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Exiled Heir, by Kai Butler

Without him, I’m a dead man, but if he knew who I was, he would kill me himself.

Miles Castillo has spent his entire life running from the crime his parents committed. He’s an alpha without a pack, and a son whose very name is poisoned. When two werewolf hunters catch him, he has to choose between a man who wants his head mounted on a wall and Cade Bartlett, the mage prince who doesn’t realize who Miles is.

The icy prince has a job for Miles, one that will keep Miles’s head on his shoulders: become Prince Cade’s consort and find out who is trying to kill him.

As Miles delves deeper into Cade’s court, he begins seeing the truth beneath Cade’s chilly exterior. The more the prince trusts him, the closer he gets to seeing under Miles’s mask as well.

What will happen when Cade realizes the secret Miles holds puts both of their lives at risk?

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Raven: Part One, by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly

Bertram Drake, the most mysterious Drake brother, leads a life shrouded in secrecy. Taken from his brothers at a young age and shaped into a weapon to be used by the dragon council, he has one sole purpose: obey the orders given to him, no matter what they might be.

Once a perfect jewel of the Pedigree, Sorin’s sparkle has been dulled. Taken from his cloister and sold regularly to the highest bidder, he has learned two vital truths.

The first: that dragons are monsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

And the second, most terrible truth of all: that egg madness is a lie—omegas are not saved from a lifetime of pain even when they are separated from their eggs.

When Sorin’s newest buyer mysteriously dies, Sorin sees it as his chance to escape from the hellish life he’s been forced to lead. The only obstacle? A handsome agent of the council who has been tasked with ending his life.

… and who has custody of his eggs.

Raven: Part One is a 100,000 word omegaverse mpreg-ish romance set prior to the events of the Forbidden Desires series. It contains action, adventure, heartbreak, laughter, and more than its fair share of steam. For maximum enjoyment, Raven: Part One is best read following the events of Clutch, Bond, Mate, Swallow, Magpie, Finch, and Peregrine.

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Next Season, by Lane Hayes

The injured hockey player and the grumpy chef…


My time playing pro hockey will be up soon. I can feel it. And I’ve heard the rumors: he’s too old, he’s had too many injuries, he’s lost his edge. I don’t want to admit it, but they could be right. Next season might be my last.

Or this season. Because of course, this is when the universe decides I need another concussion. It’s a doozy too—the kind that’s going to keep me off skates for a while.

Which is how I end up in a small New England town in the middle of nowhere Vermont, eating every meal at a diner where a grumpy chef from Quebec makes haute cuisine…and burgers. Jean-Claude is funny and charming and—

Okay, I have a crush on a gay man.

This is a new one.


Confused straight men are entertaining. But Riley is…fascinating, sexy, and curiously vulnerable. His injury has rocked his confidence a bit, so perhaps he’s in need of a friend. Any friend. Even moi.

I’m an unlikely choice, but maybe he just likes my tuna salad.

No…I think it’s me.

And though I’m happy to help him explore his bisexual curious side, I have career concerns of my own. See, the things I love most about Elmwood seem shaky and uncertain, but not Riley. He’s solid and genuine. Suddenly, this temporary secret liaison feels more real than anything in my life.

I need more than this season. I want it all. With Riley.

Next Season is an MM bisexual-awakening romance featuring a grumpy chef, an injured hockey player, and a big HEA in a small town where anything can happen.

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You Can Count On Me, by Fae Quin

They say you should love thy neighbor, but I don’t think they meant it the way I want to love mine.

Miles “Rooster” Johnson:
 As a young single-dad with a teaching job, I haven’t had much opportunity to date. My son is my entire world, and though I would love to have a partner and someone to count on, the passing years have shown that it’s just not in the cards for me. So when the gorgeous lumberjack of a man—the same man that I’ve had a massive crush on since the moment we became neighbors—suddenly asks me out on a date, I’m completely blindsided. Trent could have anyone he wants. He’s charming, flirtatious, and outgoing—the exact opposite of my awkward, anxious self. I don’t know what he sees in me. All I know for sure is that I absolutely need to make this date go well.

