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The Amazing Alpha Tau Boyfriend Project, by Lisa Henry & Sarah Honey

At first glance Archer Calloway is your typical frat boy—preppy, pre-law, privileged. But one thing he’s not is a jerk. So when a shy guy at a wedding gives Archer his number, Archer is impressed by his courage in putting himself out there.

What starts as a courtesy call to the guy turns into friendship. Eli is awesome, and Archer can’t understand why he’s single. With the help of his fraternity brothers at Alpha Tau, Archer comes up with the perfect project for the semester: Get Eli Fuller the perfect boyfriend or die trying.

It’s a flawless plan and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Uh oh.

The Amazing Alpha Tau Boyfriend Project is a lighthearted contemporary m/m romance containing banter, bad dates, and an oblivious frat boy who is about to discover something new about himself. Or something.

FEATURED DEAL – 99c, Kindle Unlimited

Take Me Apart, by Skyler Snow & Brea Alepou

I have only one goal in life: Become a detective. It’s there, just out of reach, so close I can taste it. When I find out the Vitale family is about to be investigated again, I do what I do best.

Jump in head first.

There’s just one problem; Enzo Vitale. The man is red hot danger, every word a dare from his lips. And I never was one to turn away from a challenge…

But when things get rough, lies reign and deceit is around every corner. I find myself drawn to the one man I should be running from. The criminal whose hands are bathed in blood. Am I falling for the enemy?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Ghost Train, by Pandora Pine

All aboard the ghost train! If you dare…

Needing a well-deserved vacation, psychics Copeland Forbes and Tennyson Grimm accept an offer to take The Lincoln Ghost Train from Boston to Chicago. While on board, the psychics will provide private readings to the passengers and will speak with the spirits who inhabit each of the famously haunted locations the tour will visit. When Cope has an eerie premonition of danger, he chalks it up to being overtired and boards the sleeper car with his family in tow.

Detective Jude Byrne is burned out from working cold cases with his partner Ronan O’Mara. Both men are leery of taking the haunted train, but finally acquiesce when they’re told the second half of the trip will include a week’s stay at a dude ranch out west. Worried his husband will encounter spirits more powerful than his gift can handle, Jude vows to protect his family at all costs.

One day into the trip, Cope encounters Augusta Harbor, a Civil War widow who has spent the last century and half searching for her son, a Union soldier who died on a muddy battlefield mere months before the conflict ended. She appears to be a kind woman dealing with unimaginable heartbreak, but Cope is well aware that looks can be deceiving.

What no one knows is that Augusta will go to any length to reunite with her son, even if that means making Jude and Cope permanent inhabitants of the ghost train.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Forward Entry, by Aurora Crane

Be an experiment for the straight, fiery, redheaded captain of his rival football team? Noah can do that. Make sure he doesn’t fall in love with him? Not a problem.

Noah Walker is a key forward for the Sydney Swallows in the Australian Football League. Bryce Monaghan is captain for the rival Sydney team.

The lines between them couldn’t be clearer: Bryce is straight, Noah is not. And nothing is more important to Noah than his team. Noah doesn’t mind walking Bryce through his bi-curiosity, but he won’t let their arrangement complicate his life or his chance at the premiership flag.

The chemistry between them is sudden and unexpected and quickly gains a life of its own. The mutual understanding that they start with doesn’t survive long, burned up between their sheets.

As the season heats up, the lines that have been so clear for them, on and off the field, begin to blur.

But it’s still just a temporary fling.


How could it be anything else?

Forward Entry is an Australian Football League gay-sports romance. It is low angst and high steam with a bi-awakening, and features frenemies-to-lovers that can’t keep their hands off each other.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Infamous Park Avenue Prince, by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.

Weston LaRue
“The Playboy”

I’m never one to turn down a bet. Especially not when it comes to retaliating against the dean for pulling a dick move before summer break.
So when the dean’s golden child arrives at Astor for his freshman year, my fellow troublemakers throw down a wager I can’t resist.

