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FEATURED BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Red Truck, by RB Bartels

Sometimes…things aren’t always what they seem.

For Trevor, being away from home for the first time was difficult enough. Add being gay and completely inexperienced and the difficulty jumps a notch. Top it off with being disowned by your family and being uncomfortable in new situations, and life seems impossible. Then the attack happened.

For Philip, recovering from a breakup was hard, and a good reason to swear off relationships. Counseling other LGBTQ individuals through their struggles was rewarding, but practicing what you preached was a challenge. Then a threat from years ago came roaring back.

Given Trevor’s inexperience and Philip’s aversion to relationships, how could these two possible get together?

FEATURED DEAL – 99c, FF Romance, Multiple Retailers

Penny for Your Heart, by Season Vining

At fourteen, Penny Winters fell out of the closet and in love with her best friend, Misa Ito. But before they truly understood their feelings, Misa and her family were gone. Over a decade later, when Penny secures a job at a top New York advertising agency, she has a second chance at first love when she’s introduced to the lead account executive, Misa.

But the road to happiness is riddled with potholes. Misa is still impossibly beautiful, but super cold. And Misa shows no recollection of Penny—the girl who once showed her how to skateboard, make daisy chain crowns, and shared every secret with. On top of that, there’s the huge engagement ring and photo of a handsome man on Misa’s desk. The butterflies Penny feels don’t seem one-sided, and she wants answers.

Penny has no idea that she’s begging for the impossible. Getting Misa to admit anything means asking her to do the unthinkable: put aside her career and her father’s expectations to give in to her heart. Which has always belonged to Penny.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Infamous Park Avenue Prince, by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Weston LaRue
“The Playboy”

I’m never one to turn down a bet. Especially not when it comes to retaliating against the dean for pulling a dick move before summer break.
So when the dean’s golden child arrives at Astor for his freshman year, my fellow troublemakers throw down a wager I can’t resist.

The target: the dean’s son, John Thomas Hawthorne, or “JT.”
The bet: corruption in any way I choose.

It should’ve been easy. With his mess of brown curls, pouty lips, and good-boy reputation, JT is the perfect revenge. And even better? He’s straight.

Challenge accepted. I’ll do whatever it takes to prove a point, no matter how reckless it might be.

Game. On.

Infamous Park Avenue Prince is the first standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.

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Boy Issues, by Morticia Knight

One has the golden touch. The other buys whatever he wants. When love races in, which man will end up on top?

Twenty-six-year-old Silver Cruz loves working on fast cars, but finding the right boy to care for eludes him. When a handsome older man’s performance ride breaks down nearby, the hunky mechanic is quick to bring his magic fingers to the rescue and get him going. However, the pushy snob’s expectation of a casual quickie makes Silver put a speed bump between him and a sizzling jump between the sheets.

Forty-two-year-old billionaire CEO Donovan Fonterra’s only friend is his wealth. So after his hot rod malfunction attracts a ripped young dude with a take-charge attitude, he can’t resist flashing the green light for some high-octane thrills. But even though the younger man slams on the brakes, Donovan goes in hard for the pursuit.

As Silver struggles to fend off his persistent admirer, he discovers this is a man in need of a firm hand. And when Donovan finally succumbs to Silver’s skillful bedroom tools, he might just be ready to surrender control to the sexy wrench-wielding hunk.

Will Silver and Donovan discover the key that turns their uninhibited passions into a forever love?

Boy Issues is the first book in the seductive Command & Care MM romance daddy/boy series and can be read as a standalone. Each installment features a different couple and the series is connected through the common theme of Daddy care. With Boy Issues, If you like lovers who almost become enemies, a stubborn boy, reverse age gap and racy action, then you’ll adore Morticia Knight’s drive on the wild side. Buy Boy Issues to hear love’s engine roar today!

NEW RELEASE, Multiple Retailers

Honey Mead Murder, by Dahlia Donovan

Get ready for a charmingly quirky romance with a twist of murder mystery in Honey Mead Murder!

Follow the heart-warming story of George Bernard Sheth, a devoted pug and bee lover, who has been secretly crushing on a local mead brewer. But when a customer dies during a mead tasting, Murphy Baird, the brewer, finds himself at the centre of a police investigation.