Trent Montgomery: I know I have a playboy reputation in our small town, but there’s nothing wrong with playing the field. It’s worked for me so far, even if I have felt some discontent lately. My mama thinks I need to settle down and find someone nice. But she doesn’t understand that I’m just not ready. No matter how beautiful and tempting my neighbor Rooster is or how eager I am to get the silent mountain of a man to open up—no matter how adorable his little boy is, even when he’s threatening me at bat-point to take his daddy out on a date—I know I can’t be everything that they need. I agreed to ask Rooster out, but I think maybe I made a big mistake. All I know for sure is that I absolutely need to sabotage this date.

You Can Count On Me is a standalone slow burn Holiday MM romance with high heat, a HEA, and no cliffhangers. With a blossoming friends-to-lovers romance between a single father and his adorably flirty neighbor, together these two are warm, young, and tooth-achingly sweet. If you like funny stories with too many dad jokes, holiday magic, positive mental health rep, primal play, graphic steam, and the slowest, sweetest of all burns then read on!

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Wolves Always Bite, by Lori Ames

What’s a simple human to do when he discovers supernatural beings are real?
Ask a lot of questions, take a lot of notes, and try to seduce a werewolf, of course.

Jeremy has always wanted to befriend mythical creatures, play with forbidden magic, and meet his fated mate. Okay, okay. He knows the difference between fiction and real life; he is an author after all… Or he would be if he ever got to “The End” on one of his stories. So he realizes his desire to live inside a fantasy romance novel is a touch unrealistic, but where is the joy in living a life that is boring and predictable and overwhelmingly blah?

At least that’s what he thinks until a hot AF werewolf saves him from his freaky boss and turns his whole life upside down. And his boss? She isn’t the weird old lady he thought she was, but how could he have guessed she is a grumpy goblin with a reputation for selling black-market magical artifacts? Now Jeremy is determined to know everything about the supernatural world, and Adrian, his swoon-worthy werewolf hero, is willing to answer all his questions, even when they make the big guy blush.

But when his former goblin boss kidnaps his cat to convince Jeremy to return the items she thinks he stole, things get serious fast. Now in between plotting his next MM romance and seducing the beautiful werewolf (and not just for research purposes), he needs to stage a cat rescue. Life is definitely not boring now.

Tags: MM Paranormal Romance with Fated Mates! Jeremy has sooo many questions, Adrian tries to answer them even when they make him blush, no cats were hurt in the writing of this book, an obscene number of ‘80s music references, his best friend is a lying liar who lies, his book bag is his weapon of choice, don’t touch the demon’s dimples, supernaturals have magical everything, small towns aren’t so bad, especially when they are full of supes.

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Vampire Kings Box Set, by Loki Renard

ruthlessly dominant Master Vampire claims a wayward young wolf shifter.
Five hot, angsty, dark and terribly twisted MM vampire / shifter romances await!
Read the entire Vampire Kings series in one big, bloody go.
The Vampire Kings Box Set contains over 200,000 words and 900 pages of scorching hot gay vampire romance collected in one convenient location.

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Coming Out at Crofton Hall, by Rebecca Cohen

After years of hiding who he is, Hollywood A-lister Dorian Marsten has come out. The chaos and unplanned events that follow lead him to Crofton Hall to stay with his friend, Ben Redbourn, Earl of Crofton.

A near tragic incident leaves Dorian needing a boyfriend, and Alex Reynolds, Ben’s new secretary, agrees to play the part. Alex will not put up with any prima donna actions from Dorian, and Dorian may have finally met his match.

Meanwhile, there is a new baby at Crofton Hall. The arrival of the Viscount of Crofton has left his parents, Ben and Ashley, run ragged and life will never be the same again.

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You Started It, by Hinsel Meyer


I have all I’ve ever dreamed of except for one thing. I have my dream job playing football in the NFL, a big dog who loves me almost as much as I love him, great friends, and a loving family. Now if I could only find the prefect partner for me. Someone who wants to cuddle with a six foot nine chubby guy, loves dogs and food as much as I do. If the last four years since I graduated college have taught me anything, it’s that I’m asking too much.