The target: the dean’s son, John Thomas Hawthorne, or “JT.”
The bet: corruption in any way I choose.

It should’ve been easy. With his mess of brown curls, pouty lips, and good-boy reputation, JT is the perfect revenge. And even better? He’s straight.

Challenge accepted. I’ll do whatever it takes to prove a point, no matter how reckless it might be.

Game. On.

Infamous Park Avenue Prince is the first standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.

PREORDER, Releasing September 29

Spellbound Omega, by Aries France

An omega with magical amnesia. An Alpha betrothed to another. Disruption in the Seelie Court.

Lycan is an omega hurt and on the run from . . .well he doesn’t even know that. He knows little to nothing, except that he’s lucky Seath is the one who finds him. Seath is the Pack Legate, the next Alpha of the NorthWest Pack; a rich and powerful pack full of humans, witches, shifters, and even a vampire, among a few other magical creatures. They take the abused omega in, and it starts to feel as if Lycan is exactly where he is supposed to be, even if he still has to put together who he actually is.

Betrothed by fate to another, Seath struggles with the intense attraction he feels pulling him toward the little wolf who needs to heal a lot more than just his broken bones. Of course, there are a million other things to keep him busy and keep the Pack thriving, not the least of which is a Pack Alpha with other duties, leaving Seath in charge of the Pack more often than not—even in the beginning of a mysterious unrest among the Fae.

But Fate wants her say, too, and as the spell-induced bonds on Lycan’s mind start to unravel, Seath and Lycan have to decide if they choose each other.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Light Me Up, by Christie Gordon

Sparks fly when a cynical rocker recovering from trauma meets a vibrant, upbeat man. But will an ex who’s determined to exploit their past wounds rip them apart?

Silas Brown

I’m the rhythm guitar player in a pop-punk band and I’m tired of being called a hero. I’m also done with crazy. After taking down a mass shooter, I’m trying to survive and recover. Then out of nowhere, this colorful dude pleas for help and what do I do? Save him. Of course, he’s really attractive and probably crazy. Now he’s found me at work, wants to meet for coffee and so much more. Do I lower my defenses and let him in?

Cash Phillips

After a childhood of neglect and foster care, I’ve defeated my past and clawed my way to happiness. Now I’m ready to meet Mr. Right and I know he’s out there. He might even be Silas, the one who saved me from being robbed. He’s cranky and oh so adorable and I know he’s the yin to my yang. How can I make him see I’m not the crazy man he thinks I am?

When Silas’ ex comes at us with her brand of emotional abuse, Silas tries to shield me. But when she’s the one needing help, will it tear us apart or bring us all together?

Light Me Up is the fourth book in the Rock U series and is part of the Mesa Boys universe. This novel features a grumpy man falling for another who’s all sunshine, hurt/comfort, and a bad-boy rocker recovering from past trauma and emotional abuse. It guarantees an HEA and has no cliffhangers. It features a cynical college student with a big heart, and a man who’s perpetually positive and knows what he wants. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

99c SALE, Multiple Retailers

Penny for Your Heart, by Season Vining

At fourteen, Penny Winters fell out of the closet and in love with her best friend, Misa Ito. But before they truly understood their feelings, Misa and her family were gone. Over a decade later, when Penny secures a job at a top New York advertising agency, she has a second chance at first love when she’s introduced to the lead account executive, Misa.

But the road to happiness is riddled with potholes. Misa is still impossibly beautiful, but super cold. And Misa shows no recollection of Penny—the girl who once showed her how to skateboard, make daisy chain crowns, and shared every secret with. On top of that, there’s the huge engagement ring and photo of a handsome man on Misa’s desk. The butterflies Penny feels don’t seem one-sided, and she wants answers.

Penny has no idea that she’s begging for the impossible. Getting Misa to admit anything means asking her to do the unthinkable: put aside her career and her father’s expectations to give in to her heart. Which has always belonged to Penny.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Cover Up, by E.M. Lindsey

Felix has a major problem.

He’s pining.