As the two navigate the murder mystery, they find themselves falling deeper in love, all while trying to stay alive long enough for their first date. With meddling friends and unexpected plot twists, “Honey Mead Murder” is a must-read for anyone who loves a good MM romance and a thrilling mystery.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Boy Called Rainbow, by Robin Knight

Love comes in all colors…

Art evaluator Miles Tate is finally about to start living his dream… that is if he can get the funding in place to open his own art gallery in New York. But when an unexpected turn of events finds every one of Miles’ perfectly-planned dreams turned upside-down, it’s time to escape Manhattan and reluctantly take up a well-paid job in the tiny seaside town of Hope’s Bluff, Georgia. For Miles, it’s his only chance to make some money, claw back what little dignity he has left, and figure out what the hell to do with his life.

But evaluating the art collection of a deceased estate isn’t made easy by the grandson of the dearly departed. Indeed, the young man who calls himself Rainbow is a hot-tempered, hotter-than-hell artist whose secrets run deep and passions run raw. He is talented, troubled, tempestuous and deaf… and possibly the one person who can save Miles from his own heartache.

Can Miles finish the job he’s been paid to do… or will two opposites find that they have more in common than they first imagined? Can the pair of them find the strength in each other to rebuild their lives… or will the traumas of their pasts drive them both away? Will Miles turn his back on the handsome, hurt, artistic genius he’s stumbled upon… or will he finally find true love in the arms of a Boy Called Rainbow?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Orc and the Manny, by Chloe Archer

Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters!

Targan Wildethorne

A confirmed bachelor, and a historian by training, I haven’t the faintest clue how to care for twin orclings when I unexpectedly become their guardian. I’d love to retreat into the comforting sanctuary of my study, surrounded by my books and papers, but first I need to hire someone to help me with the children. Someone who can teach me the ropes of this new role.

Thank the Light for the All-Species Specialized Employment Services! In my most dire hour of need, they find the perfect nanny—ahem, manny—to help me look after my young wards. Now I can finally get back to writing my history of orc folklore for a few hours a day.

Or so I thought.

Instead I find the captivating new man in my home far too distracting. Max is so much more than I had expected. I’ve never fallen for a human before, but I can’t get him out of my mind. Could he ever feel the same about an orc? Humans are usually too intimidated by our large size and outer appearance. Can Max look past my green skin and tusks to see a man with a heart that yearns for him? And if he does, when he learns the truth about the children will the danger on the horizon send him running?

Max MacLeod

Working with kids is totally my jam and I’m damn good at what I do. Just call me Maxy Frickin’ Poppins! When a new job prospect comes my way, I’m intrigued. A chance to move to Mystic Hollow (aka Monsters Hollow) to be a well-paid manny for two adorable orclings? Talk about a dream position. Sold! But when I lock eyes with the seriously sexy orc who’s their guardian—and my new de facto boss—for the first time, I’m a goner. Big, muscular, and green all over–he’s giving me full-on Hulk meets stern professor vibes—and I like it.

As I get to know him, over meals with the kids during the day and soft-spoken conversations about history at night, I soon realize there’s so much more to Targan than the gorgeous orc who keeps starring in all my naughtiest dreams. He’s quite possibly the kindest, gentlest man I’ve ever met. And he accepts and appreciates every part of me and my flamboyant, full-figured fabulousness. I just want to feed and take care of him—and find out if he’s so deliciously big everywhere. Before I know it, I’m dreaming of being part of a forever family with him and his adorable twins. But an unexpected threat looms in the shadows that could threaten the safety of us all…

The Orc and the Manny is a (94k words) cozy small town M/M monster romance featuring a Hulkalicious silver fox orc professor who’s better with books than kids, a flamboyant human manny with ALL the skills (think Nathan Lane in The Birdcage meets Mary Poppins), an age gap, a size difference, a three-headed hellhound and a feisty rescue Chihuahua, two adorable orcling twins, and copious amounts of orc…joy!

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Stop Kidding Around, by Macy Blake

His so-called mate thinks it’s fate. Toby has other ideas.