Right now, though, all I’m focused on is finishing the regular season with enough wins to get to the Playoffs and getting the perfect birthday cake for my friend’s daughter’s birthday. I need the pastry chef of my favorite bakery to do a special order for me and I’m pulling out all the stops to convince them.


There are a lot of things Mike McKinnley doesn’t know. Like my full name, the fact that we live in the same city, or that I’m the pastry chef he’s texting, asking for a special order when I almost never do those. He doesn’t know that he made me believe there was still good in the world after spending years losing hope little by little. He absolutely doesn’t know that in my mind he’s the standard to which I compare all men. He doesn’t know I’m terrified of him shattering that standard if we ever speak again, because it’s only thanks to that fantasy that I still believe there are good men out there.

How can I keep avoiding him when he’s constantly texting me and being all cute and shit?

Turns out I can’t.
Turns out I never stood a chance because Mike McKinnley is irresistible, Mike McKinnley is the perfect man, Mike McKinnley is definitely too good for me.

What will happen when he eventually finds out who I am?

You Started It is a contemporary Male/Male romance. A full length novel that tells the love story of a baker and a professional athlete. It involves sports, a bakery, all the big dogs, a mental health rep, size difference, and hurt/comfort feels. It’s the third book in the Fan Service Series, and while it is a standalone, it would be best enjoyed by reading the series in order. This book is intended for adult readers, has no cliffhangers, and ends in a HEA. There are a lot of very gay things happening inside, so if that’s not for you, then this book isn’t either. If it is, then welcome to the mostly low-angsty world of the Fan Service Series, I’m thrilled to have you and hope you enjoy this journey.

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First Man On Ice, by Cecelia Storm

The world has given me everything… but now I have to fight on the ice for the love of my life.

I’m the most beloved guy on campus.
Except for one snarky sports podcast host named Owen who’s had it in for me since day one.
Why do I want him to like me so much?
And why do I get so lost in his ice-blue eyes?
He’s a guy.
It doesn’t make sense.

Everyone loves Tobias Harvey.
I don’t even think he’s that great of a hockey player.
I uncover some secrets about his prestigious family that could knock him down a peg and launch my sports journalism career at the same time.
But what’s this warmth in my chest every time I see him?
Please tell me I’m not falling for a straight jock…

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Doctor’s Secret Mate, by Hope Bennett

Two noble dragons. Their secret love.

Glenwise can’t afford to lose control. Kissing Rhod was a mistake. Until his dragon tasted him, they could have ignored the bond they shared. Now, though, his dragon knows. They’re fated mates. And his dragon is impatient to claim what’s his. Easier said than done when the clan is falling apart around them, their elder is unpredictable and there’s nowhere else they can safely go.

Rhod only knows life in his clan. He does his duty, obeys Lord Somerville and pines for Glenwise, the clan’s doctor. When everything changes, Rhod flounders. He can’t save the disowned dragons of his clan, he can’t fight the vicious Conley and he can’t have his mate. Sooner or later, something will have to give.

A secret love m/m romance between a stern doctor and the surprisingly sweet PA who just wants to help everyone.

This book contains explicit language and scenes.

The ninth book in the Dragon’s Mate series, Doctor’s Secret Mate spans the entire series so far. It’s best to read this one in order to understand the events surrounding the other couples.

This book is perfect for fans of dragon shifters, fated mates and found families. Featuring a no-nonsense dragon doctor, a timid PA trying desperately to conceal his emotions, possessive instincts, family feuds, combat training and an HEA.

Discover what’s behind the mask of the most perfect Somervilles.

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In the Gray, by Christina Lee

I moved to a new city for a librarian job at the university, and though I’m enjoying the change, it does little to dispel the dull grayness of my world. When my dog, Oscar, forms an instant bond with a man living in a yellow tent, my surroundings begin to feel more vibrant and full of possibility. I’m first drawn to Lachlan’s soulful eyes, and then to his kind nature and resilient spirit. I want to know more about him, and Oscar seeking him out on our daily walks provides me with that opportunity.

