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Charles, Earl of Crofton, by Rebecca Cohen

Anyone who had thought Lord Byron mad, bad and dangerous to know, obviously hadn’t met Charles Redbourn, 8th Earl of Crofton.

Charles Redbourn cares little for anyone’s opinion, life is there to be lived and the London Ton provides a host of pleasures. He is used to getting his own way and, after another clash with the impertinent Captain Timothy Thorne, Charles is determined to put the uniformed upstart in his place.

Both are stubborn and passionate men, and someone is going to win this battle of wits—to the winner the spoils.

But when enemies turn into lovers, they face an uncertain future. Charles has to decide which is more important, Timothy or being the Earl of Crofton.

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Under a Greek Twilight, by Jax Stuart

Find Love Abroad in the olive groves of Greece.

When Joshua winds up single just before his European trip of a lifetime, he refuses to give up his spot, even if that means dealing with his cheating ex and his replacement for months. With his heart finally healing, he’s dealt another blow leaving him reeling and needing some space from his friends.

Lysander is immediately drawn to the sad younger man when he finds him drinking alone in his bar and strikes up a friendship that quickly becomes more. He offers to guide Joshua and his friends around the island in exchange for help in his bar as an excuse to spend more time with him.

Giving into their attraction feels right. Can a holiday fling turn into something more?

Under a Greek Twilight is a sweet, instalove, vacation romance with an age gap and hurt/comfort themes.

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Oblivious Roommate, by Devon Doe

Tl;dr: Am I the problem for trying to sabotage my gay roommate’s relationship? I have my reasons!

I [20M] moved to a different college just so I can live with my best friend since high school [21M]. But it turns out that in the two years we lived apart, he’s come out as gay, and he never told me! He also has a boyfriend, and I’m really not homophobic, but seeing them together bothers me. Other than that, we’ve reconnected like it’s magic. Living with him is amazing, and everything would have been perfect if his ass of a boyfriend wasn’t around. I don’t think that guy is good enough for someone as funny, interesting, and cool as my friend.

How do I make him dump the stupid boyfriend?

Update: So I’ve been trying to break them up, and I’m starting to realize that, possibly-maybe, I’m the one who wants to date my roommate. Help! He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever known and I keep screwing things up!
Also, is it gay to love smelling his sweaty T-shirt?


“Oblivious Roommate” is a best friends-to-lovers, gay-awakening steamy romcom filled with misunderstandings caused by an oblivious himbo who means well but has no clue.

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Luck of the Devil, by Lark Taylor

One demon. One angel. A relationship that’s failed so many times. Could it really be just one human they’ve been missing?


For centuries, Dimitri and I have tried to make it work. Each time we’ve been torn apart by our dominant natures, neither of us willing to back down. A hundred years ago, I thought he’d betrayed me in the worst possible way. In a fit of anger, we made a deal that led to my downfall.

Now Dimitri is back in my life, reshaping our history with the truth. But love still isn’t enough to make it work, not when being together tears us apart.

When he tells me he’s met our human mate, I can’t help but hope that Lucky will be the key to loving Dimitri the way I’ve always wanted.

But with Hell knocking at our door and an uprising threatening us all, can we persuade Lucky to give us a chance before it’s too late?


I haven’t given up on Dagon for one hundred years, and I won’t now.

When Lucky crosses my path, I finally understand why Dagon and I have never quite worked. Fate never intended us to be a couple…we were destined to be a triad. Lucky is the piece we need to complete us.

Winning Lucky over won’t be easy. Someone is hurting him, making him put up walls that are nearly impossible for us to cross.

But chasing Dagon has taught me that I’m a stubborn angel. I won’t give up on either of my mates.


What an ironic nickname. Never in my life has anything lucky ever happened to me.

But everything changes when I meet Dagon and Dimitri. Two super-hot guys who aren’t put off by my inexperience? All my dreams are coming true.

Not for long though. Even with my boss and his family looking out for me, I know it’s only a matter of time before my past catches up to me.

So, for now, I’m going to soak up every drop of happiness Dimitri and Dagon have to offer.

Drink it up and pray they forgive me when I do what I always do.

Run…and don’t look back.

Luck of the Devil is an action-filled, fated-mates MMM paranormal romance with an HEA and no cliff-hanger. It is the final instalment in The Reckless Damned series, which is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching plot. Each book focuses on a different couple or triad and has an HEA.

