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Awariye, by Charlie Godwyne

If you fight for the lantern gods, then I will sing for them…

Awariye is a traveling bard from the Diana Monastery in Helvetica in the year 2448. Down on his luck and without a patron, he petitions at the castle of the Danubian High King in hopes of finding gainful work, only to instead find Wren, his friend and former monk from their days at the monastery. Wren lives with his boyfriend at the castle and invites Awariye in.

But Awariye’s health fails, and he sinks into a fever. Throughout this time, he is helped by the king’s top warrior, Igor, who graciously shares his life force with Awariye to help him heal.

Through a dark winter and a slow but steady recovery, Igor and Awariye fall together, even as their professions require them to take separate paths. As they search for a way to remain with one another, and the seven lantern gods guide the king into battle, Igor and Awariye embark on their destinies while protecting their fragile love.

Awariye is a 45,000-word MM paranormal romance with magic, bardic mages, dark age warriors, steamy love scenes, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Danubian Series contains MM love stories of the Danube River region, past and future, featuring the magic of this world and deeply spiritual men who find homes in each other. Although Awariye can be read as a standalone, it is a continuous storyline and thus is best read after Wren and Uli’s story Lantern.


Spell Cat, by Tara Lain

When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But Killian can’t pursue a physics professor—or a human. As the most powerful male witch in ten generations, Killian must bolster his dying race by reproducing—despite the fact that he’s gay.
Even a fling with Blaine is out of the question, because Killian has been told sex with humans drains his power. But if that’s true, why can young human Jimmy Janx dissolve spoons with the power of his mind? If Killian can sort through the lies he’s been fed, he’ll still face his biggest obstacle—convincing rational scientist Blaine to believe in magic.
With his ancient and powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Lone Wolf, by Tessa Kane

No good deed goes unpunished.

After being exiled by my pack at seventeen, I’ve spent the last four years constantly on the move trying to avoid all ties to the shifter world.

Unfortunately, I can’t outrun fate.

When I step in to break up a fight, the shifters involved realize I’m a rare male omega. Not only does that revelation put me in the crosshairs of competing packs that would do anything to control me, it also leads me to cross paths with an Alpha who claims to be my fated mate.

Past experiences have left scars—both literal and figurative—and, fated mate or not, permanently binding myself to an Alpha is the last thing I want.

But Julien might be exactly what I need.

As my life erupts into chaos and new threats emerge from the secrets of my past, I realize this Alpha is different and placing my trust in him could finally allow me to have the one thing I’ve always wanted.

A home.

Lone Wolf is a fast-paced MM fated mates shifter romance set in an A/B/O world with mpreg. It features a cynical omega who’s a little skeptical of this whole fated mates thing and the cinnamon roll Alpha who refuses to let him go. This book was previously published in serial format on Kindle Vella under the same title. This version has been edited and expanded.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Gift for a Demon, by Emily Alter

Dave never planned on becoming a human gift to the dethroned King of Hell.

Overlooked and cast away, Dave had to learn how to protect himself and fight his own battles. Of course, no one taught him how to survive in Hell, if that was even where he was.

Melchom had once ruled over Hell until a human betrayed and stole his crown. Now Hell’s paymaster and with the scars to show for it, he’s vowed not to make the same mistakes. But how could he say no to the most enticing man he’d ever seen? One who offered up his fear for Melchom to feast on so willingly?

It’s not an issue of chemistry. Hell is a complex ecosystem, and there are more forces and prophecies in place than either of them could’ve ever foreseen.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Temptation, by Raven Stone

A vampire court is one of the most dangerous places I know, but I’ll walk into one for Degarr.

Except when I get there, Court isn’t Court. And King Gabriel is unlike any other king I’ve ever met.

And then there’s the white wolf.

Grumpy doesn’t begin to cover it. Apparently I live to piss this man off. Unfortunately, Gideon doesn’t have the same effect on me. Quite the opposite.

He sets me on fire. Leaves me wanting things the innocent people of this place might not understand.