One split-second decision leads to losing everything and living on the streets. Still, I’d choose my current conditions over being harmed by someone I loved. The only bright spot in my struggle to survive is the handsome stranger and his dog. Despite how compassionate Foster seems, I don’t want any handouts. I need to stay safe and stand on my own two feet after what I’ve been through. But when I find myself in a bind, I allow Foster to rescue me, if only for a night.

Our circumstances couldn’t be more different, and yet I’m drawn to Foster in ways I hadn’t expected. When our attraction skyrockets, Foster assures me that finding comfort in each other doesn’t hurt anyone. But when it becomes something deeper—meaningful conversations and mind-blowing intimacy—it occurs to me that I might’ve met the right man at the wrong time. Story of my life.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Monroe, by Taylor Rylan

Can a humbled fae and a rescued omega wolf find happiness together?

Monroe Rivertown was publicly humbled in front of most of his village when his younger brother, Montgomery, was chosen by the fates to join his mate before he was. He spent well over a year self-reflecting and trying to become a better person. Not only for him but for his future mate as well. When tragedy strikes his family, he steps in and takes over, giving up all thoughts of ever getting a mate of his own.

Oscar Davis was thankful to have been rescued, but he knew he had to return to the one place he never wanted to see again so he could protect his younger siblings from the same fate as him. He finds himself suddenly responsible for two teenagers, and what should have been a happy time for the reunited siblings is filled with drama and frustration.

Monroe and Oscar are both more than willing to accept the other’s claim. But can they figure out how to make time for their newly formed bond while still meeting the needs of their siblings?

Monroe is the second book in the Destined Paranormals series. It is a 40,000-word novella that focuses on fated mates and how they figure out those first few weeks together. This is in an mpreg world, and there will be a baby or possibly two, but this story does not focus on or cover the pregnancy.

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Saving West, by Denver Shaw

How far would you go to save someone?

I can’t afford distractions.
I’ve been put on academic probation and I’m one mistake away from being expelled and losing everything I’ve worked so hard for.
All I want is to make my mother proud and honor her memory by getting my degree.
My plan this semester is to keep my head down, focus on my studies, and stay out of trouble.
But fate is fickle, and it seems like she has other plans when she suddenly dumps him at my feet.
Weston Perkins, the university’s star football player.
He’s the worst kind of distraction — beautiful and vicious, arrogant and hot as sin, troubled and vulnerable.
I can’t bear to be around him, and yet, I can’t seem to stay away.
But the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that there is something very wrong with West.
He’s harboring a dark secret and desperately needs a friend.
I’m going to help him, even if he doesn’t want it, and even if it means putting my future on the line.
Because some things in life are worth getting in trouble for.

Saving West is a slow-burn, emotional, hurt/comfort MM romance with moderate angst and a hard-earned HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Lone Wolf, by Tessa Kane

No good deed goes unpunished.

After being exiled by my pack at seventeen, I’ve spent the last four years constantly on the move trying to avoid all ties to the shifter world.

Unfortunately, I can’t outrun fate.

When I step in to break up a fight, the shifters involved realize I’m a rare male omega. Not only does that revelation put me in the crosshairs of competing packs that would do anything to control me, it also leads me to cross paths with an Alpha who claims to be my fated mate.

Past experiences have left scars—both literal and figurative—and, fated mate or not, permanently binding myself to an Alpha is the last thing I want.

But Julien might be exactly what I need.

As my life erupts into chaos and new threats emerge from the secrets of my past, I realize this Alpha is different and placing my trust in him could finally allow me to have the one thing I’ve always wanted.

A home.

Lone Wolf is a fast-paced MM fated mates shifter romance set in an A/B/O world with mpreg. It features a cynical omega who’s a little skeptical of this whole fated mates thing and the cinnamon roll Alpha who refuses to let him go. This book was previously published in serial format on Kindle Vella under the same title. This version has been edited and expanded.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Blue Skies, by Nic Starr

Coming to Collier’s Creek is the best decision they’ll ever make.