When Toby Sanders shows up to interview for a teaching job at a mysterious estate, he’s not expecting his world to flip upside down and backward. Shifters are real… and the hottest, most protective wolf of all is claiming him as a mate.

Toby can’t deny that Brooks is everything he ever wanted and never thought he could have–loving, strong, drop-dead gorgeous–or that the two little girls Brooks wants to adopt give Toby a glimpse of the family he’s always dreamed of… But how the heck is he supposed to believe in this mating magic stuff when life has taught him that the only person he can count on is himself?

As dangers from multiple sources threaten everything he’s come to care about, Toby learns that being part of a pack isn’t just about accepting his fate, it’s about choice: choosing to trust Brooks, choosing to believe in himself, and choosing to fight for the life and love he deserves, even if he has to cross the entire fae realm to do it.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dragon’s Mate Volume Two, by Hope Bennett

Enjoy the Dragon’s Mate series in this convenient bundle.

Witch Mate?
Anthony is in trouble. As a witch who can’t do actual magic, he doesn’t have many options. The only person he can turn to is the dragon shifter he can’t get out of his mind.

‘Dimpy’ Hoskins is worried about his associate… the witch is in more trouble than he realises. But Dimpy is determined to protect him and win his heart.

A slow-burn m/m romance between a clever dragon shifter and the witch he’s been crushing on.

Breaking Free
Matty has done things he’s ashamed of. When two dragon shifters come to rescue him, Matty takes his chance to put things right, once and for all.

Dum plans to break Matty out, cause chaos and probably get even with that priest guy. His plans change when he scents Matty. Now he has a mate. Now there needs to be more chaos.

A light action m/m romance between a witch on a mission and the dragon shifter who would just love to help him.

Randall has been sent to bring his sister back to the coven. The problem is, she has a café, a cat, a dragon mate and an annoying, irritating, rude, offensive, interfering troll of a neighbour.

Broadmire tries not to be like other trolls. However, with Randall, all Broadmire’s trollish instincts come roaring to the surface and he delights in getting under the man’s skin.

An enemies-to-lovers m/m romance between a grouchy troll and a witch who likes to be in control.

Weirdness follows Joe around but that doesn’t mean he’s weird. The trouble is, Joe can’t convince himself that visions of gorgeous men walking out of trees is normal.

When Terrund finds himself suddenly free, he discovers he has a mate out there and no way of wooing him. Luckily, Terrund finds himself surrounded by a found family of misfits who are more than willing to help. At least, they say they’re helping. Sometimes, he’s not so sure.

A light-hearted romance between an earth spirit who is regaining his power and a human who’s looking for a home.

The Dragon’s Mate Collection currently has two volumes available. Volume One contains books 1-3 (and a special novella) and Volume Two contains books 4-7.

Start binging now to find out exactly what these men will do to finally claim their mates.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Gardens & Ghosts, by Maz Maddox

For the past few years, I’ve been living with a ghost.

My husband – my mate – was lost because of choices I made. As one of only a few tyrannosaur shifters on this planet, I have resigned myself to an immortality alone, married to my work.

I am more than happy to keep my walls up, heart guarded, and my focus set on my missions.

That was until a compassionate, plant obsessed man stomped into my life.

Henry is everything I don’t have time for: young, reckless, eager to prove himself, and desperate to push all of my buttons.

Some of those buttons he hits with expert precision.

When we learn about a rare, and life changing shifter fossil being traded on the black market, Henry and I set out into the concrete jungle of Chicago to steal it back.

The treasure is heavily guarded, worth a fortune, and sought after by all manner of deadly adversaries.

If we can keep our heads down and maintain a professional relationship, we might make it through this alive.

Henry has other plans.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Best Friends Float, by Camden Jess

When I fall, he always catches me. But what happens when he falls for me?

My best friend is a giant made of hard muscles, soft smiles, and an easy-going popularity. Jance Stringfellow has protected me from bullies and my own clumsiness all these years. But now that we’re on Neptune State’s swim team, things are different.

He’s straight, but his friendly back rubs linger. His fingers tug on my curls. When I hug him, I feel his heart racing against my cheek. And when I accidentally walk in on him during the middle of the night…

I’ve always known how big Jance looks. Now I need to know how big he feels.