But Gideon’s been screwed over and left hurting by someone else.

This wolf is temptation itself.

But the things I want with him? I can never have.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

First Forever, by Declan Rhodes

Plunged into a world of heartache after his wife’s untimely demise, Nathan Woodhouse is a man trapped in grief and a bisexual secret too heavy to bear. His world turns upside down when he journeys to Garfield Island, his wife’s childhood home, to seek closure but instead finds a new, unexpected connection.

In the wee hours of morning, 3 a.m. in a motel hallway, Nathan’s path intersects with Lucas Mirren, a passionate photographer drawn to the island’s allure. Despite their limited time together, an immediate and intense connection sparks between them, rekindling Nathan’s dormant spirit, and shaking his heart to its core.

As their brief time together slips away, they grapple with the abrupt end of their bond. But destiny has other plans, unexpectedly casting them together once again on the scenic shores of Garfield Island in Lake Michigan. Nathan must decide whether to take a chance with Lucas or risk losing him forever.

First Forever is a 57,000-word gay romance. It includes first time, age gap, and hurt comfort themes. It is the first book in the series The Island. Some characters featured in the Sanderson Brothers series make appearances in this book.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Terrible Lovely Demon, by Odessa Hywell

A decade ago, Maxton cheated death. Now, a twist of fate brings him face-to-face with his demonic savior.

Ten years ago Maxton Grant was a frail sixteen-year-old slowly being consumed by an aggressive form of childhood cancer and teetering on the brink of death. Until, suddenly, he wasn’t.

The doctors called it a miracle, but Maxton knew the truth. An act of divine intervention wasn’t what saved him. It was Beau Holland, his hot-as-sin night nurse—a demon in disguise who was willing to make a deal with a dying teenager that gave him a second chance at life.

Now, a decade later, a chance encounter reunites Maxton with the demon from his past. Neither can fight the questionable chemistry that has always existed between them, but they struck a bargain, and Maxton must pay the price.

Is it such a terrible fate to owe a lovely demon a favor?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Taking Kinsley, by Clayton Holt

Kinsley…wants to lose his virginity with the person he feels safest with. His best friend.

“I can’t be a 29-year-old virgin, Luke. It’s fucking embarrassing,” Kinsley huffed in desperation. “Pun intended.”

When Luke said nothing, Kinsley read his mind as usual. “Okay asshole, I see the irony in that. I am a 29-year-old virgin. But that makes it no less embarrassing, and you could remedy that.”

“Kinsley didn’t look at him. “Two years of blind dates. Get it?” He grinned and elbowed Luke.

“Averaging two dates a month, because I try, that’s at least forty-eight assholes…you really think number forty-nine will be the exception? I mean, a virgin – guys can get on board with that. And blind? Maybe. But combo that up and…”

Luke…wants more from his best friend than Kinsley might be willing to give.

Kinsley’s voice was soft and pleading and Luke imagined it drifting slowly over his bare skin. He could almost hear the faint, needy whispers Kinsley would leave in the places he touched, following the trail of his fingers and filling Luke’s head with possibilities.

Luke had imagined all this before and wasn’t surprised at the tingle that spread over his body with Kinsley’s touch. Wasn’t surprised by the goosebumps that followed and for once, was glad Kinsley couldn’t see his body’s reaction.

He certainly wasn’t surprised at the heat coiled low in his stomach at his best friend’s open declaration of needs. That same heat had simmered in his gut for so long he simply registered it as his body’s normal Kinsley-temp.But not once in all his requests had Kinsley said he wanted a relationship. He wanted to lose his virginity and Luke knew it would never be just sex between them for him. Not when it came to Kinsley.

Can two people love each other for so long they’re too scared of losing what they already have to take a chance on what they want?

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers, Kobo Plus

Twisted Tome, by Vanora Lawless

A stubborn empath. A passionate dreamwalker. A love worth fighting for.