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Léonidas Nightshade and the Amethyst School for Spellcasters, by Dion Marc

A chance encounter with the horned god of the forest leaves its mark on Léonidas Nightshade in more ways than one. Within days Léonidas is torn from his normal rural home and plunged into a new world of magic where he’s forced to come to terms with the truth about his parents and about himself. Half-spellcaster, half-fae royalty, he’s sent to hone his magical craft at the Amethyst School for Spellcasters. But being god-touched makes Léonidas stand out amongst his peers from his very first day, but not in the way he had hoped. What promised to be a chance to learn the magical arts becomes a battle for self-acceptance.

With the help of new-found friends Tamara, Coco and Aamin, Léonidas begins to find himself but is puzzled by the brooding gaze of Atticus Valor, Prince of the Vaewolves – is it love or hate in his eyes? Can Léonidas eventually find the space at the Amethyst School to grow into his magical powers or will the dark forces that covet them conspire against him? And as the predators close in, will he have enough strength to fight them?

Léonidas Nightshade and the Amethyst School for Spellcasters is the first book in a new LGBT YA Dark fantasy series by Dion Marc. Magical realms, queer male leads and high fantasy combine to form the detailed world-building that Marc’s fans have come to expect. Fast-paced action, the turmoil of coming-of-age, and the age-old struggle between good and evil make for an unputdownable story that is set in the 1950’s. Join Léonidas in his epic battle to fight those who would crush not only his body but his spirit as well.

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His, by Daniel May

Lucas Russo was never a child. He was raised like a soldier, trained like a dog to hunt his master’s enemies.

Shane Case was barely a man. Unraveled by grief, he kidnapped two children to follow in his footsteps, to shape in his image and continue his mission of vengeance.

Lucas never forgave Shane, because forgiveness is something reserved for the living. So is hate. With Shane gone, all Lucas has left are hot, guilty memories he denies to himself as he continues the hunt alongside his brother. Many things in Lucas died with Shane — desire was not one of them.

But Shane is not dead.

Now Lucas hunts his old warden, seeking Shane’s ghost in both dreams and waking world, haunted by memories of his fists, his mouth, his cruelty. And more than haunted, Lucas is hungry — hungry for answers. For a reckoning. Hungry for the love of the man who stole his childhood.His is part one of a dark, age gap MM duet.

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Lost in the Past, by Trent Allen

Why am I alive?

Cody Callahan has asked that question every day for the last ten years, ever since that psycho kidnapped two boys, him and his best friend, but only one survived.

Cody opens a doorway that leads him back to that nightmare. Shock that he’s traveled to his past sparks his resolve to change the outcome. Can he remember anything to help save his younger self and the boy who he will always love? Or, will the clock run out for both boys this time around?

Cody’s arrival derails Detective Jack Vance’s carefully crafted life, causing Jack to question everything he thought he wanted for himself. If they don’t get to the boys in time, will Cody disappear from Jack’s life forever? Why does that thought suddenly terrify Jack?

Cody’s pendant might be part of the reason. It looks exactly like the one hanging around Jack’s own neck, even down to the blue glow. Jack’s grandmother said it was magical. She even promised it would bring him love. He scoffed at the idea, but it never once glowed before Cody appeared. Could Cody possibly be that love? Jack wouldn’t be foolish enough to fall for a guy that isn’t from his own time… Would he?

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Alpha Dragon’s Tiger, Hawke Oakley

Welcome to the Dragonfate Games! Will you win the dragon’s heart—or leave woefully unmated?

Tigers are solitary creatures, and omega shifter Taylor is no different. After years of being unwanted by his family and any potential mates, all he wants is a quiet life alone. His two close friends and quilting hobby are enough to be happy… aren’t they?

Crimson is one of seven unmated alpha dragon brothers—and most importantly, not the one with the lizard-brained idea to host the Dragonfate Games. As much as Crimson despises the concept of a cheap dating show as a ruse to find their fated mates, his brothers have a point. As alpha dragons, the instinct to find an omega to bear their eggs is impossible to ignore. But Crimson would never fall in love with the type of man who’d enter a dating show, for Holy Drake’s sake…

When Taylor is tricked into entering his name into what he thinks is a quilting sweepstakes, he’s thrown into a ridiculous dating show. Taylor nearly walks off—until he locks gazes with a particular ruby-eyed dragon that changes his life forever.

Alpha Dragon’s Tiger is a fun, sweet mpreg novel with low angst and high stakes! Fluffy HEA guaranteed.

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New Blood, by L.C. Davis

I know this will end the way it began: covered in blood.

