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Teighan, by Eryn Hawk

Alexander Lawrence is bored. At twenty-seven, his life is an endless loop of painting and teaching—and lots of mind-numbing sex to distract himself from the fact he’s trapped in a gilded cage of his mother’s making. That is, until his best friend goes back to the Fae realm, leaving a seven-foot hunk of grumping gorgeousness to act as Alex’s bodyguard, and he suddenly finds himself totally uninterested in anyone else. It’s challenging, pursuing a guy who seems to hate his guts, knowing it might well end in disaster, but Alex never could resist the thrill of the chase.

Teighan Haryk is the half-blood son of a King, and a war-hardened Fae Captain to boot. Babysitting humans isn’t part of his resume. But he made a promise to watch over Alex—and he never goes back on his word—so for the time being, he’s stuck guarding the insufferable artist with the smart mouth and pretty eyes. It’s infuriating, but he’s oddly enthralled by the creature, and after learning that the boy’s life isn’t as easy as he assumed, his protective streak awakens. Teighan’s resolve is tested to its limit, and despite his efforts to stay indifferent, he’s forced to admit that he may have met his perfect match.

Alex struggles to deal with his issues while Teighan tries to pretend his feelings don’t exist. Their chemistry is scorching, but there’s no way their attraction will ever be more than physical.

Will it?

TEIGHAN is a MM paranormal romance with spice, size difference, and soulmates. It features a sunshine human using flirting in place of therapy, and a surly Fae whose plans of a peaceful life take a mate-shaped detour. TEIGHAN is second in the VEILED CITY series, which is best read in order due to the overarching plot. Each book focuses on its own pair and their HEA.

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Rule Breakers, by R. Cayden

Troy Frisk was already a baseball legend when he was my age.

Now, he’s Philly’s toughest sports agent. A famous grump, founder of the best agency in town, and my new representation.

Oh, and he’s also the stranger I accidentally picked up the other night, turns out.

I’m a soccer star at the start of my career.

I already have a reputation for acting impulsively, and my team is not impressed by the antics.

Hooking up again with my older, famous agent is a recipe for disaster, totally forbidden.

He’s straight anyway, and I’m not out of the closet.

So I will not tempt fate while my team is on a winning streak.

No matter how many times Troy Frisk and I find ourselves alone at the office or the gym.

Even if it turns out the old jock is weirdly, totally lovable.

And kind of perfect for me.

Rule Breakers is a standalone M/M romance with an age gap, forbidden shenanigans, and two jocks who can’t help but fall for each other. It’s an easy read with lots of steam and a touch of angst. Enjoy!

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Best Supporting Actor, by Joanna Chambers and Sally Malcolm

Lights, camera…attraction!

When Tag O’Rourke, struggling actor-slash-barista, meets Jay Warren, son of acting royalty, it’s loathing at first sight. Loathing…and lust.

Tag’s dream is to act, but it’s a dream that’s crumbling beneath the weight of student debt and his family’s financial problems. If his career doesn’t take off soon, he’s going to have to get a real job. After all, feeding his family is more important than feeding his soul.

Luckily, Tag’s about to get his big break…

Jay never had to dream about acting; he was always destined to follow in his famous mother’s footsteps. But fame has its price and a traumatic experience early in Jay’s career has left him with paralysing stage fright, which is why he sticks to the safety of TV work—and avoids relationships with co-stars at all costs.

Unfortunately, Jay’s safe world is about to be rocked…

After an ill-judged yet mind-blowing night together, Jay and Tag part acrimoniously. So it’s a nasty shock when they discover that they’ve been cast in a two-man play that could launch Tag’s career and finally get Jay back onto the stage where he belongs.

Sure, it’s not ideal, but how bad can working with your arch-nemesis be?

All they have to do is survive six weeks rehearsing together and navigate a cast of smarmy festival directors, terrible landladies, and vengeful journalists. Oh, and try not to fall in love before the curtain rises…

Break a leg!

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The Cowboy and the Outcast, by Jackie North

Everywhere I go, I look for home. You are my home.

On the run for two years from an abusive family situation, Kell searches for a safe harbor. Instead of that happening, Kell gets arrested, but, unbelievably, amidst the horrors of prison, there shines a glimmer of hope.

