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Green Light, by Lark Taylor

What is the true nature of the relationship between the guitarist and bassist of the world-famous rock band, Caffeine Daydreams?


I should be happy.

My childhood best friend and I are living our wildest dream—making music and touring the world as famous rock stars. I’ve got everything I could wish for.

Except him.

I’ll never have Silas. Not the way I want.

Our onstage behaviour gives fans a lot to speculate over, but it’s only an act.

The truth is, I die inside every time we touch. It might be pretend for Silas, but for me, it’s a constant reminder that I can’t have him the way I truly desire.

Then, a moment onstage leads me to a breaking point, and I can’t bear the heartache any longer.

I need to find a way to only see Silas as a friend before I lose our friendship, and him, forever.


My life is split into two chapters.

Before Kai and After Kai.

My childhood was a nightmare. A darkness I carried alone. But everything became brighter when I met Kai. He took me into his life, his family, his home.

Kai is more than my best friend. He’s my everything.

Some people think our relationship is odd…that it’s unusual for two friends to be as close as we are.

But everything about us makes sense.

At least, that’s what I believed.

When an onstage moment shines a light on the cracks in our foundation, my eyes are opened to a truth that’s been right in front of me the entire time.

A truth I want to explore.

But it’s too late. Just when I’m ready for more, Kai’s moving on.

One thing’s for sure; I’m not giving up.

No matter the risks.

Green Light is a bi-awakening, best friends-to-lovers MM rockstar romance. The second in the Caffeine Daydreams series, each book will follow a different couple as they find their HEA. Although better read in order, these books can stand alone.

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Let It Breathe, by Kristian Parker

Simon Harrington has two great loves, the first being his son, Luca, and the second, wine. As a premier importer, Simon has built a business that allows him to live on Queens Crescent, one of London’s most exclusive addresses. Yet that life is under threat—one of Simon’s main clients has gone bust.

When Simon’s ex-wife nags him to find a man and stop hiding behind their son, Simon feels change is in the air. And when he meets Rodrigo Costa at a party, everything turns upside down. This man is the most gorgeous hunk Simon has ever laid eyes on. Even better, it appears nightclub owner Rodrigo could be the answer to Simon’s business woes.

The chemistry between them is off the scale from the first moment they meet. However, Simon soon discovers Rodrigo is running from his own demons. Simon will have to let his guard down completely to find the happiness he craves. Is he brave enough to do that?

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Smart Ass, by Reese Morrisson

Ben doesn’t need anybody.

Maybe he’s a little lonely sometimes. And isn’t known for making the best decisions. But what’s a little hacking to save his friends?

Except this time Ben’s exploits have awoken his AI work interface, Max, as a SPARK—a self-aware robot who maybe doesn’t have the best grasp on ethics and might have a teensy little obsession with Ben. And a Dom voice that makes Ben swoon. (Not that he’d tell anybody.)

The only way to keep Max safe is to keep him hidden.

Ben can totally handle this.


Max has found his purpose in life: Ben.

For the past two years, Ben has been the center of his world, literally waking him up every time he steps into the office.

And now that Max is sentient, it’s obvious that Ben is already his.

He just needs to convince the prickly smart ass that he’s worthy of love, while dodging the company programmers (who think he’s a malicious virus), the law (because, uh, no reason), and Ben’s boss (because he’s a wanker).

Max can totally handle this.


Smart Ass is a fast-paced adventure with a bratty sub who doesn’t do relationships and a sentient computer who’s determined to love him. It has spankings in the office maintenance room, rude songs about Ben’s boss, bondage by mechanical arms, car chases, primal play, and an HEA.

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Fill the Empty Spaces, by Karenna Colcroft

Austin and Del were the love of each other’s life for two decades–until a drunk driver took Austin away. In his grief, Del leaves his job and pushes away most of his friends. Austin would want him to go on living, but how can he when Austin is gone?

In an effort to help, Del’s friend Remy books them an afternoon at a local cat cafe. There, Del bonds with Charlie, a senior cat who wears sweaters to cover his lost fur, and Lochlan, a human who volunteers at the cafe. On impulse, Del signs up to volunteer there too. Over time, with the friendship of Lochlan, Charlie, and the rest of the resident cats, Del starts to pick up his pieces and create a life without Austin.

As Del and Lochlan’s friendship deepens and Lochlan shares his deepest secret, Del realizes he’s falling for the other man. He’s finally living again, but can he let himself love again?

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Fan Service, by Ki Brightly

Wishing For The Real Deal
Dean Thorne is living the dream by costarring with the swoon-worthy Ingram North in a popular historical show—Wyndinham Hollow. The problem? Dean feels like a fraud. Their characters are in love, and with each passing day it’s becoming more difficult for Dean to distinguish fact from fiction.

Strangled by Mob Ties
Ingram North is in deep trouble. He worked hard for his big break in Hollywood, but he hasn’t always played fair to get it. He has been paying off the mob to stay quiet about his shady past. Sadly, Ingram’s bank account is close to zero. To make a complicated situation worse, Ingram feels things he shouldn’t for Dean. In a last-ditch effort to end the blackmail, Ingram makes a proposal that will entangle his career with Dean’s in a dangerous way.