Too much? Me being a demigod now and all, I figure I can get away with a pinch of melodrama.

I mean, have you seen Olympus? It’s a damn soap opera up there. One I’d rather be watching on the couch with popcorn than playing a starring role in.

Not that things are much better down here. I’m still in denial over being madly in love with Cameron, the likely father of my twin babies and the far more evil twin of one of my three boyfriends. Because self-destruction is my brand, apparently.

Fortunately, so is being a vampire-taming, totally badass witch, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep my weird little cult-slash-family safe. And convince Cameron he belongs in the circus with the rest of us.

No biggie, right?

(Jk, send help. And nachos. I’ve been craving those lately.)

Author’s Note: New Blood is the fourth book in the Godbearer series, which should be read in order. Vampire mayhem, snark, and hot MMM+ scenes abound.

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The Witch and His Doctor, by Kiki Clark

In this series finale, the Kincaid Pack is forced to put everything on the line… or lose everything they hold dear.

Damien has a secret.

Actually, he has more than one. His entire life within the Kincaid Pack has been a lie. Now that the truth is starting to come out, he’s faced with accepting the consequences he set into motion years ago.

And hoping his mate will forgive him.

Except the reckless actions of his past may prove to not only be his own undoing… but that of the pack he’s come to love.

Carter gave up on finding his fated mate years ago.

He has a medical practice to keep him busy, a pack he’d do anything for, and a family that’s always been a little too nosy for his peace of mind.

Learning the witch he’s grown to admire and have feelings for has betrayed them all? Just proves he’s getting too old for the whole falling-in-love thing. It doesn’t matter that the moment he catches Damien’s unaltered scent he realizes another devastating secret the man has been hiding.

The only thing that matters is saving the pack—and its alpha.

With Rick’s life hanging in the balance and the pack’s enemies moving to strike against them while they’re at their most vulnerable, it will take every scrap of magic and bravery Damien possesses to prove once and for all where his loyalty lies.

The Witch and His Doctor is the sixth and final book in the bestselling Kincaid Pack series, best read in order. It features an age gap, fated mates, a size difference, hurt/comfort, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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To Hunt A Moonborn Beast, by CJ Ravenna

This world isn’t kind to werewolves. Especially wolves without a pack.

It’s a lesson that human-werewolf hybrid Max Gallagher learns when he’s abducted by the Moonborn cult. Scared and on the run, Max has learned that the only one he can trust is himself.

Until Agent Gabe Reyes rescues him, and Max finds sanctuary with the wolves of the Lycanthrope Protection Agency. The moment Max catches Gabe’s scent, Max’s wolf knows he’s found his fated mate.

But there’s no room for love in the fight to come. When the cult arrives on the agency’s doorstep, Max and Gabe find themselves in the battle for their lives. The Moonborn will kill to get their hands on Max, and Max fears he may lose Gabe and his found family for good.

Unless Max is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

To Hunt a Moonborn Beast is the first in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency series, featuring friends to lovers, slow burn romance, lots of hurt/comfort, and a rowdy found family. There is knotting kink, but no Mpreg or A/B/O dynamics. Concludes with a HFN and more to come for Gabe and Max.

NEW RELEASE, Kindle Unlimited

Omega Trapped, by Beau Brown

I’m a pregnant and vulnerable omega and now I’ve caught the eye of a ruthless mafia boss who won’t take no for an answer.

Omega Nico is carrying the child of an alpha who attempted to end his life, and is now trapped in an impossible predicament. Unwilling to bring the child into the world, but too destitute to change his circumstances, Nico struggles to find hope amidst his crumbling life.

Enter Valentino Syracuse, the heir to the infamous Black Knives mafia. As his father’s health wanes, the responsibility to lead falls upon young Valentino’s shoulders. His ascension to power, however, comes with a condition: he must take an omega as his mate to prove his unwavering commitment to the syndicate.

When he sees Nico, Valentino is immediately drawn to the sexy, feisty, omega. Unfortunately, Nico has no desire to be Valentino’s omega. Nico has an aversion to anything mafia related. He politely refuses Valentino’s proposition, however, Valentino isn’t an alpha who likes being told no.

Driven into a corner by threats and intimidation, Nico is left with no choice but to accept Valentino’s offer or face certain death. As the two forge a fragile alliance amidst the chaos, unexpected feelings begin to bloom. But when the malevolent alpha responsible for Nico’s pregnancy re-emerges, a torrent of secrets from the past threatens to shatter any hope of happiness they might have found together.


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