Marston’s life is a mess. Everything he touches crumbles to dust. A second chance comes in the form of a job with the Farthingdale Valley New Start Program, except the two parolees assigned to him don’t even show up, so the job is a disaster from the get-go.

Temptation appears to Marston in the form of a particular ex-con: skinny, foul-mouthed, unable to keep up with the other prison-hardened parolees. Now he’s Marston’s responsibility.

Marston has failed at everything else – he knows he’ll fail at resisting temptation.

Can’t sleep. Can’t touch. Can’t have. Kell and Marston are lonely, until they find each other.

Can they make love last?

A gay m/m cowboy romance with hurt/comfort, opposites attract, emotional scars, fish out of water, and s’mores. A little sweet, a little steamy, with a guaranteed HEA.

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Repairing Destiny, by Geneva Vand

The magic that was gifted to Prince Avery’s family has always been a part of his life. When he was fifteen, that magic marked him as the heir to the throne. Ever since, he’s known that someday that same magic will lead him to his one true love and a magical bond that will tie them together.

Avery knows that even magically destined love will still take work and love is always complicated, especially for a royal. He’s prepared for some complications, like his destined bonded being politically challenging or a gender he’s not romantically attracted to. He’s not prepared for poachers, broken magic, and a surly but intriguing cat shifter that threatens to break his heart.

Avery is convinced that the two of them can find their happily ever after, but Kael is hurting and resistant. How can Avery convince Kael to believe in the magic when Kael’s own magic is so broken?

Tags: you’d think this would be angsty but no, Kael doesn’t want to like Avery but Avery is just too sweet to resist, Avery doesn’t realize he’s adorable, the siblings all think that’s hilarious, mages trying to fix magic with cuddles, Avery’s love language might be snacks

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ChemistryExperiment, by J. Allen Grady

Follow Ryan, AKA ChemistryExperiment on CockyUnicorns, as he learns to embrace his desires.

A brilliant bisexual nerd with a newly earned Ph.D. in chemistry and an upcoming tenure track job at a prestigious research institution, Ryan embarks on an exhilarating adventure while teaching at a summer camp for high-achieving students at Simson University. However, when he encounters the program’s lifeguard and P.E. instructor, Chad, a charismatic Simson jock who seems to bring out both the excitement and danger in their explosive chemistry, his world becomes a volatile mix of attraction and insecurities.

Despite their initial difficulties, Chad not only persists in pursuing Ryan but also encourages him on his journey of self-exploration. But everyone thinks Chad is making a mistake when he pushes Ryan and his best friend together for further experimentation—but he’s got his reasons. This additional pairing between Ryan and a friend could derail everything, but Chad seems to know better.

Join Ryan as he falls deep into an unexpected connection with the kind of jock he’s always avoided, perhaps unfairly. Ryan navigates the boundaries of love and self-discovery in this explosive tale that defies expectations. Expect a HFN ending, despite the initial clash of personalities, as Ryan’s experimenting with Chad’s suggested third blows up in all their faces—in the best and most unexpected way possible!

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Jersey Royal, by C F White

Can a humble farmer bag himself a true Jersey royal to save his farm…and steal his heart?

Distant royal, Nicholas Osbourne, has one last chance to prove his worth to his wealthy family. A string of bad press over even worse relationships has him agreeing to star in a reality television series getting down and dirty with the ordinary folk. He can live a lie for a week. He’s been doing it for years.

Jersey potato farmer, Alex Hamon, has no time nor patience to babysit a pretentious television crew, nor a work-shy, bratty rich-kid. But the hefty fee and potential promotional opportunities for his farm are too tempting to turn down. He just needs to keep his head in the soil, and not on how his under-the-radar gaydar is blinking overtime for the rogue royal.

Nicholas is out of his depth. Distracted by the stunningly sexy farmer’s son, he’s unable to bury his attraction the way he has been back in London. But he’s on camera. Twenty-four-seven. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. His only saving grace is that the farmer’s son is straight…isn’t he?

Jersey Royal (Flying into Love #5) is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, rich v poor, first time contemporary MM romance featuring an appearances-is-everything royal with a secret and a temperamental potato farmer with a track record for burying things.

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Mother Road, by Belle Chapin

Two men, one van, and the mother of all roads.