Well, pining might not be the right word for how he feels about the absurdly hot, one-armed chef who works next door, but it’s close enough.

Felix doesn’t have high hopes for romance, though. Not with the fact that his face blindness means every time he looks at Deimos, it’s like he’s seeing him for the first time. After all, who would want a relationship with a man who couldn’t pick him out of a crowd?

But that’s not his actual problem. Felix learns he needs to see his terrible family for his grammy’s funeral, and Dei has offered to go along to act like his boyfriend.

And God help him, but Felix can’t bring himself to say no.

But hey, what’s a little emotional torture when he gets to pretend Dei is his for a little while?

It seems that Dei has softer, kinder plans for Felix’s heart than to torture it, however—and Felix quickly learns there’s no way to cover up being in love. Dei’s words of affection are powerful, and Felix realizes the only thing in the world he wants is to let Dei in.

Cover-Up is a slow burn, friends to lovers romance featuring fake boyfriends, tattoos as a love language, gratuitous use of adorable pet names, pining, there’s only one bed, heavy praise, steamy nights, and the most satisfying happily ever after.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Best Friends Float, by Camden Jess

When I fall, he always catches me. But what happens when he falls for me?

My best friend is a giant made of hard muscles, soft smiles, and an easy-going popularity. Jance Stringfellow has protected me from bullies and my own clumsiness all these years. But now that we’re on Neptune State’s swim team, things are different.

He’s straight, but his friendly back rubs linger. His fingers tug on my curls. When I hug him, I feel his heart racing against my cheek. And when I accidentally walk in on him during the middle of the night…

I’ve always known how big Jance looks. Now I need to know how big he feels.

I hope the size of my heart is enough to handle this massive man. He promises to always catch me. But we’re in unfamiliar waters now. The fear of losing one another is dragging us both under.

So how do we let go long enough to float?

Best Friends Float is a 72,000-word sweet-and-spicy, best-friends-to-lovers MM romance with a bi-awakening and a first-time, size difference, hurt/comfort, and cartoon animal underwear as a love language. It is the second in a series of standalones following the Neptune State University men’s swim team and all their HEAs.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

My Grumpy Sweetheart, by Ray Celar

Rewarding your own accomplishments is important – and if rewarding myself will also get me a mini vacation and a hot date while I’m doing something for charity? Sign me up. Well, I did. That’s why I’m on the way to a fantastic weekend with a sexy axe murderer. At least he looks like one. Minus the axe – for this trip at least. But he doesn’t need one anyway. If looks could kill, I’d already be dead without even making it to our destination.
I don’t understand why he’s so grumpy since he signed up for this, too, but that’s okay. Some people need a little longer to warm up to me. But in the end, they all do.

I didn’t sign up for this and I don’t want to be here. The fact that my friends auctioned me off behind my back, and then guilt tripped me into actually going along with their crazy plan is still eating away at me. I know I’m taking it out on my date and I know that’s not okay, but Bailey is just so… annoyingly bright. No matter what I’m throwing at him to let my frustrations out, he gives it a positive spin. It’s driving me freaking crazy.
I have no idea how to not kill him if we have to spend the whole weekend together. In the most romantic suite the B’n’B had to offer. Sharing a bed.

As two people who couldn’t be more different from another are thrown together by a charity auction and a well-meaning B’n’B owner, tension rises and sparks fly, until they’re not sure if they want to rip their heads or their clothes off.
But they only need to get through the weekend before they can go their separate ways and leave this weird, confusing weekend behind them.
At least if that’s still what they want to do.

My Grumpy Sweetheart is a grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract, only-one-bed mm romance. It is a part of the Sweetheart Escapes multi author series. It can be read as a standalone, but why not grab them all?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Boy Called Rainbow, by Robin Knight

Love comes in all colors…

Art evaluator Miles Tate is finally about to start living his dream… that is if he can get the funding in place to open his own art gallery in New York. But when an unexpected turn of events finds every one of Miles’ perfectly-planned dreams turned upside-down, it’s time to escape Manhattan and reluctantly take up a well-paid job in the tiny seaside town of Hope’s Bluff, Georgia. For Miles, it’s his only chance to make some money, claw back what little dignity he has left, and figure out what the hell to do with his life.