For empathic illusionist Warren ‘Sully’ Sullivan dreamwalking Captain Elliot Stone is more than the only thing keeping him sane and safe. He’s the keeper of Sully’s heart, even if he can’t seem to admit it out loud.

When an ancient grimoire infused with catastrophic magic comes into play, they’ve got to do everything in their power to keep it from landing in enemy hands. Unfortunately, that means working closely with a man who once shattered Elliot’s heart. Someone he would have done anything for.

As insecurity and fear threaten the fledgling relationship between Elliot and Sully, will the darkness closing in around them bring them closer or tear them apart forever?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Make You Love Me, by Shae Michaels

My adoption made us brothers. My obsession makes him mine.

Love. Lust. Obsession. There’s no telling which of my feelings for Noah came first.
What do I have to do—who do I have to be—to make him feel the same? To want me. To love me.
Even though it will mean the destruction of our precariously constructed family, who the fuck cares? I certainly don’t. Not if I can make Noah mine.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

New Addiction, by April Kelley

A dragon shifter who doesn’t rely on anyone. A bear shifter too grumpy for his fated mate. Attraction isn’t the problem. It’s deciding whether to let love in.

Caerwyn needs to be at home in Wingspan. After his parents die in a tragic accident, picking up the pieces for his brother and sister hasn’t been easy. The last thing he needs is for the alpha to loan his tracking skills out to the Saint Lakes clan. And he certainly doesn’t need a fated mate.

Rory will do almost anything for solitude. He doesn’t like people or conversation. All he really wants is to cook at the local diner and stay home. What he doesn’t want is a mate who will demand his time and attention.

When Rory sees how much Caerwyn needs someone to rely on, he has to decide what’s more important. His solitude or his fated mate.

New Addiction is the first book on the MM paranormal romance in the Wingspan series. If you like growly bear shifters and dragon shifters too stubborn to ask for help, then you’ll love this romantic novel.

Buy New Addiction to begin your visit in a small dragon shifter town.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Blue Skies, by Marie Sinclair

Blue Skies is a low angst, age gap, one bed, hurt/comfort novel featuring an HIV-positive, asexual flight attendant with trust issues and a closeted flight instructor.

As a sex-positive asexual man with HIV, Greg’s been told it’s just too complicated to be in a relationship with him. His latest boyfriend turns out to yet another in a long line of guys who say they understand asexuality only to put pressure on him to perform. Six months later, still despondent over this latest betrayal, Greg doesn’t have any expectations when he joins his friends at their favorite West Hollywood club. Meeting a sexy silver fox was definitely not on the agenda, nor was wanting to get to know the man better, but unfortunately, Holden’s leaving the next morning for the East Coast. As a flight attendant, Greg’s schedule has him out of town the following week. Regretfully, they trade phone numbers and part ways.

Holden has been in the closet his entire life. First with his conservative parents, then in the Navy, and now as an employee of a military contractor. It’s safer pretending to be straight. The only time Holden steps out of the closet is when he’s on a business trip. Quickies and hook-ups have been the name of the game for him for nearly thirty years. Now nearly fifty, Holden’s getting tired of it, but only has a few more years before he can live his life on his own terms. Then he goes to Neon and meets Greg. Even after Greg refuses to go back to Holden’s hotel room and they part ways, he can’t stop thinking about Greg and wishing he’d been able to say yes to dinner the following night. But then Greg doesn’t call or text him, so Holden figures the invite was just a way to let the old guy down easy.

A week later, Holden’s got a meeting in Denver, and who shows up as part of the flight crew? It’s Greg, who takes one look at Holden and…if looks could kill, Holden would be a smoldering pile of ash. Undaunted, Holden tries to talk to Greg during the flight only to be shut down and told to return to his seat. But fate has a different idea.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Brushed With Love, by Fearne Hill

Clement Constantine Church is a hot mess. With deadlines to meet.
Whereas the striking Viking redecorating his seaside cottage is simply hot.