Months after the accident that changed his life forever, Nico Meyer just wants things to go back to the way they were. A solo trip across historical Route 66 seems to be the soul-searching journey he needs–until a snarky stowaway derails all of his plans.

On par with the rest of his life, Eli Tenney manages to lose everything in a single night. An honest mistake–and some fast talking–gives him the chance to postpone his return to the real world, as long as he doesn’t drive the grumpy professor at his side completely crazy.

Featuring a psychedelic van, a snarky Greek god, a plethora of donkeys, and, of course, a hotel with only one bed, Mother Road is the story of two lost souls learning that on life’s highway, there’s no turning back.

Perfect for fans of Alexis Hall and Lily Morton, this book is a MM road trip romance novel of about 80,000 pages. Part of the Sparrow Hill Stories series and the sequel to Broken Records, but can be read as a standalone.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Cover Up, by E.M. Lindsey

Felix has a major problem.

He’s pining.

Well, pining might not be the right word for how he feels about the absurdly hot, one-armed chef who works next door, but it’s close enough.

Felix doesn’t have high hopes for romance, though. Not with the fact that his face blindness means every time he looks at Deimos, it’s like he’s seeing him for the first time. After all, who would want a relationship with a man who couldn’t pick him out of a crowd?

But that’s not his actual problem. Felix learns he needs to see his terrible family for his grammy’s funeral, and Dei has offered to go along to act like his boyfriend.

And God help him, but Felix can’t bring himself to say no.

But hey, what’s a little emotional torture when he gets to pretend Dei is his for a little while?

It seems that Dei has softer, kinder plans for Felix’s heart than to torture it, however—and Felix quickly learns there’s no way to cover up being in love. Dei’s words of affection are powerful, and Felix realizes the only thing in the world he wants is to let Dei in.

Cover-Up is a slow burn, friends to lovers romance featuring fake boyfriends, tattoos as a love language, gratuitous use of adorable pet names, pining, there’s only one bed, heavy praise, steamy nights, and the most satisfying happily ever after.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Like I Wanted, by Charlie Novak

Roommates. Best friends. Boyfriends?

Theo and Laurie have been best friends for six years but despite doing everything together, they’ve never been anything more than best friends and roommates.

Then someone calls them boyfriends and upends their neat little world.

As the pair struggle to put a lid on their feelings, a random email from Theo’s brother throws him even further off balance and all Laurie can do is offer a niche form of stress relief. But Laurie’s support doesn’t stop at rope garters. Once the two of them fall into bed, it’s clear things will never be the same between them.

Now, Theo and Laurie must finally address the feelings they’ve tried to hide from and figure out if they really are just friends, or if there’s always been something more between them. Can they give each other everything they ever wanted?

Like I Wanted is a steamy best friends to lovers contemporary MM romance featuring a femme boy who loves zombie horror and weird taxidermy, a goth with a secret love of shibari, interfering adult entertainers, a vicar who takes no shit, and a quest for guinea pigs.

It is the fifth and final novel in the Heather Bay series and is best enjoyed as part of the series.

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You Can Do Magic, by R.L. Merrill

From the author of Foreword Indies Finalist Summer of Hush and BookLife Prize Quarterfinalist Brains and Brawn comes a new installment in the series, a contemporary gay romance with a side of time travel and magic.

Musical prodigy Kallos Alexandrou has played his calliope for countless visitors at Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, but his one-year residency has come to an end. Scars from a terrible tragedy in his past are the only explanation he has for his loss of speech and memory, but it’s time to move on, so when a music festival sets up next to the carnival, Mr. Ame sends him off with identification, a bottomless billfold, and a set of new clothes. Outside the carnival’s perimeter, Kal finds himself in an unfamiliar world surrounded by strange instruments and vibrant people like nothing he’s ever seen.

Ryan Wells is the troubled and celebrated lead singer of the metal band Backdrop Silhouette. He’s brought more than his share of baggage on the last cross-country Warped Tour, including harsh restrictions placed on him by his parole officer and the band’s label, but it’s the treatment from his bandmates that have him feeling unsettled. After a tough morning, he spots a strange young man playing carnival music on a keyboard backstage, and the sound takes him back to a particularly vulnerable time in his youth. Intrigued, Ryan asks the young man’s name, but he flees only to appear later as a replacement stagehand for the tour.