But evaluating the art collection of a deceased estate isn’t made easy by the grandson of the dearly departed. Indeed, the young man who calls himself Rainbow is a hot-tempered, hotter-than-hell artist whose secrets run deep and passions run raw. He is talented, troubled, tempestuous and deaf… and possibly the one person who can save Miles from his own heartache.

Can Miles finish the job he’s been paid to do… or will two opposites find that they have more in common than they first imagined? Can the pair of them find the strength in each other to rebuild their lives… or will the traumas of their pasts drive them both away? Will Miles turn his back on the handsome, hurt, artistic genius he’s stumbled upon… or will he finally find true love in the arms of a Boy Called Rainbow?

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Due West, by Declan Rhodes


The first time I saw R.J., his eyes looked twice as wide open as normal, like an anime character. He slipped into the diner booth on the other side of my table and said, “If anybody asks, you’re my…fiancé.”

How would I know a stop for a burger and fries at the Shine and Dine in Scottsbluff, Nebraska would so profoundly change my life? After that first meeting, there was no going back to normal. Everything from that point forward was astoundingly different and new.

I’d set out from Chicago two days earlier on a desperate mission to save my fledgling writing career. I’d secured an assignment to explore life on an epic road trip due west to San Francisco. Those first days were quiet, even boring, and then—R.J.

To save him from armed thugs, I agreed to take him as far as Boulder, Colorado. One of his best friends, a drag performer named Carlotta Geaux, would take it from there. That was the plan—until R.J. blissed out on Miles Davis, sang a perfect “Last Dance,” and made me care.


I needed to escape Nebraska. I had to leave my town.

My home.

Most of all—my crooked father.

I had a plan to engineer a ride to Colorado from a stranger—any ordinary schlub with a working vehicle. Then I picked Max, with his blue eyes, black hair, and sweet sense of humor.

I intended the choice to be random, but the gods had other plans. The choice of Max had to be anything but arbitrary. Love at first sight? I was an instant convert.

Now, I had a mission to sway him to my plan, step by step, all the way across the country. He needed to keep me by his side, and, in the end, fall as hard for me as I fell for him.

Due West is a gay road trip romance featuring a fake relationship, love at first sight, drag performers, rattlesnakes, an Elvis impersonator, and adventure rides suspended hundreds of feet above rocky canyons.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Best Kind of Awkward, by Becca Seymour

A new job, a move to a small town, and it takes less than ten seconds to get hung up on the delicious single dad wearing gray sweatpants.

In my defense, he has the whole… package.

He’s fun and generous, kind and intelligent. He also agrees to help me coach the new youth basketball team. Does it matter that he’s clueless about the game? Apparently not, since I’m keen to spend as much time with him as possible.

Will Evans is a little older, no doubt a lot wiser, and he’s also distracting in the best possible way.

But there’s something holding us back. It’s not our chemistry, as together we are combustible. Which means that, like me, Will’s not fully opening up. But you know what they say about secrets. They can get in the way of happiness, and if we’re not careful, they’re going to sneak up on us and destroy any possibility of a future we may have together.

With the support of our busybody neighbors, the cheers of the youth basketball team, and the unwavering conviction that we’re meant to be together, we’re reminded that true happiness lies in embracing our vulnerabilities and daring to love with our whole selves is always worth the risk.

Six couples, six low-angst romances, six reasons to fall in love…
Best Kind of Awkward is the first book in the multi-author series. Each book is stand-alone, but if you enjoy swoon-worthy romances set in a small town, then stay a while. You’ll fall in love with the men of Collier’s Creek.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Make Mine A Bunny, by Colbie Dunbar and Harper B Cole

Shifters are supposed to be able to shift.

Omega Griffin is a bunny shifter whose beast takes fright during a hike and takes his fur. Instead of enjoying a walk in the woods, suddenly he’s a defenseless creature, hunted by a predator.