I hope the size of my heart is enough to handle this massive man. He promises to always catch me. But we’re in unfamiliar waters now. The fear of losing one another is dragging us both under.

So how do we let go long enough to float?

Best Friends Float is a 72,000-word sweet-and-spicy, best-friends-to-lovers MM romance with a bi-awakening and a first-time, size difference, hurt/comfort, and cartoon animal underwear as a love language. It is the second in a series of standalones following the Neptune State University men’s swim team and all their HEAs.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Under His Wings, by Natalie Wish

He couldn’t submit to an angel! But it felt so good…

A challenge and a dance result in Zachariel, an angel, taking Hellion, a feisty demon, in hand. Hellion learns he can get nice things… but only if he begs for them.

This book is a part of a steamy series with dom/sub themes and guaranteed Happily Ever After.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Scoring the Keeper, by Hayden Hall

Sawyer Price is the broodiest, most stubborn guy I ever had the joy of tutoring. He is also the sexiest, most irresistible jock at Northwood U. His hockey scholarship depends on passing the general courses and I’m the cleverest physics cog on campus.

I’m kind of brilliant. Not that I’m bragging. But the line of students in need of my help has got to mean something, right? And because I can’t tutor them all, I’m forced to choose my students another way.

The thing is, no matter how smart I might be, I’m a total dating disaster. So when Sawyer and I find a mutually beneficial arrangement, I have no way out. He’s going to teach me how to score a guy. And I would be mad to refuse. After all, everyone is dying to hang out with Sawyer Price.

The problem with having no dating experience whatsoever is that my tutor quickly becomes my newest obsession. But a guy like that would never want to have me for real, right? I’m just a hopeless nerd trying to trade my V-card and he’s the star goalie for Arctic Titans.

We are polar opposites in every way. Even if we take things a step further, we can never really be together.

It seems like the final dating lesson I must learn is on the subject of heartbreak.

Scoring the Keeper is the second book in Hayden Halls Arctic Titans of Northwood U series of gay, college hockey romance novels. Expect fiery encounters on and off the ice, very thorough tutoring sessions, and the emotional rollercoaster of self-discovery, acceptance, and growth into adulthood. Scoring the Keeper can be read as a standalone, but it’s more fun to read the books in order.

99c PREORDER, Releasing October 17

No Names Allowed, by Terri Ronald

You have been invited to join us on The Moon. Your night with us will begin at nine o’clock in the evening, and you may stay until your heart’s desire. However, be advised, here on The Moon, we adhere to strict policies. Names are not allowed. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited. Plus-ones are prohibited. You must follow the dress code of all black, dressy casual attire. Failing to abide by the above-mentioned policies will result in your immediate removal from the premises. Exceptions will not be made.

We ask you not divulge any information concerning this invitation to anyone. We pride ourselves on privacy and exclusivity, please respect that. If you decide to join us, please be on time, or don’t come at all. The map printed on the inside of the envelope will direct you to your pickup location. We look forward to seeing you.

Tonight is the night I embark on a journey of discovery. I don’t know what awaits me, but my curious nature cannot be fulfilled until I know every secret hidden behind those closed doors. My only question is, will I be able to handle what I find?

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Pitcher Perfect, by Lee Blair

When a workaholic brewer and a lonely chef team up to win a prestigious food and beer competition, they might find the perfect pairing in each other.

Me and my friends knew that when we joined forces to open Tap That Brewery, we needed to do more than just make great brews to break into the crowded Oregon beer scene. When we get an opportunity to enter a beer and food pairing competition, I know our best bet is to join forces with Caleb, a.k.a. the cute as hell new food truck chef in town. The brewery keeps me too busy to date, but I can’t ignore his sexy sincerity or disarming smile. Spoiler alert: My feelings are growing faster than the head of foam on a badly poured beer.

It’s hard to be a newcomer in a charming small town like Dahlia Springs. I’m determined to live my dream of upgrading my food truck to a restaurant, and I even found the perfect space. But the cantankerous owner is reluctant to trust an outsider. Maybe teaming up with the local queer brewery is just what I need to prove I’m here for the long haul. The problem is, Austin, the adorable brewer who likes chefs about as much as food poisoning, also happens to be the key ingredient to the family I’ve been craving.