An invitation from the band Hush to ride on their bus gives Ryan and Kal a welcome distraction. They find the camaraderie and support they’ve both been craving…as well as a little magic and a fresh new romance. But personal secrets and the music business make relationships difficult to maintain, and when the tour ends, Ryan and Kal will have to make a choice: move forward together on an uncertain path, or let fear keep them from trusting that sometimes you really can have everything you desire.

You Can Do Magic is part of the multi-author Carnival of Mysteries Series. Each book stands alone, but each one includes at least one visit to Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, a magical, multiverse traveling show full of unusual acts, games, and rides. The Carnival changes to suit the world it’s on, so each visit is unique and special. This book contains a Depression-era calliaphone, a Ouija board with a purpose, and tour bus hijinks that will warm your heart and make you gigglesnort. Reading Summer of Hush and Brains and Brawn before this book will give you the full Warped Tour experience, but You Can Do Magic can be read as a standalone as well as the other books in the shared universe.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Orc and the Manny, by Chloe Archer

Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters!

Targan Wildethorne

A confirmed bachelor, and a historian by training, I haven’t the faintest clue how to care for twin orclings when I unexpectedly become their guardian. I’d love to retreat into the comforting sanctuary of my study, surrounded by my books and papers, but first I need to hire someone to help me with the children. Someone who can teach me the ropes of this new role.

Thank the Light for the All-Species Specialized Employment Services! In my most dire hour of need, they find the perfect nanny—ahem, manny—to help me look after my young wards. Now I can finally get back to writing my history of orc folklore for a few hours a day.

Or so I thought.

Instead I find the captivating new man in my home far too distracting. Max is so much more than I had expected. I’ve never fallen for a human before, but I can’t get him out of my mind. Could he ever feel the same about an orc? Humans are usually too intimidated by our large size and outer appearance. Can Max look past my green skin and tusks to see a man with a heart that yearns for him? And if he does, when he learns the truth about the children will the danger on the horizon send him running?

Max MacLeod

Working with kids is totally my jam and I’m damn good at what I do. Just call me Maxy Frickin’ Poppins! When a new job prospect comes my way, I’m intrigued. A chance to move to Mystic Hollow (aka Monsters Hollow) to be a well-paid manny for two adorable orclings? Talk about a dream position. Sold! But when I lock eyes with the seriously sexy orc who’s their guardian—and my new de facto boss—for the first time, I’m a goner. Big, muscular, and green all over–he’s giving me full-on Hulk meets stern professor vibes—and I like it.

As I get to know him, over meals with the kids during the day and soft-spoken conversations about history at night, I soon realize there’s so much more to Targan than the gorgeous orc who keeps starring in all my naughtiest dreams. He’s quite possibly the kindest, gentlest man I’ve ever met. And he accepts and appreciates every part of me and my flamboyant, full-figured fabulousness. I just want to feed and take care of him—and find out if he’s so deliciously big everywhere. Before I know it, I’m dreaming of being part of a forever family with him and his adorable twins. But an unexpected threat looms in the shadows that could threaten the safety of us all…

The Orc and the Manny is a (94k words) cozy small town M/M monster romance featuring a Hulkalicious silver fox orc professor who’s better with books than kids, a flamboyant human manny with ALL the skills (think Nathan Lane in The Birdcage meets Mary Poppins), an age gap, a size difference, a three-headed hellhound and a feisty rescue Chihuahua, two adorable orcling twins, and copious amounts of orc…joy!

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Grave Work, by Lia Sharpe

A mortician with a dark secret can’t stay away from the smoldering son of a powerful mafia family—even when they find themselves caught in the crossfire.


I have a dark secret and the Urso Family knows it.

Blackmailed into using my crematorium to their sordid ends, I drift through my life in a haze of guilt and misery, with one single bright spot: Francis Urso.

So what if he’s a dangerous mafia hitman? He’s a dangerous mafia hitman who wants me.


I’m the fourth son of the Urso Family. Shunned, disrespected, and relegated to “clean-up duty,” I want nothing more than to find my way back in—and I wouldn’t mind if I got to keep working with Dominic, the strange, intriguing mortician who is just as much a pawn in this game as I am.