As a precocious teen, Clem wrote a best seller. Now he writes for other people. Too busy contemplating his bleak career and panicking about pretty much everything, he doesn’t notice that the gorgeous surfer slapping paint across his bedroom walls has a top-notch flirting game. Nor that the body hidden underneath his white overalls should come with its own government health warning.

Anyhow, apparently the Viking is straight.

After one too many unwise hookups, Ragnar Aleksander Sigurdson Eggebraaten needs to lay low and avoid romantic entanglements. Which means there is zero chance he’d ever fall for a lonely writer. Not even if they pretended to be fake boyfriends during a weekend trip to London. Not even if there was only one bed. And especially not if he’s planning on leaving England at the end of summer to fulfil his dream of setting up a surf school.

Can surfer Vikings fall unexpectedly in love? And are failed writers allowed to write their own happily ever afters?

Brushed With Love is a warm and funny romance set in the UK. Trigger warnings include cosmic lizards, feisty octogenarians, and a spoiled shih tzu.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Caller of Crows, by Silvana Falcon

He was prepared to gamble his blood, not his entire heart.

Vampires have always made Sven’s heart beat harder, but when his mother’s life is on the line, he decides to face his fears. He decides to become immortal so that he can pass that gift on to her.

Determined, he seeks out the Caller of Crows, a charismatic vampire by the name of Altair, and with his pulse pounding in his ears, he offers himself to the vampire and asks to be turned.

The problem is, Sven lives in a city that is ruled by the paranormal, and pure mortal blood has become exceedingly rare. It’s a treat that every vampire covets–and Altair is no exception. He doesn’t want to turn Sven and let his sweet, sweet blood go to waste. Instead, he locks Sven in his bedroom as a valuable prisoner, as his property.

In his desperation, Sven realizes what he must do to get what he wants from the vampire: he needs to make Altair fall for him, to make the handsome devil see him as something more than a hot meal. He needs to melt the ice around Altair’s heart and make him want eternity with Sven… and he needs to do it without falling for the ruthless vampire in return.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

His Lethal Desire, by Leighton Greene

There’s nothing more lethal than a hitman in love.

When Castellani Family hitman Jack is ordered to find a missing Hollywood starlet, the last thing he expects is for his only lead to be the out-of-his-league guy who spent last night flirting with him.

Miller Beaumont is gorgeous, charming and looks at Jack like he’s the only person in the room. Jack was captivated from the moment their eyes met.

But Jack’s not built for love. Not after the sins he’s committed.

Yet as Jack works with Miller to find his sister, they get closer. And the closer they become, the more Jack drowns in Miller’s light—even as shadows gather to tear them apart.

Loving Miller could be Jack’s chance for salvation…or the final nail in his coffin. Jack knows the cost of failure, but for Miller, he’s ready to risk it all.

But as danger closes in, will their love become a lethal mistake?


His Lethal Desire is the first book in the West Coast Mobsters series. Follow the men of the Los Angeles underworld in this page-turning romantic suspense series as they find love, danger and mystery in the most unexpected places.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Returning Home, by A. M. Rose

Omegas are priceless.
It’s what Reed’s parents have been telling him since he was born. Until someone offers the right amount. After a lifetime of being sheltered, Reed is sold to an Alpha who is nothing like the ones he has read about. His illusions are shattered almost immediately and soon it becomes a matter of survival, not happiness.
That is until he’s stolen away into the woods by another Alpha.
Jaxon Redwood claims he’s the rightful leader of the land, the true Alpha of the pack and that Reed is helping the enemy. Swept into a territory war, Reed’s soon the pawn in a power struggle he doesn’t understand, left trying to work out who is truly the villain.
The Alpha that owns him. Or the Alpha that wants to own his heart.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Sold, by Ace Fawn

Sold. Collared. Owned.


Michael Kreed is a wealthy man with the world in the palm of his hand, and he’s looking for a new pet. What he craves comes in the form of Hunter, a young man with a gorgeous, lean body, an attitude, and a determination not to yield. Michael wants to keep Hunter unbroken, but is it worth pursuing a relationship with his new obsession?