Pitcher Perfect is a low angst, steamy, and sweet MM contemporary romance about two men who discover they’re the perfect pairing. It’s the first in the Tap That Brewery series, which features four best friends who co-own a queer brewery together. It’s full of teasing as a love language, found family, more f-bombs than necessary, and a small town you’ll wish you could visit. Each book can be read as a standalone, though you may find it most enjoyable to read the series in order. Happily ever afters are guaranteed, and no cliffhangers!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Smoke and Mirrors, by Elizabeth Silver

Two things I know for sure: Magic isn’t real and never date your coworkers.

Xander knows for a fact magic belongs solely in the realm of fiction. But fate has other plans when he finds himself reluctantly going on a date to a mysterious traveling carnival. Little does he know that this seemingly harmless outing will thrust him into an entirely different dimension, where magic is very much a reality—though its practitioners label it as science.

As Xander navigates this extraordinary new world, he finds himself accompanied by distractingly attractive government agent Justus Farhill, whose good looks and honest heart make it challenging to keep those pesky emotions in check. Their undeniable chemistry grows the more they work together, and even though he knows he should be fighting to find his way home, Xander instead finds himself with one heck of a reason to stay.

But amidst the blossoming romance, the veil of tranquility over this strange realm has begun to fracture. A cataclysmic battle decades in the making looms on the horizon, where the balance of power between science and magic threatens the very fabric of existence if the wrong side gains control.

As alliances shift and loyalties are tested, Xander finds himself questioning what’s real… and what’s really worth fighting for. With the fate of multiple dimensions at stake, both Xander and Justus must confront doubts and insecurities about themselves and where they belong.

Even if that means sacrificing everything in the end.

Smoke and Mirrors is part of the multi-author Carnival of Mysteries Series. Each book stands alone, but each one includes at least one visit to Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, a magical, multiverse traveling show full of unusual acts, games, and rides. The Carnival changes to suit the world it’s on, so each visit is unique and special. This book contains a roller-coaster ride of magic, science, and heart-pounding romance—are you ready to take the plunge?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Light Me Up, by Christie Gordon

Sparks fly when a cynical rocker recovering from trauma meets a vibrant, upbeat man. But will an ex who’s determined to exploit their past wounds rip them apart?

Silas Brown

I’m the rhythm guitar player in a pop-punk band and I’m tired of being called a hero. I’m also done with crazy. After taking down a mass shooter, I’m trying to survive and recover. Then out of nowhere, this colorful dude pleas for help and what do I do? Save him. Of course, he’s really attractive and probably crazy. Now he’s found me at work, wants to meet for coffee and so much more. Do I lower my defenses and let him in?

Cash Phillips

After a childhood of neglect and foster care, I’ve defeated my past and clawed my way to happiness. Now I’m ready to meet Mr. Right and I know he’s out there. He might even be Silas, the one who saved me from being robbed. He’s cranky and oh so adorable and I know he’s the yin to my yang. How can I make him see I’m not the crazy man he thinks I am?

When Silas’ ex comes at us with her brand of emotional abuse, Silas tries to shield me. But when she’s the one needing help, will it tear us apart or bring us all together?

Light Me Up is the fourth book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features a grumpy man falling for another who’s all sunshine, hurt/comfort, and a bad-boy rocker recovering from past trauma and emotional abuse. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a cynical college student with a big heart, and a man who’s perpetually positive and knows what he wants. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A (Non) Comprehensive Guide to Sea Serpents, by AJ Sherwood

Two new apprentices. One charming engineer. A potential battle with both sea serpents and evil sorcerers.

When Sorcerer Adrien Danvers takes on a job that leads him into the slums of England, he never imagined he’d end up with not one, but two apprentices. Despite his doubts in himself, he’s the only chance the two pre-teens have to escape their hellish life.
When Sir Hugh Quartermain contracts him to deal with the mysterious circumstances surrounding his home on the Isle of Man, Adrien finds the more time they spend together, the more his walls come down around the beguiling engineer–an unusual occurrence and a terrifying prospect.