When Kit arrives in the small town of Collier’s Creek, he’s searching for a change of scenery and the solitude to help him overcome his writer’s block. All he wants is to be left alone to finish his novel.

Felix was born in Collier’s Creek, with no plans to return. But after a nasty breakup and losing his job, he grabs the opportunity to help a friend by managing his coffee shop. He’s not going to let life get him down.

Felix is drawn to the mysterious older man who says he wants nothing from him than conversation. But the sizzling looks hint at a lot more. Now he needs to convince Kit to ignore the town gossip about their age gap and theories about Kit’s past, and to give them a chance. If Felix has his way, they’ll find the happy ending they’ve both been searching for.

Blue Skies is a romance between a grumpy author and a barista full of sunshine who never expected to find love in the small town of Collier’s Creek.

Six couples, six low-angst romances, six reasons to fall in love… Blue Skies is the sixth book in the multi-author series. Each book is stand-alone, but if you enjoy swoon-worthy romance set in a small town, then stay a while. You’ll fall in love with the men of Collier’s Creek.

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Compass To My Heart, by Bennu Bright

The Siren & the Undead Phoenix

Lune doesn’t know much about his mystical birthright as a Compass-born, yet its promise of a life-mate cushions the long days and lonely nights. So he patiently waits, eager for when the compass will point him in the direction he must go.

Touch-starved Narsus is a Verdigris—a highly toxic phoenix with poisonous feathers. To be Compass-born, as well as undead, are additional torturous and heartbreaking burdens. So he hides away in heavy cloaks and a beaked mask to protect those around him.

When the compass calls, Narsus further ostracizes himself by sending a proxy to the marriage ceremony, for he no longer believes in love. Or destiny.

Hurt and embarrassed, Lune is determined to crack Narsus’s emotional armor. To show his Intended there’s always hope. But with the compasses counting down, can Lune convince Narsus to take a chance on love?

Compass To My Heart is a MM fantasy romance about marriage by proxy, one bed, a poisoned kiss, and fated mate shifters finding each other through compasses created by ancient magic.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

His Sinful Need, by Leighton Greene

Two men. Two Families. Too many secrets.

When Castellani security specialist Max Pedretti is reluctantly loaned out to the Esposito Family, he’s thrust into close quarters with their youngest Capo, Bricker Soldano. The magnetic pull between them is undeniable, but Bricker is strictly off-limits, for multiple reasons.

For one thing, he’s an Esposito.

For another, he’s half Max’s age.

But most of all, because Max shares a hidden criminal history with Bricker’s father—a secret that could shatter the tentative trust building between them.

So Max vows to focus on the job instead, and finds his old skills as a bank robber are put to the test as he works with Bricker and his crew on a heist that could change the power dynamics in Los Angeles.

But when a tragedy reveals a mole in their midst, Max and Bricker must investigate together to uncover the truth, blurring the lines of loyalty and desire.

Can Max and Bricker uncover the traitor and find their way to love, or will past sins cost them everything?

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

New Year Not You, by Edie Montreux

Last year, law student Brady Madison’s binge drinking left him naked, unconscious, and in trouble with the law. Now 350 days sober and with only two weeks to serve the last twelve hours of community service, Brady’s faced with another difficult choice: take an offer from the jerk who took the incriminating pics or spend the remaining hours in jail.

Tate Quinn’s snap judgment in Brady’s hotel room on New Year’s Eve ruined any chance he had of hooking up with Brady. Worse, his parents refuse to pay for another semester of grad school until he makes his mom’s New Year’s charity event a success.

Tate needs a volunteer to help him herd the cats, er, kids, at the New Year’s Eve afternoon party, and Brady has always been good with kids. Can they put aside their past anger and shame for six hours, or will these potential lovers turned enemies resolve to remain enemies in the new year?

New Year Not You is a 63k-word enemies to lovers M/M romance between a recovering alcoholic and a recovering man-child. This novel has an AA sponsor moonlighting as a DJ, a cold war between two moms, and two dudes who are not looking for true love (but find it anyway).