Hunter’s life changes forever when he is sold at an auction to a sophisticated, handsome billionaire named Michael. Collared and made into his pet, Hunter resists his owner and craves to have his freedom and old life back. But is the new life that Michael is offering him better than the only one he’s ever known?

Sold is book 1 in the Rich Men series. This steamy M/M captive romance features a billionaire and his pet, collars, sexual awakening, spanking, the forced proximity trope and the opposites attract trope. It can be read as a standalone.

99c SALE, Multiple Retailers, Kobo Plus

Jumping the Bull, by Jenn Burke

Ben Beaufort, badass bison

Everyone who looks at Ben and sees his six-foot-plus, muscular build assumes he’s in construction. Or the military. Or something that requires brawn over brains. In truth, he’s a mild-mannered human resources professional—or at least he was, until he got laid off. Now he’s looking for a second career as a Furry United Coalition agent, to discover how truly badass he can be.

Oliver Zuraw, whoop-ass whooping crane

Oliver’s enjoying a second career too, from exotic dancer to the FUC Academy’s yoga instructor. Big, badass men like Ben are totally his type—but he’s sworn them off, because they’re never good news. Except Ben is defying all of Oliver’s preconceived notions and making him wonder if maybe this bison is just the right type of badass for him.

A simple undercover mission that turns out to be not so simple

When an undercover mission needs a bison shifter, Ben jumps at the chance to put his training to use. A twist of events forces Oliver and Ben to pretend to be married…which leads to an invitation to work for the bad guy on his bad guy ranch doing bad guy things. There’s no way they can pass up the opportunity to infiltrate the criminal operation.

Even if they’re a recruit and a civilian instructor who barely know what they’re doing.

And even if there’s only one bed waiting for them.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Fall for You, by Felice Stevens

Carson Ballard isn’t only lactose intolerant—he’s intolerable. No wonder his assistant quit on him without notice.

Okay, okay, he has a right to be angry at me for dumping an armful of sticky breakfast plates on his head. It was an accident, I swear.
But now I’m out of a job—not that I’m any good at waiting tables—and Carson’s mother is offering to hire me.

There’s no way I can work for him. I may be from the sticks, but Davis Turner is nobody’s fool. Not anymore.
I refuse to be Carson’s next victim. Something will turn up. I’ll take anything. As long as I can hide away in the city, where my ex can’t find me.
Except my bank account is at rock bottom and rent is due. I’m running out of food. And time.

I guess I have to work for Carson. He’ll be my boss—nothing more. I can keep things professional.

There’s just one little problem.
Carson may not be as horrible as I thought. He’s trying so hard to right the wrongs of his father and brother, who left him with a mess most people would walk away from.
But Carson Ballard isn’t most people. And he won’t accept defeat.

Damn you, Carson.
Why do you have to be so nice…so generous…so wickedly funny and so, so sexy?
You’re offering me a future…if I can ignore the mistakes of my past.
You’re an impossible man who’s making everything possible.

How can I not fall for you?

Fall for You is a low-angst, high-heat MM romance about a closet romantic who doesn’t know the difference between a zip file and a zip-lock bag, and a computer whiz masquerading (and failing) as a waiter who has trouble holding onto his plates…and his heart.

SERIES BUNDLE SALE – $2.99 EACH, Kindle Unlimited

Welcome to Morningwood Box Sets, by Kiki Burrelli

Welcome to Morningwood!

The secluded, all-shifter town of Morningwood is a safe haven for shifters of all kinds. A small town with a bit of a wild side, the citizens of Morningwood will always keep you entertained, whether it be a spicy relationship between a new college student and the Morningwood University dean, or what’s up between the college track coach and the team’s arrogant star who knows what he wants and won’t let his mate slip away—no matter the difference in their ages. Once you visit Morningwood, you won’t ever want to leave!

Welcome to Morningwood Box Set One is a collection of holiday-related omegaverse romance stories that contain growly, protective alphas, omegas with a spine, and a ton of small-town charm!


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