Review Services

Our review services are provided by teams that have been carefully selected based on their reviewing history, engagement with the online community, and their enthusiasm – both for reading in the gay romance genre, and discovering new-to-them authors.

Book Reviews

The original service!

We welcome books from all sub-genres and tropes of gay romance, both new and old. Our readers are always on the lookout for the next big thing, or the one they never knew they were missing.​

We’re proud of our 90% follow-through average and continually strive for the best results possible.

$45 per title ( multi-title and series discounts available)

Audiobook Reviews

If you’ve got the codes, we’ve got the reviewers!

Our audio review team is filled with listeners who are eager for their next audio fix. With a 95-100% follow-through average, and able to claim both US and UK codes, they’re the best around.

Whether your codes are for Audible or another site, we’ll help you and your narrator be heard.

$45 per title ( multi-title and series discounts available)

“Gay Romance Review’s reliable ARC reviewers and promotional services have been invaluable to me, helping me cast a wider net and bring in more readers. Not having to focus on that lets me keep my mind where it should be, on my writing.”

Jodi Payne

“I love working with GRR. Their ARC management program takes the stress of managing an ARC team, picking the best reviewers who are reliable with their reviews. They also have a fantastic marketing add on, promoting books in a variety of groups and places. I love being able to hand these things off, knowing without a doubt that they’ll be taken care of and taken care of well. I’m a worrier on release day, but with these fantastic programs, I can worry a little less.”

Toby Wise

Let’s work together to support your boys

If you have questions on how Gay Romance Reviews can help you get reviews and launch your work in style, please contact us!