But as it turns out, this case is about to take a turn–a battle with both beast and man, the ultimate test of Adrien’s willingness to accept help. When he does, Hugh proves to be a fierce protector and friend, more so than Adrien could’ve ever bargained for, and he finds himself longing for something he shouldn’t.
Falling for his new friend is not a complication Adrien needs. (His matchmaking apprentices disagree.)

Magical AU, Adrien’s way of dealing with bad days is to curse things, repeatedly, fortunately lots of targets keep presenting themselves, Hugh has precisely zero chill where Adrien is concerned, as people will learn the hard way, here we have Extremely Competent MCs because that is my jam, set after WWI, but no worries, I can’t write angst to save my life, curses, magic, bit of mystery, apprentices are acquired, something of a slow burn, Hugh’s a sweetie, right up until you endanger his boys, then he’s your worst nightmare, man’s a knight in multiple ways

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Star to Sail By, by Joy Lynn Fielding

Kidnapped by pirates, a naval officer is torn between duty and desire.

Sailing the vast and treacherous seas, Billy knows no greater joy than the life of a pirate, where no man is his master and his destination is the horizon. Aboard the most beautiful ship ever to grace the ocean, he revels in his freedom. But his world changes when his captain tasks him with an unexpected duty—guarding the naval officer they’ve compelled to join their crew. Billy’s hatred for the navy burns stronger than the Caribbean sun.

Meanwhile, Crispin Merrick’s deepest yearning has always been to command a vessel in the illustrious Royal Navy. Stripped of his duties after the war, he’s reduced to serving on a merchant ship. When marauding pirates board the vessel and abduct him, his dreams of naval glory have never seemed further away.

When disaster strikes the pirate ship, the two men face a desperate fight for survival. Billy and Crispin must set aside their animosity and join forces. But trust is a precious commodity, and it’s in woefully short supply when they loathe everything the other stands for.

NEW RELEASE, Available on Amazon

Circle Trilogy – Epic M/M/M Fantasy Romance Box Set, by Leigh Jarrett

Age of Mycea (Book 1)
Blood, conquest, and glory at his side becomes respect and admiration—and longing

The Marjar attack on Mycea sets in motion a series of changes in the ruling structure of the empire that will forever impact the lives of three powerful men. King Meshia, supreme ruler of the empire, Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical battalion, and Sebastian’s Cardinian lover, Leo, a gifted healer beyond any that have come before him.

King Meshia has a secret, one that might lose him his crown. One that would certainly diminish his capacity to rule and lead the empire’s forces into battle. One night of unbridled passion, one weakness, one longing that could bring the monarchy to its knees.

Sebastian of Cardin, Commander of the Third Empirical Battalion knows that love comes in many forms. He lives it, he breathes it. He is unapologetic. The military and his home in the Entertainment District in the Neter Colony on Mycea suit every aspect of his life.

Leo of Cardin, a conjuring Cardinian, an anomaly of nature. Skilled in his craft. A force to be reckoned with in his own right. His relationship with Sebastian does not define every aspect of his life. He too has a secret, his family heritage placing him in a position of incredible power.

Their world in turmoil, they will be called upon to embrace the love in their lives and abandon their long-held prejudices against one another in order to preserve the survival of their people.

Age of Cardin (Book 2)
Three powerful men find themselves connected by an inexplicable, unprecedented bond

The empire’s military has moved to Cardin, a desolate planet of endless undulations of blistering, shifting sand. The palace stands alone amongst a sea of battle-ready fleet ships. The Cardinian slave trade still flourishing under the previous rule.
Prince Leozeuramun, now the ruler of Cardin, is anxious to bring an end to the slave trade and return some dignity to his people, with his husband, Sebastian, King of Mycea and High Commander of the Empirical Forces by his side.

Soon, discussions turn to ideas, and ideas lead to decisions, and the concept of reinstating the once-powerful and technologically advanced Cardinian Empire is borne.

Much to Leo’s disappointment, this means Meshia will need to join them on Cardin.

As enemies sharing the palace, Meshia and Leo must set aside their differences to bring forth the rise of the Cardinian Empire and together, as three powerful men, learn to wield the unprecedented triad bond that has connected them all.

The future of the empire depends on it.

