Launches and Tours

We offer a wide range of Launch and Tour services to help spread the word about your new release or promote your backlist! Services applicable to both ebooks and audio.

Release Blitzes

We can customize our services to suit all your book launch needs!

Let us help you show off your new cover and get the buzz started with a single-day Cover Reveal blitz.

Celebrate your new release with a one-day Release Blitz, or extend the celebration with a three-day Premium Release Blitz with ARCs and exclusive excerpts.

Cover Reveals $45, Release Blitzes start at $60. Select a standard service or design a custom launch!

Blog Tours

Celebrate your book’s release with a custom blog tour.

Keep the momentum going with a one or two week Blog Tour with ARCs, author Q&A’s and exclusive content.

We’re pleased to offer a variety of customizations to create the tour that’s just right for you.

Starting at $150 per campaign. Customize your tour today!

Instagram Spotlights & Tours

Reach a new audience on Instagram!

Let the visual powers of Instagram shine on your release with a three-day Instagram Spotlight or five-day Bookstagram Tour with ARCs.

Starting at $150 per campaign. Customize your tour today!

Super Book Love Bundle

The bundle for all your launch needs!

Including a Cover Reveal, one-day Release Blitz, seven-day Blog Tour, and ARCs, this bundle has everything you need for an awesome launch!

Bundle customization and additional features are also available.

$200 per campaign.

As a social media and brand manager myself, I look for resources to use in conjunction with my own to boost visibility for my clients. Having Katie and GRR at my disposal has made the reach on Instagram and spread of reader reviews from ARCs a valuable addition to my marketing initiatives. If you haven’t tried them out, you definitely should. They are kind, courteous, effective, and timely with their efforts. It’s great to have a dependable addition to our marketing mix for all our clients. Highly recommend.”

Eliza Rae Services

Upcoming and Recent Launches and Tours

“When I published my first three books, I tried promoting them on social media myself to crickets. It was really frustrating to feel like I was publishing into a void when no one cared about my books at all. With the start of a new series, I decided to take a chance on Gay Romance Reviews since I had heard such good things about their services. It’s made an incredible difference in the amount of reviews I receive and has boosted my royalties astronomically. My audience has grown by leaps and bounds, with each book performing even better than the last thanks to repeat readers coming back for more.

A.F. Zoelle