When we are attacked, unsure who is on our tail, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Dominic safe, but between the threat of a looming mafia war and the searing attraction between us that we’ve long ignored, can we find a way to survive together without losing our souls?

Grave Work is the first book in the Villainous Creatures series, a steamy MM mafia romance. For lovers of: forced proximity, lovers on the run, slow burn, hookup-to-lovers, feral unhinged MCs, a cinnamon roll who could actually kill you, and a murderous hitman who is soft for his boyfriend. Read on if you love your dark-ish romance with a hint of humor and lots of action.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Loving Jake, by Annabelle Jacobs

Pack is family, family is everything…until it isn’t.


I worried we’d ruin it all by crossing the line from friends to lovers, but kissing Jake feels as natural as breathing.
I thought we’d have forever.
I thought we could take our time.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.

In this last instalment of the Dark Forest Pack series, Max and Jake need all the help they can get to break free from their alpha’s command. But there’s just one problem with that—they’re forbidden to talk about it. When breaking that rule could mean tearing their pack apart, is it a risk worth taking?

Loving Jake is an MM paranormal romance featuring best friends turned lovers with the odds stacked against them. Full of pining, suspense, and sizzling UST, with a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Stealing the Silver Fox, by Daniel May

Ezra Fontaine, a cutthroat CEO and divorcé, whose only soft spot is for his luxury car collection.

Anton ‘Tony’ Cargill, a proud slacker and greasemonkey, who develops a work ethic for the first time in his life when he gets his hands on his richest (and finest) customer’s private number.

After a spontaneous string of drunken texts, Tony’s ‘natural gifts’ have Fontaine on the hook. But landing the silver fox won’t be as simple as just whipping it out.

Or will it?

Stealing the Silver Fox is a high heat, age gap (younger top) MM romance which takes place in the same universe as Claiming the Cleanfreak and the Fresh Taste of Ink series.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Ghost Train, by Pandora Pine

All aboard the ghost train! If you dare…

Needing a well-deserved vacation, psychics Copeland Forbes and Tennyson Grimm accept an offer to take The Lincoln Ghost Train from Boston to Chicago. While on board, the psychics will provide private readings to the passengers and will speak with the spirits who inhabit each of the famously haunted locations the tour will visit. When Cope has an eerie premonition of danger, he chalks it up to being overtired and boards the sleeper car with his family in tow.

Detective Jude Byrne is burned out from working cold cases with his partner Ronan O’Mara. Both men are leery of taking the haunted train, but finally acquiesce when they’re told the second half of the trip will include a week’s stay at a dude ranch out west. Worried his husband will encounter spirits more powerful than his gift can handle, Jude vows to protect his family at all costs.

One day into the trip, Cope encounters Augusta Harbor, a Civil War widow who has spent the last century and half searching for her son, a Union soldier who died on a muddy battlefield mere months before the conflict ended. She appears to be a kind woman dealing with unimaginable heartbreak, but Cope is well aware that looks can be deceiving.

What no one knows is that Augusta will go to any length to reunite with her son, even if that means making Jude and Cope permanent inhabitants of the ghost train.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

The Hang Up, by D. K. Sutton


When I catch a silver fox checking me out with hunger in his eyes, my body is instantly on board. My brain? Not so much. Because Joshua Miller, smoking hot billionaire, is also my best friend’s dad. Houston, we have a problem. This gorgeous man is twenty years older than me and used to being in charge. But my bestie will never forgive me if I jump his dad. When Joshua recognizes me, his desire turns to shock and then nothing. Problem solved. Or is it?


I’ve never had a reaction this intense to anyone before, let alone a man. But when recognition sets in, my desire is doused with a cold bucket of reality. All grown up, Brock Abbott is sexy and confident and irresistible. He’s also off limits. My son already hates me and repairing our relationship is my number one priority. Except now my goals are shifting. Brock needs my help, and I can’t deny him anything. Even when I should.

After feeling alone for so long, I can’t resist Brock or this thing between us. He’s feisty, sweet, and beautiful. And mine. I can’t give him up. But making amends to my son won’t mean anything if I continue to lie to him. How much longer can I hide Brock away?