Human alpha Logan has just arrived in Riverford to take up a job at a children’s store. His boss, Harry, has a shock of blue hair and a meddlesome uncle, Mr. Lucas. They welcome Logan into their new home until he finds a place of his own.

Griffin is terrified, alone in the forest, as a wild animal pads over the forest floor toward his bunny. But eventually, he’s rescued by Harry and Mr. Lucas.

The omega is traumatized, and when Mr. Lucas instructs him on how to take his skin, he can’t until they ask Logan for help. But without knowing shifters exist and witnessing a bunny transform into a man, Logan can’t cope and runs away.

Can the alpha get over his fear so the pair can be friends? Or become more than friends?

Make Mine A Bunny is the eighth book in the M/M mpreg shifter, sweet-with-knotty-heat Mated By Chance series.It features an omega shifter whose world is turned upside down, a human who adapts to the world of shifters, two meddlesome but loving matchmakers, adorable babies, and a very happy ever after.

99c SALE, Multiple Retailers

Giving Chase, by Riley Hart

I wasn’t supposed to fall for my older brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, that ship sailed when I was a teenager, even though Chase Hawthorne always treated me like nothing more than a younger sibling. Things were worse after my parents died. Chase was sweet and supportive, which only strengthened my feelings for him. But then he’d act like I couldn’t take care of myself, and that part didn’t go over well with me. Yeah, I had a habit of screwing up. I’d always been the weird boy in our small town, but just like my big brother, he took overprotective to a new level. Until one night when I was eighteen and Chase and I hooked up. It was a ding to the ego that he left town right afterward. Ridiculously, I’m still not over him.

I betrayed my best friend, Griffin, the night I messed around with Kellan. So I ran—first to the Marines, then into law enforcement. Ten years later, I’m back home, this time as a patrol officer rather than a troublemaker’s son. Oh, and unable to keep my hands off Kellan Caine. There’s always been something about him…the way he stands strong in who he is, even when he’s standing alone. I’m trapped between someone I want more than anything and Griff, the guy who’s like family to me. Yet the more time I spend with Kellan, the harder it becomes to deny there’s something real between us.
With my dad stirring up trouble, and me going behind my best friend’s back, everything’s a mess. The more tangled the web gets, the more I realize I need Kellan. And that there might be something in the Hawthorne family history that’ll make me lose both Kellan and Griffin for good.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A (Non) Comprehensive Guide to Sea Serpents, by AJ Sherwood

Two new apprentices. One charming engineer. A potential battle with both sea serpents and evil sorcerers.

When Sorcerer Adrien Danvers takes on a job that leads him into the slums of England, he never imagined he’d end up with not one, but two apprentices. Despite his doubts in himself, he’s the only chance the two pre-teens have to escape their hellish life.
When Sir Hugh Quartermain contracts him to deal with the mysterious circumstances surrounding his home on the Isle of Man, Adrien finds the more time they spend together, the more his walls come down around the beguiling engineer–an unusual occurrence and a terrifying prospect.

But as it turns out, this case is about to take a turn–a battle with both beast and man, the ultimate test of Adrien’s willingness to accept help. When he does, Hugh proves to be a fierce protector and friend, more so than Adrien could’ve ever bargained for, and he finds himself longing for something he shouldn’t.
Falling for his new friend is not a complication Adrien needs. (His matchmaking apprentices disagree.)

Magical AU, Adrien’s way of dealing with bad days is to curse things, repeatedly, fortunately lots of targets keep presenting themselves, Hugh has precisely zero chill where Adrien is concerned, as people will learn the hard way, here we have Extremely Competent MCs because that is my jam, set after WWI, but no worries, I can’t write angst to save my life, curses, magic, bit of mystery, apprentices are acquired, something of a slow burn, Hugh’s a sweetie, right up until you endanger his boys, then he’s your worst nightmare, man’s a knight in multiple ways

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Star to Sail By, by Joy Lynn Fielding

Kidnapped by pirates, a naval officer is torn between duty and desire.