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Thousand Second Chances, by Elric Shaw

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The only thing worse than waking up stuck in a time loop is realizing your ex is trapped there with you.

When Chris begrudgingly agrees to accompany his best friend Quinn on a university trip to Michigan’s picturesque Mackinac Island, he expects to suffer through a weekend of sightseeing, school-mandated activities, and entirely too much souvenir shopping. What he doesn’t anticipate is also having to avoid the boy who broke his heart.

Percy used to love his family’s annual excursions to Mackinac Island, but that all changed with the loss of his mother. This school trip is his chance to revisit some of their favorite haunts and honor her memory. However, what’s already guaranteed to be an emotionally charged weekend grows only more fraught when he discovers that he’s not only caught in a time loop, but that the boy he’d walked away from two years ago is his sole companion.

Forced together by the fickle whims of the universe, Chris and Percy must reopen old wounds and confront their painful pasts if they ever hope to escape their infinite Saturday. But even as they grow closer across myriad iterations of the same unending day, they grapple with one terrifying question: can the fragile connection they’re rebuilding survive their inevitable return to the real world?

A Thousand Second Chances is a standalone M/M contemporary romance novel in the A Dash of Modern Magic series.

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Taking Kinsley, by Clayton Holt

Kinsley…wants to lose his virginity with the person he feels safest with. His best friend.

“I can’t be a 29-year-old virgin, Luke. It’s fucking embarrassing,” Kinsley huffed in desperation. “Pun intended.”

When Luke said nothing, Kinsley read his mind as usual. “Okay asshole, I see the irony in that. I am a 29-year-old virgin. But that makes it no less embarrassing, and you could remedy that.”

Kinsley didn’t look at him. “Two years of blind dates. Get it?” He grinned and elbowed Luke.

“Averaging two dates a month, because I try, that’s at least forty-eight assholes…you really think number forty-nine will be the exception? I mean, a virgin – guys can get on board with that. And blind? Maybe. But combo that up and…”

Luke…wants more from his best friend than Kinsley might be willing to give.

Kinsley’s voice was soft and pleading and Luke imagined it drifting slowly over his bare skin. He could almost hear the faint, needy whispers Kinsley would leave in the places he touched, following the trail of his fingers and filling Luke’s head with possibilities.

Luke had imagined all this before and wasn’t surprised at the tingle that spread over his body with Kinsley’s touch. Wasn’t surprised by the goosebumps that followed and for once, was glad Kinsley couldn’t see his body’s reaction.

He certainly wasn’t surprised at the heat coiled low in his stomach at his best friend’s open declaration of needs. That same heat had simmered in his gut for so long he simply registered it as his body’s normal Kinsley-temp.But not once in all his requests had Kinsley said he wanted a relationship. He wanted to lose his virginity and Luke knew it would never be just sex between them for him. Not when it came to Kinsley.

Can two people love each other for so long they’re too scared of losing what they already have to take a chance on what they want?

NEW AUDIO RELEASE, Buy Direct and Save

Wolf Heart, by TJ Nichols

Narrated by Casey McLeod

They belong to rival wolf packs…so why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

Paramedic Con Albury loves nothing more than spending his time off either as a wolf or at night clubs. He’s always looking for a good time, and he usually finds it. While he has aligned himself with the Outcast Pack for protection, he tells himself he prefers to be alone.

Zach Ellis has spent his life preparing to take over the pack just like everyone expects. Pack and family come first. But he needs more than duty and giving into temptation and falling into Con’s bed is easier than it should be.

But the fallout will threaten everything the Outcast Pack stands for: freedom and found family.

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Three Under the Christmas Tree, by Silvia Violet

When Ace meets the perfect guy to join him and his boyfriend for some spicy fun, he can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season.

Jonathan is charmed by Ace and Gavin and quickly realizes what started as a fling has the potential to be a whole lot more.

Gavin feels their connection just as strongly, but he’s wary about suggesting they turn their friends-with-benefits arrangement into a serious relationship.

The joy of the holiday season has a way of making magic happen. Can these three men could find the courage to ask for what they want?


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