The Hang Up is 50,000+ words and is Book 3 in the Sloan Brothers series. It’s a best friend’s dad, age gap, bi awakening, mm romance that can be read as a standalone and has a HEA.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Spellbound Omega, by Aries France

An omega with magical amnesia. An Alpha betrothed to another. Disruption in the Seelie Court.

Lycan is an omega hurt and on the run from . . .well he doesn’t even know that. He knows little to nothing, except that he’s lucky Seath is the one who finds him. Seath is the Pack Legate, the next Alpha of the NorthWest Pack; a rich and powerful pack full of humans, witches, shifters, and even a vampire, among a few other magical creatures. They take the abused omega in, and it starts to feel as if Lycan is exactly where he is supposed to be, even if he still has to put together who he actually is.

Betrothed by fate to another, Seath struggles with the intense attraction he feels pulling him toward the little wolf who needs to heal a lot more than just his broken bones. Of course, there are a million other things to keep him busy and keep the Pack thriving, not the least of which is a Pack Alpha with other duties, leaving Seath in charge of the Pack more often than not—even in the beginning of a mysterious unrest among the Fae.

But Fate wants her say, too, and as the spell-induced bonds on Lycan’s mind start to unravel, Seath and Lycan have to decide if they choose each other.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Starlight, by Evie McGlynn

I joined Doctors Without Borders to help save lives and almost lost my own. The only reason I’m alive is because of Marco D’Angelo. My journey to full recovery isn’t smooth, but I’m determined to get stronger and continue to help others in need. When an opportunity arises to help Marco and his team, I grab it with both hands. I’d like to grab Marco with both hands, but he’s put up a wall between us that seems insurmountable. I’m not sure if I’ll break through his wall or break my own heart.
I left the Navy SEALs to start my life with the man I loved. But he was taken from me in the most brutal way imaginable. Now it’s strictly hookups for me. I am not going through that pain ever again. Liam is a complication I can’t afford. He smart and sassy. He challenges me at every turn and manages to make me smile when no else has been able to. And even though I push him away, I can’t seem to walk away.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

A Ruse to Unchain Us, by Michele Notaro

It’s time to fight back, and by the goddess, I will help free my people.

The Cloaked Freeway is finally in a position to effect real change, and I want so badly to be a part of it. Since I was a little kid, it’s been my dream to free my people from under the human’s rule. And now I have the chance to make that dream a reality.

But helping them means giving up so much. I have a family now—a pride—and I don’t want to put them at risk. Luckily for me, my mate wants to be a part of the revolution, too, but that still leaves everyone else.

The world is turning into chaos around us and our family is being pulled in different directions, but I know one thing for sure. The Ono-Nais are fighters, and we’ll do everything in our power to keep each other safe and help those around us.

A Ruse To Unchain Us is the fourth book in the MM urban fantasy series, The Magi Accounts. It’s recommended to read the series in order because the romance progresses through the series and it has an ongoing storyline, but there is NO cliffhanger.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Paws On Me, by Silvia Onyx

A bear of a man and a bear shifter. What could be better?

I run a shifter club, not an easy job, but as a bear shifter myself, I have all the necessary skills.

While trouble tends to follow my kind, finding dead werewolves in my office shocks even me. But my bad day gets better when Lt. Seth Morrison shows up to investigate.

It’s not our first run in, nor is it the first time I’ve flirted outrageously with the big, gorgeous man, but this time, I’m determined things won’t stop at flirtation.

I’m going to get my paws on Seth, no matter how forbidden he is or how many men would like to see us both dead.

99c SALE, Kindle Unlimited

Hell & High Water, by Charlie Cochet

Action. Comedy. Romance. And that one weird guy.

When homicide detective Dexter J. Daley’s testimony helps send his partner away for murder, the consequences – and the media frenzy – aren’t far behind. He soon finds himself sans boyfriend, sans friends, and, after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial, he’s lucky he doesn’t find himself sans teeth. Dex fears he’ll get transferred from the Human Police Force’s Sixth Precinct, or worse, get dismissed. Instead, his adoptive father – a sergeant at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron otherwise known as the THIRDS – pulls a few strings, and Dex gets recruited as a Defense Agent.

Dex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job. But his first meeting with Team Leader Sloane Brodie, who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner, turns disastrous. When the team is called to investigate the murders of three HumaniTherian activists, it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the killer – and every bit as dangerous.

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