Age of Tunisca (Book 3)
Love unexpected and far-reaching expectations spark potential chaos

The love between the three men, Sebastian, Leo, and Meshia is challenged by Prince Seth’s actions as he matures. Threatening to tear them apart forever. The Cardinian triad bond, the circle, remains intact but in jeopardy. Secrets are weakening the bond between them, and choices need to be made that will bring much pain to Meshia.

The future of the Cardinian Empire will soon be in the hands of the next generation. Prince Seth is being prepared to rule; to be the first true Emperor in two hundred fifty years. But will his forever and always love interest impede his ability to take his people into the next phase of his reign? Will the Cardinian Empire survive where Emperor Seth wants to take them?

Will the Cardinian Empire’s mantra of love and truth prevail?

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

Battle for the Top, by Ariella Zoelle

Knightley and Kingston’s fierce battles on the tennis court are legendary. But when their rivalry takes an unexpectedly sexy turn, will their adversarial passion lead to real romance?

After Kingston steals my title as best tennis player in the world, my biggest priority is reclaiming my rightful place as number one. But he effortlessly defeats me at every match, fueling my fury.

An angry confrontation with my rival quickly takes an explosive turn when I discover a new way for me to come out on top. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never been interested in men before. The temptation to have Kingston at my mercy matters more to me than his gender.

Kingston is about to learn that I kiss to win—and I have no intention of stopping there. I’ll make him beg on his knees for more than just mercy. I want him under me, both in our world rankings and in my bed. More than that, I’m determined to win him over and make him mine.

Can I make Kingston give in to me so I can have my ultimate victory?

Battle for the Top is a standalone novella featuring a tennis rivals to lovers, bisexual awakening, M/M sports romance. Full of hot banter and sexy fun, this book ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers.

FREE BOOK, Kindle Unlimited

The Renegade, by Silvia Violet

I was born to be a protector, and Jacob was born to be mine.

As a marine, I followed my gut and defied orders.

I was left with a stain on my record and nowhere to go until an old friend pulled me back into the world of organized crime.

Paradise Ranch is my home now, but my life is far from easy. It’s filled with dangerous men, threats to those I care for, and enemies who’d like to bring my entire operation down.

I don’t have time for a relationship, but when a scared young man comes to me for help, I can’t say no. I also can’t keep my hands off him. How can we make time for our tender feelings, when danger lurks everywhere we go?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Love with a Bite, by Silvia Onyx

I’m the only undead detective in the city. Most people hate my kind, including Jason, the hot new crime lab tech. Despite his prejudice, I want to sink my fangs—and more—into him every time he crosses my path.

When I refuse to drop a forbidden case, I take a gamble and trust Jason. The young deer shifter shows defiance, not fear, but ultimately, he bends to my will.

The dangerous case pushes us together until the tension between us explodes. Soon I realize I like more about Jason than his beautiful body and warm, rich blood. Is there a chance, he’ll stay with me even though I’m a risk to his life, not just his heart?

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Gummy Bears & Grenades, by Charlie Cochet

THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley can’t wait to marry his fiancé, Team Leader Sloane Brodie, but first he’s looking forward to celebrating his bachelor party—which he intends to be a shenanigans-free evening of getting his groove on with family and friends.

Of course events don’t work out as planned, but for Dex that’s nothing new. One thing is for sure, dodging drug dealers and hired thugs amid booze, dancing—and even a bear costume—will guarantee it’s a night Dex will never forget. Now he just needs to survive all the fun.

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The Shade and his Thief, by Adara Wolf & R. Phoenix

Desperate thief Myth needs one big score to get himself out of a serious hole. Why not steal from his royal father, who refuses to acknowledge him? Unfortunately, the ornate amulet he steals is bad news. Now everybody is out for Myth’s blood.

Callan should be just one of the many people after Myth–but Callan isn’t a person at all. He’s a shade, a creature of shadow and magic. Callan is dark, and dangerous, and even worse news than the amulet itself. His dark, shadowy tendrils reach inside Myth and sate a hunger Myth never knew he had.

Myth finds himself falling deeper and deeper into Callan’s grasp. He’ll lose sight of his goals–he’ll lose sight of himself–if he gives in.

But would that be so bad?

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