Billy knows no greater joy than the life of a pirate, where no man is his master and his destination is the horizon. Aboard the most beautiful ship to sail the seas, he revels in his freedom. But his world changes when his captain tasks him with an unexpected duty—guarding the naval officer they’ve compelled to join their crew. Billy’s hatred for the navy burns stronger than the Caribbean sun.

Crispin Merrick’s deepest yearning has always been to command a vessel in the Royal Navy. Stripped of his duties after the war, he’s reduced to serving on a merchant ship. When marauding pirates board the vessel and abduct him, his dreams of naval glory have never seemed further away.

When disaster strikes the pirate ship, Billy and Crispin face a desperate fight for survival. They must set aside their animosity and join forces. But trust is a precious commodity, and it’s in woefully short supply when they loathe everything the other stands for.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Love with a Bite, by Silvia Onyx

I’m the only undead detective in the city. Most people hate my kind, including Jason, the hot new crime lab tech. Despite his prejudice, I want to sink my fangs—and more—into him every time he crosses my path.

When I refuse to drop a forbidden case, I take a gamble and trust Jason. The young deer shifter shows defiance, not fear, but ultimately, he bends to my will.

The dangerous case pushes us together until the tension between us explodes. Soon I realize I like more about Jason than his beautiful body and warm, rich blood. Is there a chance, he’ll stay with me even though I’m a risk to his life, not just his heart?

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Dragon’s Mate Volume Two, by Hope Bennett

Enjoy the Dragon’s Mate series in this convenient bundle.

Witch Mate?

Anthony is in trouble. As a witch who can’t do actual magic, he doesn’t have many options. The only person he can turn to is the dragon shifter he can’t get out of his mind.

‘Dimpy’ Hoskins is worried about his associate… the witch is in more trouble than he realises. But Dimpy is determined to protect him and win his heart.

A slow-burn m/m romance between a clever dragon shifter and the witch he’s been crushing on.

Breaking Free

Matty has done things he’s ashamed of. When two dragon shifters come to rescue him, Matty takes his chance to put things right, once and for all.

Dum plans to break Matty out, cause chaos and probably get even with that priest guy. His plans change when he scents Matty. Now he has a mate. Now there needs to be more chaos.

A light action m/m romance between a witch on a mission and the dragon shifter who would just love to help him.


Randall has been sent to bring his sister back to the coven. The problem is, she has a café, a cat, a dragon mate and an annoying, irritating, rude, offensive, interfering troll of a neighbour.

Broadmire tries not to be like other trolls. However, with Randall, all Broadmire’s trollish instincts come roaring to the surface and he delights in getting under the man’s skin.

An enemies-to-lovers m/m romance between a grouchy troll and a witch who likes to be in control.


Weirdness follows Joe around but that doesn’t mean he’s weird. The trouble is, Joe can’t convince himself that visions of gorgeous men walking out of trees is normal.

When Terrund finds himself suddenly free, he discovers he has a mate out there and no way of wooing him. Luckily, Terrund finds himself surrounded by a found family of misfits who are more than willing to help. At least, they say they’re helping. Sometimes, he’s not so sure.

A light-hearted romance between an earth spirit who is regaining his power and a human who’s looking for a home.

The Dragon’s Mate Collection currently has two volumes available. Volume One contains books 1-3 (and a special novella) and Volume Two contains books 4-7.

Start binging now to find out exactly what these men will do to finally claim their mates.

$1.99 SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Gummy Bears & Grenades, by Charlie Cochet

THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley can’t wait to marry his fiancé, Team Leader Sloane Brodie, but first he’s looking forward to celebrating his bachelor party—which he intends to be a shenanigans-free evening of getting his groove on with family and friends.

Of course events don’t work out as planned, but for Dex that’s nothing new. One thing is for sure, dodging drug dealers and hired thugs amid booze, dancing—and even a bear costume—will guarantee it’s a night Dex will never forget. Now he just needs to survive all the fun.

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