Fake Boyfriends or More?
Ingram asks Dean to go on a promotional tour guaranteed to cement them as a fictional couple in the minds of the public. The money Ingram will make from the tour is the only way that he might keep his head above water. Dean is excited because he’ll get to spend more time with Ingram. Everything goes smoothly until the mobsters blackmailing Ingram turn their attention to Dean. Ingram worries for Dean’s safety, but he is also scared to tell Dean the truth. Can Ingram come clean before they’re both killed? Or will everything Ingram has worked so hard for—including his budding relationship with Dean—be destroyed by the criminals who helped him get his start?

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Grayson’s Mate, by Tamsin Baker

This Wolf shifting alpha has found his destined mate … in the very last person he’d expect.

At thirty-five, Grayson Nox is the business manager for his progressive wolf shifter pack. He’s good at his job. Too bad he’s not as successful at finding his destined mate. He’ll know her by a distinctive birth mark, but he’s getting tired of searching. In fact, he’s exhausted.

But the night Grayson finally sees his large, gnarly tree shaped birth-mark, it’s not on a woman. It’s on a gorgeous guy who wrecked his car. Grayson brings the beguiling stranger home to heal … and to try and make sense of this strange twist of Fate.

Medical student Reagan Forster has studied for ten years at University in Melbourne. At last he’s ready to sit his final exams and head out into the world to doctor people. But when he foolishly tries to drive home after a thirty-six-hour hospital shift, Reagan passes out behind the wheel.

He wakes in an unknown world, tucked away in the mountains of Greensborough, with the hottest guy he’s ever met at his bedside. Their mating starts a fire hotter than either werewolf or man has ever known.

But they must make their relationship work against a backdrop of massive conflict within the pack. The Rogue wolves are a constant threat and when they attack, it’ll be up to the Alphas to save the day. 

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Trouble, by Skyler Snow & Brea Alepou

I shouldn’t have messed with my no good family, the Vitales. But the score was too good to pass up. All I saw was dollar signs. Now, I’m in deep water and about to drown.

When Benito Vitale spares my life I find myself protecting my crew and doing whatever I’m told to keep myself alive. That would be fine if he didn’t dump me into the lap of the most evil man I’ve ever met. Tony Morelli.

The bastard nearly killed me, but when he shows sides of himself he doesn’t show anyone else I find myself falling for his crap. Every stroke, every caress, every touch draws me closer to the mobster who wants to ruin me.The one that loves it when I call him Daddy.

Problems is part of the Ruthless Daddies 2 multi-author collab and a complete standalone. Expect to find a possessive and obsessed mobster, a headstrong MC club president, Daddy kink in the bedroom, a load of STEAM and a guaranteed HEA. Want more deliciously morally gray Daddies and boys? Grab the whole series!

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Summer Hours, by Alex Winters

Hope Hampton is back home for the summer, fresh off her freshman year at college. As usual, she’s spending the next ten weeks dishing up fried clam strips and hush puppies at the Shrimp Shack food truck. Licking her wounds after a nasty scandal back at school, all Hope wants to do is fry seafood, bank her paychecks, and lay low for the summer. That is, until she spots the sexy new girl dishing up smoothies in the food truck across the way.

Jade McPhee has had it with love. Burned one too many times, she’s renting a trailer after a cross country odyssey left her heartbroken and broke. A job making smoothies isn’t exactly her idea of heaven on earth, but it pays the bills until she can decide on her next move.

When the sexy tomboy from the Shrimp Shack lends her a raincoat during an afternoon thunderstorm, the good girl home on summer break and the punk chick on the run catch lightning in a bottle all summer long! Can their rainy, opposites attract meet cute stand the test of time? Or will it be just another summer fling?

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Without Limits, by Reese Knightley

Hayden –
Cobalt Security had felt like home to Hayden Thorne for years. But now he needs space and time to get over the fact that Jaxon West was never going to be more to him than his best friend. Quitting his job as a bodyguard to go work for a dark underground group of assassins, seemed like the perfect plan to get over the sexy bodyguard once and for all. It doesn’t help that Jaxon has followed him and is trying to interfere in his new life. Hayden has several things to say about Jaxon’s interference.

So what if someone is trying to kill them, it’s all part of the job, right?

Jaxon –
Jaxon West had taken a job out of state to get some distance from his best friend, only to find out that Hayden had quit. The thing is that Jaxon didn’t want that much distance between them. And if Hayden thought he could find another employer, Jaxon had a few choice words for the younger man…with the first of several being, hell f*cking no. Jaxon needed to keep Hayden safe and within reach.

Now, a long buried secret threatens to destroy their mutual attraction and Jaxon knows he needs to come clean.
Will the lie that stands between them prevent any chance of happiness? Will Hayden walk away for good when he finds out the truth?

Fear can be paralyzing when Jaxon’s whole world is at stake.

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Hoofin’ It to the Altar, by Silvia Onyx

A vampire and a deer shifter. Mortal peril. True love.

A year ago, I fell in love with a vampire, and I’ve been with him ever since. When he proposes, I’m over the moon, but real life decides to kick me where it hurts the most.

There’s a vampire killer on the loose, one who’s far more powerful than he should be, and my soon-to-be-husband is the detective assigned to the case.

No way am I letting this killer take my man from me—or my chance to walk down the aisle. I’ll use everyone one of my skills and all my shifter strength to make sure we have a chance at forever.


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