me soon. Even so, I can’t fight the truth . . . I’m irrevocably ruined.

College is coming to an end, and I couldn’t be happier to finally start my real life.
Ethan and I had plans. So many amazing plans. And then, everything changed. He was in a horrific wreck, but he miraculously survived. Except it took a piece of him.
I’ve tried to help him get it back. Tried to get him to go to a trauma support group and come back to me.
He thinks he’s broken, but I know the real Ethan is still there. The brave, outgoing man I’ve known my entire life. And I’m going to help him see the truth. That he can overcome this.
That he may have been a little wrecked, but he wasn’t ruined.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Good Faith, by Alexis Jane

Dethroned Irish mob prince, Michael Flanagan, has a death wish. Or rather, he’s having impure thoughts about a rival mafioso’s sociopathic lover, which amounts to the same thing.
Drawn into one of his uncle’s schemes, Michael is horrified to find himself used as collateral—a hostage to the mafia family and a terrified houseguest of the mobster in question. But despite his ferocious reputation, Carmine Bartolo Jr seems happy enough when his sadistic partner, Ilya, starts bedding Michael. Almost as happy as Michael himself.
But of course, nothing in Michael’s life is simple.
Dealing with his own complicated family situation—and that Carmine seems to have a sinister motive behind taking Michael under his wing—is bad enough. But Michael starts to fall, not only for Ilya and the dark passions they share, but also for Carmine, who might be even more of a monster when he’s not charming and considerate. And worse, the feelings seem to be mutual.
Maybe if they can figure out who’s trying to murder Carmine they’ll eventually get their happily ever after. And if the three of them have to kill a few people to get there…they’ll probably enjoy it.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Slippery When Wet, by Morticia Knight

Ellery has disappointed half the Doms in New York and age play is his last resort. However, if he fails as a baby boy, Ellery is terrified he’ll end up all alone.

Ellery isn’t vanilla, but he can’t seem to discover what trips his kink trigger. When he goes Daddy shopping on age play night at a Manhattan BDSM club, he spies a handsome silver fox. However, before Ellery can make a move, his friend warns him away from the mysterious Daddy.

After Calvin’s boy dumped him, he resolved not to bring potential subs to his home anymore. Better he find out whether he clicks with someone first by confining his boy hunt to clubs. When Calvin notices a sweet young thing he’s never seen at age play night, he wonders if the man is there on a lark or if he might be ‘the one’.

Ellery never had the chance to meet his dream Daddy, but fate intervenes in the most spectacular of ways. Still, the question remains: will age play be the answer to his kink dilemma? And will Ellery allow Calvin to fulfill his most secret fantasy?

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